I Once Loved You Humbly/C7 Give me five million
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I Once Loved You Humbly/C7 Give me five million
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C7 Give me five million

I changed into casual clothes and went out in a black baseball cap. It was three o'clock in the afternoon when I arrived at the coffee shop on the other side of the river.

From far away, he saw Su Ya, dressed in a black singlet and skirt, sitting at the seat closest to the window in the innermost area.

I lifted my leg and walked in. After walking a few steps, I saw Xu Ran coming out from the bathroom and sitting next to him.

Su Ya and Xu Ran.

What good could the two of them do together?

Just as I was hesitating, Xu Ran saw me first, and nudged Su Ya who was beside me with his elbow, he raised his head and looked at me, his eyes filled with resentment.

I ignored him and walked over and sat down opposite them.

"Speak, why are you looking for me?"

Xu Ran first smiled towards Su Ya, who was beside him.

"Su Cha, you slut, I wasn't in the country for the past few years, but I didn't know that you were so capable as to steal away my elder sister's man!"

After Xu Ran finished this sentence, I could clearly feel the hurt and resentful expression in Su Ya's eyes.

As she spoke, she raised her hand and was about to slap me again.

"Su Ya, don't go overboard!" My hands were quick, I grabbed onto Su Ya's raised hand and flung him away.

The woman in front of me doesn't seem to have expected that I would actually dare to resist. Since I was young, I have always been obedient to her in Su Family.

Su Ya flew into a rage out of embarrassment, and threw the scalding coffee on me. I had expected her to do this, so I dodged it in a flash.

Repeatedly losing control caused the anger in Su Ya's heart to burn even more. She stood up from her seat with a "whoosh" and fiercely slammed the table, cursing loudly.

"Su Cha, you bastard, you only know how to seduce men! You're like your short-lived fox mother, sooner or later you're going to get your retribution. "

Her voice was very loud and attracted the gazes of everyone in the hall. They all looked over and started to point at me.

"See, isn't that the two ladies from Su Family who were reported on TV a few days ago? It seems that the daughter of that Xiao San is quite capable, to be able to make the city's most outstanding man break the engagement in public! "

"It's no wonder that Young Master Bo would go back on his words. Did you hear what kind of character that big miss Su Family has, she's always a slut with her mouth open, a mistress, etc. Bo Lengqing wouldn't want this kind of woman as his wife, right?"

"Yi, it's hard to say, do you know the status of Bo Family in this city? How many women want to marry him, yet the ducks that are already cooked are still flying? If it was you, would you still be able to remain calm?"

The discussions were endless, and most of them were mostly in agreement with my curses.

At this moment, I no longer felt anything. Even worse, it was already past. What did I care?

"Alright, Su Ya, your anger is almost gone, we should get down to business."

The one who spoke was Xu Ran, she had not said a word just now, she was just watching from the side.

Su Ya impatiently glared at me, as overbearing as usual.

"Su Cha, do you still remember that damned mother of yours? Back then in Mu Chen, she was able to live to today thanks to us paying her medical fees. After all, we helped you before, what do you think?"


Help me!

I seem to have heard some big joke.

You, Su Ya, are you trying to help me?

"Don't talk nonsense to her!" Xu Ran impatiently interrupted, getting straight to the point, "Let me tell you this, we are a little short on money, and need you to give us some money, just treat it as you repaying us for the life-saving fee we gave your mother in the past!"

"On what basis? How come I can't remember what happened back then? "

My face was calm, but my hands were sweaty in my pockets, and my right hand was gripping what I was holding.

"You little slut, you've only climbed onto Bo Lengqing's bed for a few days, and you're already so arrogant!"

Su Ya was always easily angered, she raised her hand to call me, but then she seemed to recall something and her hand suddenly stopped in mid air.

She had always been like this since she was young. She had always been competitive and relied on her parents' love to get along with the wind and rain. If anything went wrong, she would beat and scold me!

And I, only mother, no one loves, no one loves, can rely on myself for everything, so many things, always show a weak side.

This also caused Su Ya to have a habit of bullying me.

"Forgot? "Then let me remind you today so that you will have a good memory!"

"Didn't you act very arrogantly in the hospital yesterday? In front of Huo Ting, you asked me if I remember Mu Chen? "Then I'll have to ask you now?"

"Su Cha, do you remember when Mu Chen was expelled from school? It was you then. You lied about the money. Mu Chen looked at you with disappointment in his eyes. Do you still remember? I remember it clearly! "

"I said it before, I will make Mu Chen taste the consequences of rejecting me! Hahaha, I did it! And you, so what if you love him? I don't know if you remember the resentful eyes when he died? "

Xu Ran's words were no different from killing the heart, my internal organs felt an intense pain.

She was right!

All these years, I have never forgotten those eyes of Mu Chen. Those eyes that were originally bright and filled with love, to the end, they were filled with disappointment and emptiness!

How could I, Su Cha, forget about it in this life!

I can't forget it, and you can't forget it either!

Seeing my injured expression, the two women felt much more relaxed, especially Su Ya, who seemed to be enjoying a great amount of pleasure of revenge.

"Su Cha, remember this! With this weakness in our hands, you'd better listen to us and listen to us. Otherwise, we'll see how you do! " Xu Ran tried to force me to take the money while the iron was still hot.

"Don't forget, if I am a forgery, all of you are slander, spreading rumors, intentionally harming others, and yet you can't escape the responsibility!"

I was hysterical, and the words I said were cruel and terrible, and only I knew that I was going crazy blaming myself day after day for the incident in Mouren!

"Stop talking, look at this!" "You decide for yourself whether or not you're willing to give it!"

Xu Ran casually threw over a photo. His tone was full of certainty, as if he had complete confidence that I would obediently submit to him!

Trembling, I pick up the photo on the table.

"What do you want?"

Su Ya was extremely pleased, she liked the way I begged her. The happiness that came from the bottom of her heart caused her facial features to squeeze together, her originally beautiful face now looked extremely weird.

"What happens with us depends entirely on your attitude. I'll give you one day's time to collect all five million. Otherwise, we won't be able to guarantee that your bitch will live to see tomorrow's sun!"

Xu Ran is always the one who started this evil scheme, she can always find my sore spot and force me to submit.

"I don't have the ability to take out that much money within a day!" My tone was stiff and I felt an unprecedented sense of powerlessness!

"Of course you don't, isn't it enough for Bo Lengqing to have it? If not, why did you bother to climb into his bed? "


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