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C10 Arguments

She knew that in terms of strength, there was a huge disparity between men and women.

But she was angry!

How infuriating!

They were even more worried!

These were the reasons for her uneasiness.

"Woman, have you messed around enough yet?"

Lu Zexuan's cold voice continuously reverberated in Ye Yiwen's eardrums. His tone was mixed with a hint of anger. Lu Zexuan had lived to such an age, yet no woman dared to go crazy in front of him.

This woman in front of him kept refreshing his understanding of women.

"Not enough. Lu Zexuan, what have I, Ye Yiwen, done to provoke you, Lu Family? Lock me up at any time... I am a human, not a beast! Is your Lu Family still about human rights! "

Ye Yiwen was shouting these words.

Lu Zexuan frowned, "Miss Ye, if you didn't break the rules of survival here, would you be locked up by my men like an animal? I, Lu Zexuan, actually suspect what intentions you have by coming here! "

Ye Yiwen snorted, "An attempt? You? Apart from being a little handsome, what other advantages do you have that makes me Ye Yiwen have ill intentions towards you? Just because you are a little more handsome than the average man, I will follow your lead? Can you take a little face? " If it wasn't for his looks, she would definitely have liked it. Why would she stand here and happily argue with him?


Lu Zexuan raised his eyebrows, that beautiful eyebrows, and said: "I do not care about face? Miss Ye Yiwen, please make it clear that you secretly barged into my bedroom while I was not around. You actually dare to speak shamelessly of me in front of my subordinates? "Woman, can you speak some reason?"

"Hey Lu, what's wrong with me?" Didn't you provoke me first? Let go, do you hear? " At this point, Ye Yiwen had already lost all of her image. She casually twisted her body in an attempt to struggle free from his grasp. The thing she wanted to do most right now was to leave this damn place.

"As long as you don't continue to cause trouble, I will let go."


Ye Yiwen restrained the anger in her heart after she finished speaking and stood in front of him. Her eyes were full of anger as she stared at him without blinking, afraid that what he said was all a lie.

However, reality proved that Lu Zexuan relaxed his big hand right after she stopped making a ruckus. He couldn't help but take a small step back, as if trying to escape from something.

Damn Lu Zexuan, do you think that she is a venomous snake or a ferocious beast?

As you wish.

Ye Yiwen felt that if they continued to argue like this, there would be no end to it. Thus, without a word of greeting, she directly passed by Lu Zexuan … She didn't want to stay in a suffocating place like the basement!

Helpless, she only took a few steps when her path was blocked by one of the people behind Lu Zexuan.

Ye Yiwen raised her head to look at the approaching person and said, "Is this what Mr. Lu meant by 'you keep your promise'? You are a man, yet you want to bicker with a weak woman like me? Aren't you afraid that people will secretly laugh at you? "

Lu Zexuan: "..."

Xiang Rann, who was standing at the side, could not take it any longer and said, "Miss Ye, you misunderstood Mr. Lu. He didn't mean it at all. "

"Then what does he want? You want to lynch me in front of all of you? Or did you stab me? "

The more Ye Yiwen talked, the more bloody it became. Xiang Rann could not help but shake her head.

Were these two really going to fight over who would win when they met?!

If that was the case, he really wouldn't be able to help.

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