I Once Loved You Humbly/C9 It's just a back door
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I Once Loved You Humbly/C9 It's just a back door
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C9 It's just a back door

Bo Family Group was the biggest enterprise in the city, and also a listed company. The company naturally had a very grand atmosphere, and upon entering the company, the scent of modern fashion blew over one's face.

Bo Lengqing had already arranged some jobs for me. When I arrived at the company, just as I was about to consult at the front desk, an experienced and capable career woman walked up to me.

"Hello, Miss Su, my name is Zhou Yan, I am the manager of the design department, Chief Bo has already instructed me to follow you, please follow me!"

The woman in front of him was tall and slender. She had elegant and refined facial features, fair skin, and a faint makeup on her face. She gave off a very comfortable feeling.

Under Zhou Yan's lead, we took the elevator to the 18th floor.

"This floor is mainly used for the design department. From now on, your office will be on this floor, while the 19th floor is the president's office ?"

While waiting for the elevator, Zhou Yan gave me a general introduction to the functions and distribution of the company's floors.

The design department on the 18th floor was divided into three areas, which were the director's office, the general manager's office and the designer's office.

After Zhou Yan took me to familiarize myself with the general environment, she brought me to her work area and introduced me to everyone.

"Everyone, please stop what you're doing for now and come greet your new colleague!"

I quickly smiled at everyone and was the first to introduce myself.

"Hello everyone, I am Su Cha, here is my tea, I hope that I can get along well with everyone in the future ?"

"Tea with tea, why isn't it green tea? "Haha!"

The one who spoke was a girl in her twenties. She looked pretty good, but she had a mean look on her face.

Seeing that I was a little embarrassed, Zhou Yan tried to smooth things over, "Alright, everyone should go back to work!"

After sending Zhou Yan off, I sat on my workstation and took out a stack of cases from the previous designs on the filing cabinet. I carefully looked through them, hoping to find some lessons to learn from them.

Unknowingly, it was already noon time to get off work. Bo Lengqing didn't call me, so I settled the matter myself during lunch.

They followed the army to the cafeteria. The cafeteria had all sorts of food and was very sumptuous. Compared to the shopping mall outside, it was much cheaper, so most of the staff chose to eat there.

I chose a bowl of rice and some side dishes and sat down in a quiet corner.

This area was close to the sea. With a view of the blue ocean through the French windows, it looked extremely comfortable. This kind of design was a rare blessing for the people in the office.

It was said that every year, the majority of the city's graduates would come to work in Bo Family Group. Apart from welfare and treatment, a large part of the reason was the human environment.

It didn't take long for a group of men and women to gather here, but they were all eating fast.

Perhaps this was the general state of the world's top 500 listed companies. Employees were always in a highly competitive state, because in such an environment, if one did not improve, it meant they would be eliminated.

Faced with such an environment, I unconsciously increased the speed at which I ate.

The work at noon was still relatively free. Considering my previous experience with sketches in the morning, I had some ideas in my mind. I found a piece of paper and prepared to first try painting.

When my colleague the Xiao Wei came to inform me that the meeting would start at 2 PM, I had just finished drawing a draft on a piece of paper.

When I was studying interior design, I had a good mastery of the subject, and when I was a kid, I loved to paint, so I won a few small awards in this area.

"Wah, Big Sister Tea, your drawing is so good. Who is going to be willing to take you as my disciple? If I can paint you like this, you won't have to worry about the internship test." Xiao Wei looked surprised.

"You're just going through the back door, why are you making such a big fuss over nothing. Do you really think that any person can come in here with Bo Family Group? Why don't you take a good look at yourself, and what kind of abilities you have!"

The one who spoke was his colleague Liu Shan, the girl who asked him why it wasn't green tea!

Xiao Wei choked a few sentences, which were a little awkward, but her gaze towards me didn't change at all.

It's just that I'm a little confused, my relationship with Bo Lengqing is only exposed once on TV, no one has seen me in other times, so everyone probably won't have a deep impression of me. Furthermore, the reason why I separated with Bo Lengqing this morning was to prevent such a thing from happening.

Based on my understanding of Bo Lengqing, this man will not publicly reveal his relationship with me in the company.

Then, that was strange. Who was it?

Zhou Yan? Liu Shan?

The latter is most likely, but what is her motive against me?

Not long after, I had the answer.

The afternoon meeting was held on time at two o'clock. The meeting was attended by all the members of the design department. The atmosphere was very serious. The director of the design department, Liu Zhentao, was the first to speak.

This was a very artistic looking middle-aged man. He was lean and exuded the aura of an artist. The aura this person gave people was completely different, giving them a sense of respect.

It was just like the feeling Chen Daoming gave off on TV. He was always self-disciplined and upright, but he also had a unique, deep, or even stubborn view of some things from time to time.

"I hope everyone will remember that the reason our Bo Family Group is able to produce such results today, is not because of some opportunistic people, nor is it because of underhanded methods. We can forget about the things from before, but once we enter the company, don't always think of yourself as some sort of wife, an aloof and haughty look, in the end, in the end, you won't know anything. "I don't care about that ?"

At first I didn't react much, but the more I went on, the more I got the impression that Director Liu was looking at me from time to time, and then thinking back to what he had said, which I guessed was meant for me.

After finishing my sentence, everyone looked at me strangely. There was a look of contempt, disdain, and even loathing.

Just when I was thinking about it in my mind, Xiao Wei passed her phone over to me. Surprisingly, a photo of me was displayed on it, with the background on Su Ya's wedding day, my head buzzed.

When he returned to take a closer look, he found that it was a piece of news. More accurately, it was "old news", because the date was the day of the incident, and the title was "On the day of Miss Su Family's wedding, her younger sister dug a corner for her."

The words Bo Lengqing was mentioned in were very few, but I had memorized the entire black pot.

The above information came from a Weibo link. No one knew who sent it. Someone had forwarded it to the group, so the above information had occurred.

And the person who forwarded it was Liu Shan!

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