I Once Loved You Humbly/C12 So it turned out that she was up to something
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I Once Loved You Humbly/C12 So it turned out that she was up to something
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C12 So it turned out that she was up to something

No one knew anything about me taking the medicine, including Bo Lengqing.

I didn't want anyone else to know about the pain, because it didn't make sense.

Due to the delay in his stay in the hospital, he was already half an hour late to the company.

When I returned to the office, I found that my colleagues, who had been busy with their work, had caused a commotion when they saw me.

"This CEO's wife is really different from us. We can work whenever we want."

"What? Did you see the Chief Bo come down to retrieve the documents yesterday and look at her? I'm afraid he doesn't even put her in his eyes!"

"Yeah, you said what we said yesterday in the conference room. Did Chief Bo hear it? "Why did you not protect this humble lady?"

"If the Chief Bo does not value this woman, then what can she do even if she hears it? She can't also pretend not to hear it."

The outside world probably doesn't know that I am actually just Bo Lengqing's mistress that Bo Lengqing spent money to buy, right?

So it's normal that he doesn't care about me.

I sat in my station with no expression on my face. What was the point of these words to me? To put it bluntly, I had nothing to do with them other than working with them, so why should I feel uncomfortable over these people's words?

Even though I tried to persuade myself this way, I couldn't help but feel a bit uncomfortable, as if I had missed something. I didn't know why I felt this way.

After roughly writing down today's work plan, I began to draw sketches on the computer. The information that I had searched for last night on Bo Lengqing's computer all surfaced in my mind, based on my previous experiences, it wasn't difficult for me to turn them into my own.

It's just that I wanted to design something that belonged to me, so I decisively eliminated all of those big brand designs from my brain and focused on studying myself.

After an unknown period of time, a little white hand suddenly extended towards my table, and a cup of coffee interrupted my attention. I raised my head and saw that it was Xiao Wei, the only girl in this office who was friendly to me.

I took it and thanked her before standing up from my office chair. I stretched my sore shoulders and prepared to go to the bathroom to wash my face.

The bathroom is beside the tea room. When I went over, I heard Liu Shan making a phone call inside.

However, he suddenly stopped.

Liu Shan said to the other side of the phone, "Sister Su Ya, don't worry, I already uploaded the Weibo link you gave me to the group yesterday, so everyone in the office knows who Su Cha is now. No one would give her face. "But ?"

Liu Shan listened to what was said on the other end of the phone, and continued, "It's just that there was a silly intern who was rather close to her, and brewed coffee for her just now ?"

"But don't worry Sister Su Ya, she's just a small intern. She can't do anything big, I know how to deal with her."

I couldn't hear what I was saying because someone seemed to be coming from behind, so I hurried into the bathroom.

Closing the bathroom door, I suddenly understood. So it was all because of Su Ya, but in such a short period of time, how did Su Ya know that I had Bo Family Group for work?

I hadn't seen this Susan before, not to mention any grudges. She had embarrassed me when I came here, and I couldn't figure it out.

I can understand whatever Su Ya does to me, but I don't really understand this Liu Shan.

After thinking for a while in my heart, I have almost understood that there must be some shameful transaction between this Liu Shan and her. From today onwards, I have to be on guard against this woman in the office. Even the Xiao Wei had to stay for the rest of the day with that woman.

At lunch, Xiao Wei and I went to the company's dining hall.

As the two of us were fighting, we bumped into Director Liu Zhentao. Xiao Wei was the first to greet him, "Hello, Director Liu!"

The middle-aged man looked at the little girl and smiled while nodding his head, but when he saw me, who was beside Xiao Wei, the smile on his face gradually disappeared.

Sure enough, he was prejudiced against me!

I bitterly smiled in my heart. Other than having that little relationship with Bo Lengqing, I am also a normal employee!

"Tea sister, let's sit over there!" The Xiao Wei was a little excited, he pointed towards the window and said to me.

When Xiao Wei and I walked over and sat down, suddenly, a plate was placed on the table in front of us. Raising our heads, we saw that it was Liu Shan and Zhang Ting who often accompanied her.

Liu Shan looked powerful, spittle was flying everywhere, and said, "This seat has long been taken by someone, please move away!"

Although the word "please" was used, the order in his tone was unquestionable.

Just as Xiao Wei wanted to say something, he was stopped by me. I didn't even raise my head as I said "sorry", and hurriedly pulled Xiao Wei to find a place far away from them to sit.

A loud voice came from behind him.

"Sis Shan, why do you think that woman is so cowardly? Hahaha ?"

The Xiao Wei was a little angry, but her tone was filled with dissatisfaction, "Tea Sis, why are you so afraid of them? You are the CEO's wife, if you don't move away, what can they do to you?"

I lowered my head, not looking at her. With a calm tone, I said, "Xiao Wei, if you see her from now on, stay far away. Don't ask why. "Some things are not as simple as you think. Forgive me for not being able to tell you more about them."

Just like how I am unable to tell others that I am only Bo Lengqing's mistress, and that the relationship between us is a kind of transaction relationship initiated due to money. In his eyes, I am only an item that I am temporarily not bored with.

Su Ya wants to deal with me, I cannot implicate the innocent Xiao Wei in this.

Xiao Wei was innocent after all, he nodded his head as if he understood the situation and did not pursue this question.

It was a pity that I still thought too simply, thinking that as long as I kept backing down, those people would feel that the punch they were struggling with would be disinterested if it landed on cotton.

Never would he have thought that such restraint would only further infuriate them.


Liu Shan had poured a plate of leftover food onto Xiao Wei's head so straightforwardly.

"Yo, you ate so cleanly on the plate, so you must not have eaten your fill." Yo, you ate so cleanly on the plate, so you must have not have eaten your fill. Liu Shan laughed sinisterly, as he said proudly.

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