I Once Loved You Humbly/C3 Be a good wife
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I Once Loved You Humbly/C3 Be a good wife
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C3 Be a good wife

At this moment, I realized that I had already become Bo Lengqing's legal wife.

I wasn't much surprised, because I was used to his arbitrariness.

"You don't look excited." Bo Lengqing came closer to me, her strong and slender fingers lifted my chin, her handsome face closing in, the tip of her nose brushing against my cheek, the corners of her mouth raised in a devilish smile.

I unnaturally shrank back and met his evil eyes. "Why should I be excited?"

Could it be that I have to put on a proud look like a mistress who has succeeded in going to the main palace in front of him?

"He has been transformed into the wife of I, Bo Lengqing, since he was young. Many women are not envious of him." Fragmented hair covered his handsome eyebrows, and his sexy lips were especially eye-catching. It accentuated the devilish charm of his face.

Like a demon, devouring the heart of women.

"Then should I thank you?" Breaking free from his fingers, I turned my head to the side, took a deep breath, and laughed helplessly.

"You obviously don't love me, yet you intentionally said that I was your wife. It's not enough for you to insult and torture me, and you even wanted me to become enemies with Su Family, becoming the laughing stock of everyone. What benefits do I have to you?"

His expression was slightly startled, then he raised his eyebrows and laughed: "Didn't you not have any status at the Su Family since you were young? What did he care about? "What's more ?"

His tone was a little dull. His warm hands caressed my face and his actions were extremely gentle. "Today, I vented my resentment on your behalf. This is a very satisfying matter. You should thank me."

Thank him?

"Even if they don't like me, you can't sow discord between them. Also, my Su Family and mine are thicker than water, no matter how wronged I am, I can't use others to hurt them ?"

"Oh, really?" The next second, his brows were lowered and his eyes were dark. The cold test of his aura made me shiver.

Caught off guard, my neck was firmly gripped by his hand. The immense force gradually lifted me up to the ground and left me suspended in midair.

I immediately found it hard to breathe, and my vision flickered. I was pinching my throat so hard that I couldn't speak properly, "Leng Qing, what are you doing... Put... "Open me ?"

Su Cha, don't speak of yourself in such a noble manner. You and them are at a disadvantage, remember this, from today onwards, obediently do your duty as wife. Do you understand? "

His voice was so cold that his palms tightened, making me nearly lose my breath.

I clearly realized that this violent and crude man before me was at a terrifying moment, wanting to kill me with a single slash!

I didn't understand why he could change so quickly, so easily, from an angel to a devil.

I struggled to look up at the ceiling, my vision spinning as I shook my head and struggled under his control. Just as I was on the verge of death, my breathing was suddenly released, and my entire body fell to the ground like mud.

"Cough!" Cough ? "Ahem!" I choked out a few tears from being pinched. The intense cough caused my mouth to be filled with a faint fishy taste.

Tears blurred my eyes as I looked at my foot, which was forty-two yards in front of me. I curled up in fear and looked up timidly.

Looking at Bo Lengqing's cold and handsome face, I backed off in fear. When my back touched the corner of the table, was already in front of me.

My body was emitting a strong sense of danger and my heart was in my throat as tears continuously fell from my eyes.

He squatted down, but his cold eyes were filled with a layer of soft light. He raised his hand and gently caressed my hair just like before. I subconsciously wanted to avoid him, but he pressed on the back of my head.

"Sorry, I lost control of my emotions just now. I must have scared you."

This man's face, just like a face that can change at any time, sometimes cold and sometimes hot, both positive and evil make me absent-minded.

It was like I was in a world of ice and fire, and it scared me to death.

"You ? What else do you want!? " I craned my neck and stared at his face in fear. The corner of my eyes swept across his other hand, fearing that I would do something extreme to him in the next second.

"Shh, don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. Pack up, I'll bring you to Su Family."

He came closer, and just as I was trembling with fear, a warm feeling touched my forehead, and I looked up in surprise, and saw a rare tenderness in his face.

In this instant, I even forgot that I was in the abyss just a second ago. I even thought that I was dreaming.

This man is really a mystery. He can be violent like thunder, or he can be like the spring wind, but he also makes me want to flee ?

I swallow my saliva and pretend to suppress the fear in my heart. I smile and run to change my clothes in a panic. I don't dare, don't dare to look him in the eye again.

I wore a simple white ancient dress and followed Bo Lengqing to the Su Family.

Su Family, a home that didn't really matter to me. I stayed in front of the door for a few seconds before deciding to press the doorbell.

"Who is it?" Su Ya's voice came from inside. The moment she opened the door, her beautiful face instantly stiffened, and when she looked at Bo Lengqing behind me, she angrily pointed at me and cursed:

"You slut, you still dare to come back!?" Get lost! " She gave me a shove, and I, in my high-heeled shoes, accidentally stepped on empty steps and fell backward, and just as I was about to accept the pain of the fall, powerful arms clamped around my waist.

Raising his eyes, he saw the tight jaw of a man. His eyes were unfathomable.

"Leng Qing ?" I leaned into Bo Lengqing's wide embrace, my heart inexplicably feeling a little at ease.

"Miss Su, don't blame me for not reminding you. If you continue to treat my wife like this, you have to bear the consequences!" He pursed his lips, and the gaze he looked at Su Ya with was sharp and cold.

He helped me to my feet and wrapped his arm around my waist. His expression was haughty, his profile outlined by cold resolution.

"Wife? Bo Lengqing, you actually treat me like this for this bitch! How am I inferior to her? " Su Ya scolded with unwillingness. Her delicate features were squeezed together due to anger and her pair of big eyes were filled with hatred and jealousy.

"Yoh, Leng Qing is here. Quickly, quickly come in." Presumably, it was Su Ya's voice that had attracted Su Jianguo's attention.

He walked over in large strides and adjusted his reading glasses. All of their gazes were fixated on Bo Lengqing, but they did not see me in his arms.

This is normal. Who wouldn't be respectful to the God of Fortune? Although I have long since gotten used to it, I still felt a sense of desolation in my heart.

"Little girl, why aren't you treating me properly when Leng Qing comes? I'll deal with you later." Su Jianguo glared fiercely at Su Ya, and when he looked at Leng Qing, his old face was filled with affection and fawning.

"I'm sorry, I didn't teach you well, please forgive me."

"Not at all." Bo Lengqing curled her lips, her posture was elegant yet humble, as though she had suddenly become a different person, and she didn't seem like him at all.

"Dad!" Su Ya angrily stomped his feet, his gaze sweeping across me once, before he turned and walked in.

"Ignore her, let's go in." Su Jianguo welcomed Leng Qing with a smile from start to finish, as he respectfully surrounded Leng Qing.

Bo Lengqing didn't even look at him. Instead, she looked at me gently and held my hand, locking her fingers together as she walked into her house.

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