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C11 Curiosity

"Let her go. However, Miss Ye, let me be the first to say all that I have to say. Since you don't fear offending me, you must remember this well: Don't beg me for anything, or else … You know the consequences! "

Obviously, Lu Zexuan could no longer tolerate her unreasonable actions. However, due to the many pairs of eyes staring at him, he was unable to argue with her. Otherwise, he would have kicked her out a long time ago.

How could he allow her to act rashly in front of him?

"I, Ye Yiwen, would rather rot in my stomach than beg you, Mister Lu. Please don't bother me, or. "Hmph hmph, you know the consequences."

Anger had long ago sent Ye Yiwen's rationality to some unknown place, so she was now a dead duck, only knowing how to talk tough.

When that person moved away from her, Ye Yiwen walked a dozen steps and found that she did indeed have something to discuss with Lu Zexuan. Otherwise, why would she go to his bedroom to find him?

F * ck.

Impulse was indeed the devil!

Lu Zexuan, on the other hand, was even more evil than the devil. They had met twice, and he had to negotiate with her every time. He didn't have the slightest bit of a gentleman's demeanor. This was too despicable!

She didn't even want to see him again!

After she left, Xiang Rann walked to Lu Zexuan's side and said, "Mr. Lu, don't you want to explain it to Miss Ye?" It had to be known, the Lu Family's rules were: Not Lu Family, if you didn't get Lu Family's permission to break into Lu Family's private territory, then it wouldn't be as simple as closing the small black room!

No matter how special the other party's identity was, this rule would never change because of it, or lose the restriction it placed on everyone here.

This time, Lu Zexuan didn't argue with Ye Yiwen. If they really did argue with each other, it would have been like what Ye Yiwen said just now: they would have long since lost their lives and their corpses would have hidden in the sea to feed the sharks.

"Xiang Rann, do you think she's someone who would listen to your explanation?"

Lu Zexuan said in annoyance.

Xiang Rann was slightly stunned and couldn't help but smile.

As the saying goes, the onlooker is a fan, and the spectator is clear.

Xiang Rann naturally had a corresponding opinion of Ye Yiwen.

Although it wasn't as bad as Lu Zexuan, at least he had a sense of respect.

… ….


Unknowingly, Ye Yiwen's sorrowful expression gradually appeared on her fair face, causing Wang Yan, who was sitting at the side, to repeatedly raise her eyebrows. Finally, driven by curiosity, he couldn't help but ask, "Miss Ye, this is your thirty-eighth breath. Even though sighing can ease your mood, isn't it a little too much for you … Did you encounter some trouble? "

"Well, is it that many times? How come I didn't know. "

When Ye Yiwen finally regained her senses, Wang Yan's pair of gentle eyes that seemed like they were about to come out of water would stare at her from time to time. She only found out now that … Unknowingly, she had already expressed her thoughts from inside out.

This made her feel a bit more awkward and depressed.

Wang Yan said, "So?"

Ye Yiwen puckered her lips and said irritably, "That's why I'm out of luck."

Wang Yan asked curiously, "What do you mean?"

Ye Yiwen snappily said, "Of course it's because of that damn Lu Zexuan. If it wasn't for him …" She wouldn't have been locked up in the basement for twelve whole hours!

"What happened to him?" As if she could hear gossip that she had never heard before, Wang Yan's eyes instantly lit up.

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