I Once Loved You Humbly/C4 I'm really a bad woman
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I Once Loved You Humbly/C4 I'm really a bad woman
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C4 I'm really a bad woman

Inside the living room, Bo Lengqing and I sat side by side, while Su Jianguo sat diagonally to the side.

Until I entered the room, my hand was still tightly clenched by him, perhaps due to nervousness, but my palm was actually covered in cold sweat.

Bo Lengqing seemed to have felt the coldness in my palm as he looked at me. His originally fierce eyes were now like an invisible palm, comforting my restless heart with a gentle gaze.

This scene of inadvertently making eye contact made Su Ya clench his fists in anger, and his teeth clattered.

I know, if Bo Lengqing wasn't present, Su Ya would have definitely charged over and slapped me.

The atmosphere in the living room turned somewhat awkward.

Su Jianguo smiled awkwardly at Leng Qing, and took the lead to break the deadlock, "Gu Mei, quickly serve the tea, Leng Qing is your esteemed guest."

"Right away." Gu Mei's melodious voice came from the kitchen, and at the same time, she saw a graceful figure.

"No need to be so polite." Bo Lengqing replied indifferently.

Su Jianguo raised his eyebrows, his eyes shining with a greedy light: "How can that be, but you really hid it well, I only found out today that you and us Su Cha have always been together, at the wedding ceremony, it was a huge mess, if not I would have thought that you liked Xiao Ya."

As he spoke, a trace of light shone from beneath the turbid lens, concealing itself. He laughed like a Buddha, exposing his beer belly.

At this moment, he clenched my hand even more and placed it on his leg, his voice as thick as the ocean: "The only one I love in my entire life, is Su Cha, and furthermore, all of us have received our certificates."

"What, a pass?" As expected, Su Jianguo opened his eyes wide in shock, and in the kitchen, there was a clanging sound. The hatred in Su Ya's eyes became deeper.

The flames of fury seemed to want to burn me to ashes.

Even from a distance, I could feel the intensity of my hatred, and I simply turned my head away from her.

At this moment, Gu Mei held onto an antique blue and white porcelain teacup, placed it on the table, and laughed dryly. "Come here, tea's here. I accidentally knocked over the teacup just now. Sorry about that."

Embarrassed, Gu Mei quickly glanced at me. At the bottom of her eyes, I saw a flash of hatred.

Caught off guard, the moment she withdrew her teacup, she lifted her hand and pulled down the teacup in front of me. Hot tea poured onto my lap.

The burning sensation made my entire body shiver and I subconsciously clench my hands tightly together with Leng Qing. My wet skin turned completely red.

Su Cha, are you alright? "" Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. Gu Mei pretended to be concerned and pulled out a few pieces of paper.

Su Ya, who was at the side, snorted coldly, secretly rejoicing in his misfortune.

"How is it? Are you alright?" A cold voice came from his side. Bo Lengqing frowned, the coldness between his brows made it hard for people to look at him.

Only then did I realize that the hand that I was tightly holding onto earlier had suddenly loosened slightly.

"I'm fine." I endured the pain and forced a smile, but I didn't dare move my leg because of the pain.

"Look at how careless you are." Su Jianguo reprimanded Gu Mei on the surface, appearing hypocritical and fake.

"Auntie Gu, be more careful in the future. Do you have any ice bags?" The man was so cold that Gu Mei almost dropped the tray on the floor.

The scene fell into a deathly silence.

Gu Mei was intimidated by the man's power and turned timid. After a long while, she recovered and said, "Yes, yes, I'll go and get it now ?"

Very quickly, Gu Mei brought over the ice bag. Bo Lengqing took it over and carefully took care of the injured part of me.

I could clearly see the terrifying jealousy and hatred on Su Ya's face. Fortunately, Bo Lengqing was by my side, so I felt a lot more at ease.

After Bo Lengqing gave me a simple ice pack, Su Jianguo went straight to the point: "Since you obtained the marriage certificate, then Leng Qing, look at this wedding gift ?"

He rubbed his hands together as if he couldn't wait to sell this item to a powerful man.

But I can get a lot of benefits out of it.

Originally, I had not reached the stage where I could be completely abandoned by Su Jianguo. At the very least, I was now a bargaining chip from him ?

I was pathetic and pathetic.

"Don't worry. In the future, the collaboration with the Bo clan will be divided into fifty percent shares. Of the twenty percent, even if it's the betrothal gift money, do you think you're satisfied?" Bo Lengqing leaned back slightly and looked straight at Su Jianguo, but his expression was ice-cold and devoid of emotion.

As for me, I could clearly see the expression on Su Jianguo's face that was even richer than winning the lottery.

After all, 50% was like a drop in the sky to the Su Clan due to luck. It was even more tempting than winning a five million prize.

Su Cha, look at Leng Qing's good son-in-law, there are a lot of people who can't even pray for him, you have to cherish him well. " Su Jianguo laughed out loud. The wrinkles at the back of his eyes creased together happily and his eyes shone brightly.

"Yes." "Yes," I whispered back, but my heart was full of mixed feelings.

The rest of the time, Bo Lengqing and Su Jianguo were always talking about their work. I didn't have the heart to listen to them, I only felt that a very long time had passed, and every second here was torture to me.

Finally, Bo Lengqing and I drove home.

On the way, I curled up on the back seat in a daze, my upper and lower eyelids trembling from the sleepiness. Faintly, I felt a pair of big hands caressing my face.

"Have you ever thought of taking revenge for the way Su Family has treated you?"

A deep voice hung in my ears, and I could only hear the word revenge clearly.

I thought it was a hallucination, so I didn't answer. I was soon pulled into a dream by a strong drowsiness.

When I woke up the next day, the place beside the bed had already become chilly. Bo Lengqing had long since disappeared.

I bought some supplements and went to the hospital to see Mouren's mother.

"Hello, I'm here to pay the entrance fee." When I arrived at the payment office, I took out the money, but was immediately retracted by a single sentence from the counter nurse:

"Hello, someone has already paid the fee."

"What?" Do you know his name? " I was shocked.

"I'm sorry, but this caring person is paying anonymously, so we have no way of knowing."

I can't think of anyone else who can help me, Bo Lengqing? That was even more impossible.

He is not a philanthropist.

When I got to the ward, I saw Mouren's mother staring at the window. When I knocked on the door, her eyes turned to me.

"Auntie." The moment I opened my mouth, she pointed at me emotionally and shouted,

"It's you, you bad woman, get out! "Get out!" She threw all her belongings at me, and I tried to explain as I dodged.

"Auntie, don't be so agitated, I ?" Unexpectedly, I was hit in the head by the glass she threw at me. There was a dull sound in my ear, and then a stream of heat flowed down my forehead.

The blood dripped onto his clothes, spreading and staining them.

I didn't care about the pain. I just wanted to calm down her emotions. I slowly walked towards her, "Auntie, please calm down. I'm just here to see you. I have no other intentions."

"It's you, it's you who killed my son. If it wasn't for you, my son wouldn't have died. You are a bad woman, I ? I'm going to kill you. "

Screaming, she ran towards me like a madman. Before I could react, she had already grabbed my neck with her hands. In an instant, I was suffocated by her:

"Ah ?" Aunt, no ? No, release ? "Let me go ?"

This scene was somewhat familiar. It was as if I had returned to a familiar scene where a pair of vigorous palms tightly clamped onto my throat.

"I'll strangle you! Return my son's life! " Her hair was disheveled like a ghost girl who had just walked out of a horror movie. Her eyes were bloodshot and wide open.

"Save ?" "Help ?" My vision gradually turned black. Just as my consciousness blurred out, a few doctors and nurses pulled her away and gave her a tranquilizer in time.

Breathing quickly, I lean against the wall, my palms cold.

"You'd better go. The patient is very unstable right now." a doctor exhorted.

"Alright." I tried my best to catch my breath and find a bench to sit on. My heart ached slightly.

Thinking about it, maybe, I really am a bad woman ?

A year ago, without my intervention, Mu Chen would not have died, and Aunt Bai would not have gone mad. I destroyed a happy family.

A strong sense of guilt made me feel ashamed to look up, and the pain made me almost collapse.

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