I Once Loved You Humbly/C15 Office secret
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I Once Loved You Humbly/C15 Office secret
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C15 Office secret

I don't know if my actions were due to a woman's innate gossiping or because of the vengeful thought that Liu Shan had always had against me.

Maybe both!

Exiting the room, I hid behind a pillar in the hall and saw Liu Shan standing outside the elevator the whole time, waiting. At the moment, the elevator was showing the third floor, and when the elevator came up again, I saw that there was no one inside, while Liu Shan was stroking his already flat clothes, smiling as he entered the elevator.

At that moment, I was in a hurry to rush to the elevator. The screen displayed a dazzling number: 19.

19th floor, wasn't it Bo Lengqing's CEO's office?

Could it be that Liu Shan had something to do with that man?

My heart skipped a beat and I accidentally pressed the same number again and followed.

The hall was empty and the secretary had already packed up her things to get off work.

Liu Shan stood at the door, carefully tidying his clothes and the slightly curled chestnut hair on his body, then gently pushed open the glass door of the office as if encouraging himself.

The door wasn't closed tight, so I hid against the wall!

A gentle female voice came out from inside, "Chief Bo, you haven't gotten off work yet?"

Bo Lengqing heard the voice, and casually raised his head to look at the person in front of him, then looked down at the document in his hand, and spat out the words with indifference, "What is it?"

Liu Shan is currently facing away from me, even if I can't clearly see her expression, I can imagine her passion, and the gentle look on her face. Facing such an Ice Mountain CEO, how awkward would that be!

But the next second, I knew I was wrong.

This Liu Shan, was simply not an ordinary person.

She moved forward a few steps and her tone became even more tender and gentle. "Chief Bo, I have come to thank you ?"

"Last time in the cafeteria, thank you for upholding justice for me and even lent me some clothes. I've already washed them in the dry cleaning shop, so I'll return them to you now."

Bo Lengqing was only wearing a thin shirt, with his straight upper body casually sitting on a chair, but it didn't affect the man's unique elegance in the slightest.

"Put it down!"

The man was as cold as ever, as if he didn't hear the words of thanks that the other person had spoken. He was still lying on the table, not even lifting his head!

It truly was Bo Lengqing's style.

Liu Shan's expression must be really ugly right now! But I admire this woman!

She actually jogged over and sat on Bo Lengqing's legs!

"Dong!" My heart skipped a beat. 'This woman is too gutsy!'

"Chief Bo, I have admired you for a long time, but I just didn't dare express it. It was only until a few days ago when you were holding justice for me in front of so many people in the canteen, did I suddenly realize that you were also interested in me ?"

Liu Shan's body was coquettish and soft. She leaned on Bo Lengqing's body and got closer and closer, as if she was waiting for that man's favor.

The expression on the man's face became more and more disdainful. Finally, he forcefully pushed away the graceful woman on his body.

"Bam!" With a loud sound, Liu Shan fell hard onto the ground. The man in front of him had a dark complexion and his voice was as cold as an asura.

"Get out!"

Even from far away, I could feel the anger in that man's heart, let alone Liu Shan who is the party in question.

"Chief Bo, don't you like me?" The woman on the ground was still making her last struggle, as if she couldn't believe that the man who had gently draped her clothes over her two days ago, publicly saved her, and even publicly insulted his wife, would treat her like this.

Liu Shan's eyes that were lying on the ground turned red, as though he had suffered a great humiliation. There were grievances, unwillingness, and even hope in his eyes.

How she wished that this was just a dream. If she woke up from this dream, that outstanding and gentle man would treat her lovingly and take great care of her.

But she was wrong, ridiculously wrong!

What kind of man was Bo Lengqing?

He was always as lofty as an emperor, and every movement he made revealed his elegance, making others feel instantly ashamed of their inferiority.

This kind of man rarely smiled at anyone!

To say that he was interested in a woman, and had shown it so clearly, was a huge joke!

"Get out!" Bo Lengqing coldly ordered, and added, "Otherwise, I will let you leave the company completely!"

This was the benefit of being a man of high position and authority. It was a benefit to see who was dissatisfied and could make someone disappear at any time.

After Liu Shan heard the man's ice-cold words, she immediately crawled up from the ground. The bag of clothes that was placed at her feet was knocked over by her kick, and even if she had no time to support him, she hurriedly stumbled towards the door.

Standing in the doorway, to avoid colliding with her, I quickly dodged, back away from her!

I was relieved when the woman ran out and didn't see me.

After all, I was eavesdropping on their privacy, and that wasn't something to be proud of. If I were to be found out again, it would be even more awkward.

"Get in here!"

Just as I was rejoicing in my heart, a cold voice came from the office!

Did this man find out?

Startled and tense, I walked in slowly.

It's over!

My heart was thumping.

"What did you hear?" The man was sitting lazily in a chair, his legs crossed in a casual manner.

"No ?." "No, I didn't see anything." I was so nervous I couldn't speak properly.

The man looked at me dangerously, with a hint of cunning in his eyes. "What did you hear? "You're quite honest!"

"I ?"

This man was truly cunning!

"Chief Bo, don't worry. I won't say a single word about what happened today." I can assure you that this will do me no good, and I will not be a fool.

Bo Lengqing just looked at me like that, revealing a sliver of unfathomable mystery, and a sliver of playfulness. He suddenly waved at me, "Come over!"

I looked at the man in front of me, and although I was reluctant, I had to get closer.

"You will be responsible for extinguishing the fire that she instigated ?" the man said in an extremely ambiguous manner.

"On what basis?" I asked back, unabashedly, with a mixture of shame and shock!

"Do you think I would have let her near me if it hadn't been to satisfy your curiosity?"

He discovered me long ago!

Looking at the man's dark eyes, my heart sank for no reason. It was as if something had dropped from my chest, making me unable to breathe!

He knew about the incident in the canteen from the beginning as well?

I didn't dare to ask any further. Think about it, if he only listened to one side of the story, how could he develop his family's business so well in this huge city!

Bo Lengqing!

What did it mean?

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