I Once Loved You Humbly/C5 Do you remember?
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I Once Loved You Humbly/C5 Do you remember?
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C5 Do you remember?

Aunt Bai's words kept echoing in my ears. She was right, I was a sinner.

If it wasn't for me, Mu Chen wouldn't have died, and Aunt Bai wouldn't have become like this.

I, on the other hand, wouldn't look like a human, a ghost, or a ghost now either.

I grew up with nothing but my mother, and it wasn't until he appeared that there was sunlight in my life.

However, all of this was destroyed by me.

I really deserve it!


With a dull thud, my body swayed and fell unconscious.

When I woke up, I was in a hospital bed, surrounded by pale walls, as dead as my heart.

"You're awake?"

A gentle, gentle, magnetic voice came from above my head. I looked in the direction of the voice and saw a young man standing in front of me.

He was dressed in a beige Italian suit, made by hand. His eyes were bright and deep, and the bangs on his forehead gave him a lazy air, giving him a very comfortable feeling.

"How could I ?"

The voice was hard and dry, like an old camel lacking water in a desert. I was so shocked by myself that I stopped myself.

The man in front of me seemed to notice my distress and explained what happened just now. It was then that I realised that I was in a hurry and had just fainted after colliding with the man in front of me.

I struggled to sit up, tried, and almost fell down on the bed. The man leaned over to help me.

"Brother Huo Ting, why are you here? I've been looking for you for a long time!"

A bright and flirtatious female voice came from the door.

The man called Huo Ting helped me sit up, but he didn't reply to the girl behind me. He merely warned me in a soft voice,

"I've already treated your wounds. Don't touch water for the past three days. I've prescribed medicine for you. A nurse will bring it to you later." "You have to drink the medicine on time, and your body ?"

The man in front of me wanted to say something but stopped. I felt a little dizzy, so I didn't hear what he said clearly. I just nodded my head slightly.

While talking, the woman walked to the bedside and naturally held Huo Ting's hand, saying impatiently.

Hearing this sound, I felt as if I was struck by lightning, and I unconsciously looked at the woman in front of me.

At the same time, she looked at me.

Their gazes met, and the air instantly froze.

Xu Ran.

The woman who gave me hope and pushed me into the abyss a few years ago.

Scenes of the past appeared before his eyes in an instant.

"Su Cha, you slut. Didn't he, Mu Chen, like you? "Then I will let him have a taste of the consequences of loving you!"

"Su Cha, tell me, did you see Mu Chen plotting against me?"

"Su Cha, think carefully about what you should say!"

"Su Cha, your mother is in need of money at the hospital right? I heard that Su Family doesn't care about you two.

"That's right, lowly women like you only know how to seduce men. Even if it's a woman, I hate you guys. I really want her to die, much less give me money!" As long as you do as I say, you don't have to worry about your mother's money for the treatment. "

When I looked up again, my eyes were filled with hatred. If looks could kill, I swear, she would have died a hundred times over.

"Ah, isn't this the sister-in-law Su Cha who Bo Lengqing reneged on her marriage with? Haha, I heard that the scene at that time was really exciting to watch!"

"Old classmate!" Ah, no! "Madam Bo, how long have you been married? How did you come to the hospital to lie down?!"

Xu Ran spoke with a gentle tone, but his words were filled with concern and killing intent. As he spoke, he would occasionally observe Huo Ting's reactions.

The latter had an indifferent expression from start to finish, as if she didn't care about the matter between the two women at all.

"I am extremely honored that you still remember me. Xu Ran, I actually have a question that I would like to ask you."

I gritted my teeth, my voice trembling with anger. "Do you remember Mu Chen?"

Mu Chen!

That Muchen who was indirectly killed by you.

Do you remember?

Xu Ran's face suddenly paled, and her voice became somewhat nervous, "I don't remember, what are you saying!" He turned around and pulled Huo Ting away.

The man quietly avoided her hand. Although he had his doubts on his face, he didn't say anything. He just nodded at me, and walked out of the ward ahead of Xu Ran.

After the man left, Xu Ran turned around and glared at me fiercely.

"Don't forget, he was killed by you. How did you sell him out for money? I have a backup copy here." After saying that, she looked carefully at the door before smiling at me gleefully.

"Puff ?"

"I don't think your new partner is that fond of you."

My unintentional taunt struck her right in the heart, and her face darkened.

"What if he knew about all the dirty things you've done?"

Xu Ran was both embarrassed and angry, her beautiful face contorted because of her anger, "If you have the guts to do so, I want to see who your family member is. If he knew that you did this kind of thing, would he still treat you as a treasure?"

With that, he stepped on his heels and left.

When the ward was quiet again, my back felt cold, and tears couldn't stop falling.


My heart ached for ever.

I'm sorry.

If I could, I'd rather be the one who died.

I sat on the sofa and waited for Bo Lengqing to arrive at one in the morning. I didn't see him come back, so I didn't know when he had suddenly fallen asleep.

When he woke up, he saw a tiny firework head flickering in front of the French window. The tall and strong figure of the man was staring blankly out the window. It was unknown what he was looking at.

"Leng Qing, why aren't you sleeping?" I carefully took a piece of clothing from behind him and prepared to give it to him, but was mercilessly swept away.

The sudden coldness left me at a loss. My hand stopped in mid-air.

The next second, my jaw was gripped so tightly that my bones were creaking.

"Tell me, where did you go today?" The man's voice was as cold and distant as usual, and even contained a bit of restrained anger.

I panicked and stuttered as I spoke, "No, I ?" Always... "At home ?"

"Humph!" The man coldly snorted and picked me up before heavily throwing me out.

My body was like duckweed and I lost my balance long ago. I didn't expect him to do this and I was caught off guard as I heavily slammed into the wall. My forehead, which was already bleeding profusely, immediately felt cold.

"Pa ~ ~"

The room's crystal lamp was instantly turned on, it was so piercing that it hurt his eyes. After getting used to it, I could see the furious look on Bo Lengqing's face, which added a few traces of terror to his originally handsome face.

"Leng Qing, I ?" I endured the pain and wanted to explain, but when I saw the stack of photos that Bo Lengqing threw over, I stopped myself in my tracks.

Su Cha.

Look at what you've done!

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