I Once Loved You Humbly/C6 How dare you hook up with a man while carrying me on your back
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I Once Loved You Humbly/C6 How dare you hook up with a man while carrying me on your back
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C6 How dare you hook up with a man while carrying me on your back

It showed me in the arms of a man who was Huo Ting.

The information in these photos was taken during the afternoon when I fainted at the hospital.

First, I felt guilty, and then, a sense of humiliation arose naturally. The gaze I looked at Bo Lengqing with was filled with disappointment.

"Why did you send someone to follow me?"


Bo Lengqing seemed to have heard the funniest words in the world. His face was filled with indifference, but the words he spoke were extremely heavy. Since you, Su Cha, am a woman that I bought, what qualifications do you have to tease other men? "

Yes, that's right!

I, Su Cha, am the woman that you, Bo Lengqing, spent money to buy.

I felt a sharp pain in my chest. In this man's eyes, I was just a plaything. What else could I ask for?

"Aren't I the plaything that you, Bo Lengqing, spent money to buy!? I'll know what to do in the future, thank you for your reminder! " I laughed self-deprecatingly. The bitterness in my heart spread out. My breathing stagnated and it was as though my entire body had been sucked dry.

I'm just a plaything.

It was something that Bo Lengqing had spent money on!

This was clearly a bloody reality, yet why did the man in front of him personally say it out? Why did it hurt so much!?

Just then, Bo Lengqing suddenly rushed in front of me, grabbed me, and threw me onto the bed. He then started to take off my clothes crazily.

"What are you doing!" I shouted at him.

"What else can I do with a toy?" Bo Lengqing's lips slightly parted, but the words she spoke were extremely cold.

I let his large hands wander over me, and stopped resisting.

He was right. Since they had spent money, they could do whatever they wanted!

And I am like a parasite, what right do I have to resist!

"Say, where did that man touch you?"



"Or here? "Hmm?"

The man was so strong that any struggle I made was futile. I just let him flatten me up.

He didn't know how much time had passed before he finally finished venting. He got off the bed, lit a cigarette, and leaned against the bedside table, puffing and swallowing.

I pulled up the covers, and my eyes filled with tears, but I didn't dare let them fall.

All of this is my own fault!

Perhaps this is God's punishment for me.

Bo Lengqing finished smoking and suddenly said, "I'll give you a chance to explain."

The words came out like an emperor, and I was nothing more than a captive slave before him.

How could I dare not answer when he, Bo Lengqing, wants to hear my explanation.

Thus, I spoke in a voice as soft as usual, afraid of angering him again. "I'm not feeling well today. On my way to the hospital, I accidentally fainted and was saved by a doctor."

"Is that it?"

Bo Lengqing didn't care about what happened to me, she only cared if I was disloyal to him.

I looked at him and nodded firmly, but I was afraid that he would find out about Aunt Bai.

Fortunately, he didn't pursue the matter any further. Instead, he scooped me up and laid my head on his chest.

My heart tightened in vain!

This man had a strong body and eight abs. His chest muscles were very attractive and his assets were strong. His methods in the mall were even more ruthless. He was the best man in the city who was favored by women.

How many women have secretly approved of her, and what virtue or ability did I, Su Cha, have?

My heart was thumping.

I followed him for three years, and every time I made love to him, I never really got close to him.

Immediately after, a slender and powerful hand gently caressed down my forehead, like a gentle and warm lover. After repeated this several times, the man suddenly increased his strength, and just as I wanted to cry out in pain, Bo Lengqing pressed down heavily on my injured forehead with his thumb.

The wounds that were simply bandaged earlier started to seep blood out again. The strength in Bo Lengqing's hands didn't decrease at all, I sucked in a few breaths of cold air, but still didn't make a sound.

In the dark night, Bo Lengqing's bright eyes seemed even more unfathomable than before. He looked at me, his gaze filled with warning.

"Su Cha, remember, you are my wife now. If you dare to do something that would let me down, it won't be as easy as today."

He's warning me not to cheat!

I was angry!

"You don't love me at all. Why didn't you let me go?"

This man, he doesn't love me, I always knew.

"This is not the time!" With that said, Bo Lengqing got off the bed and went into the bathroom.

When Bo Lengqing rejected Su Cha's offer to marry me in front of everyone, I already felt that things were not that simple, that there must be some sort of scheme behind it!

However, I could not figure out what was behind it.

When dawn arrived, there was no one by his side.

I got up and looked at my forehead in the mirror.

When he went downstairs to get himself something to eat, he found that there was actually a prepared breakfast downstairs. It was Lean Eggs porridge with fresh and delicious cucumbers mixed together with cold ones.

Bo Lengqing had already left.

This man was always like this. No matter how late he slept at night, he never delayed working in the morning.

In order to prevent Bo Lengqing from misunderstanding again, I ate breakfast, and cleaned up. I took my medicine box and sat in front of the dressing table to treat my wounds, but luckily for me, I had learnt all of this knowledge before. I quickly finished handling it, but it would take a few more days for the swelling to subside.

At that moment, my phone rang.

It was an unknown number. I didn't pick it up, but the other party seemed unwilling to give up and called three times in a row.

Only then did I pick up the phone and pick it up.

As soon as the call connected, a series of sharp female voices rang out.

"Su Cha you slut, don't think that just because you married Bo Lengqing you can put on airs in front of me. What qualifications do you have to be a trashy three-life slut..."

It's Su Ya!

I directly ignored her vulgarities and coldly said, "Why are you looking for me?"

Su Ya coldly snorted.

"Now, come to the coffee shop on the other side of Minsheng Road. I have something to talk to you about."

"Can't you say anything on the phone?" I don't intend to go.

In my opinion, Su Ya and I have no private matters to discuss!

"About your mom, if you want to come, you can come!"


After Su Ya finished speaking, he hung up the phone without waiting for my reply.

My heart tensed, what could possibly happen to my mother? Thinking about how Bo Lengqing's actions towards me the past few days had made Su Ya unhappy, my heart grew uneasy. Since young, whenever Su Ya has suffered a loss, it doesn't mean he must take revenge.

I quickly changed my clothes and went out.

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