I Once Loved You Humbly/C11 You don't have much time left
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I Once Loved You Humbly/C11 You don't have much time left
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C11 You don't have much time left


What Bo Lengqing said was very true, I am just his toy, against him, I can't even ask for anything.

As for Mu Chen, I already knew that the man was dead.

I'll never forget his bloody appearance. He died years ago.

Besides, Mu Chen, the boy from an ordinary family who was warm and sunny, how could he be this ruthless and unpredictable man in front of him?

"I know, sorry, I won't." I hung my head, looking sad and clear.

I was wrong.

Last time at the Su Family, Bo Lengqing's concern for me and his care for me, actually didn't have any feelings for me, it was just for my own goals, just for my own face.

After destroying his and Su Ya's wedding, he had temporarily made me the scapegoat. If he didn't treat me better in front of the people involved, how could he explain his actions from the beginning?

If Bo Lengqing wants wind and rain, who am I?

In his eyes, I'm just a plaything that wags its tail and begs for money!

Therefore, I have to listen to him!

As he thought of this, the pain in his heart gradually subsided.

The next morning, Bo Lengqing went to work early.

I made some light breakfast while I was at it and hurried to the hospital to deliver it to my mother.

In the ward, looking at my mother's thin body, which gradually became as thin as a piece of paper, my heart ached to death.

A pair of warm and trembling hands gently caressed my face. "Tea, you've lost weight again."

I tried my best to control the tears in my eyes, my voice was already choked with sobs. "Mom, I'm fine. You should cooperate with the doctor's treatment. When you recover, I'll take you out of here and into a place where no one knows us."

His mother's expression was still as calm as ever. It was hard to tell if she was happy or angry, and even more so, that there was no hope.

Perhaps from the moment Su Jianguo forcibly seized her more than twenty years ago, her heart had lost all hope.

Only, very unexpectedly, mother later had me again, I have been her whole motivation to live on.

She was happy to see me, and so was she.

However, much of my attention was taken away by Mu Chen's departure a few years ago. Ever since then, it was difficult for my mother to see a smile on my face.

No matter how much I tried to put on a brilliant smile in front of her, she would be able to see through me with a single glance. However, in order to not make me sad, she did not mention a single word of it.

The reason why Mother could maintain this state for so long was all because of those medicines. Furthermore, all of that money came from Bo Lengqing, even the perfect man of the Blade Axe Divine Technique was cold to the extreme!

"Mom, I can't leave you alive." I took my mother's hand and put it on my face, saying the softest words.

From today onwards, I want to earn money properly. Mom's medical fees are very expensive, once that man despises me, I can still rely on my own abilities to extend my mother's life.

Seeing that it was almost time for work, I got up and said goodbye before heading out the door.

"Tea, my illness, it's no big deal. I'm already this age, so I'm not afraid to die, but you're still young, and he's a good man, it's just that I'm a burden to you." At this point, his mother paused, "You better not do something that would let you down ?"


I suddenly had a hole in my heart!


I know the man my mother spoke of is Muchen!

When she said that she shouldn't do something that would let her down, she actually didn't have the heart to speak the truth.

She knows I'm sorry, Muchen!

I didn't work, but I had the money to treat her. Maybe she had suspected me long ago, but she didn't expose me.

Without looking back, I paused, struggled to close the door behind me, leaned against the wall of the corridor, and slumped down.

Mu Chen! Mu Chen! Mu Chen!

Why wasn't I the one who died?

I've let you down, but why did a sinner like me have to live until now?


You know what? I miss you so much.

At the bottom of the corridor, I sat down for a long time before I stumbled to my feet and walked out.

My legs hurt so much, I can't walk fast! Actually, I fell sick a few years ago. My body has always been very thin and weak, with a height of one seventy centimeters and a weight of less than ninety kilograms.

"Miss Su, wait!"

A familiar male voice came from behind him. It was a pleasant baritone with a certain level of recognition.

I slowly turned around. It was indeed Huo Ting, the man who helped me a few days ago and angered Bo Lengqing.

The man in front of him wore a white coat, but it was impossible to conceal his gentleman demeanor. His handsome appearance, coupled with his gold-rimmed glasses, added to his scholarly air, made him look slightly different from the last time.

"Dr. Huo, what's the matter?" I didn't have any familiarity with him, I will remember Bo Lengqing's words. I am his plaything, without his permission, I will be obedient and not get close to any man.

After a while, there were more and more people at the door. The place where I stood happened to block the passersby. A man impatiently shouted, "What are you doing? Is the hospital owned by your family? If you block the way, don't you know to open the way!"

Huo Ting signaled me with his eyes and told me to follow him. I didn't think too much about it, I just wanted to get out of the way as I walked a few steps behind Huo Ting to the sparsely populated resting area. I said, "If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first!"

"Miss Su, you ? Do you know anything about your body? "


What happened to me?

Hearing this, I didn't say anything, but my heart suddenly shook.

Huo Ting saw my reaction and roughly understood what I meant. He continued, "Your condition requires hospitalization. Otherwise, you won't have much time left."

I know.

Actually, I always knew.

After Mu Chen was expelled from school, he was beaten half to death, his kidney was dug out, and a lot of blood flowed out. At that time, I didn't think too much about it and begged the doctor to change mine to his, I really wanted to save him!

But in the end, he left me!

How could I forgive myself!

At that time, the doctor had already told me that my body was very weak, and I was somewhat different from a normal person. Therefore, I needed to recuperate.

However, two years later, I sold it to Bo Lengqing for money to be his mistress.

Since then, my health has been very bad. I've taken medicine, but I've never seen a doctor. I've only bought some pain relievers for myself.

I can endure all of this!

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