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C18 Wishful Thinking

Lu Zexuan seemed to have eyes at the back of his head as he moved quickly and precisely to evade her sudden action. At the same time, Ye Yiwen suffered the consequences of her own actions as she staggered and successfully fell in love with the soft carpet, while Lu Zexuan acted as if he didn't see it at all. His long legs stretched out and he continued to walk forward.

Lu Zexuan: "..."

Ye Yiwen: "…"

Since he had already done it, there was no need to be afraid of losing face!

In any case, apart from her in this room, there was nothing for her to care about.

"You can't leave. Unless you promise me to contact my family, I will be the tail behind you, pestering you until you nod in agreement." One could imagine how determined she was.

However, Lu Zexuan was not moved by this and did not listen to what she said. Instead, he did something that even if she wanted to be brainless, she would not have thought of doing …

Lu Zexuan had his back facing her and his hands were stretched out in front of him. Ye Yiwen thought to herself, I don't know what his intentions are.

The result was —

In the next second, a piece of clothing covered in an unfamiliar masculine scent fell onto her head, causing her to be unable to think about what had happened. Her nose was filled with the unique scent of his body, so she could not see what was happening in front of her …

What was going on?

Was he going to strip in front of her?

In order to let her leave, he intended to … What for?

Not only that, she seemed to have seen something extremely disgusting. She casually threw it forward, loosened her grip, and directly slapped him with the Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms. She berated: "Lu Zexuan, can you ask for a little face? You have an unmarried woman in front of you right now! Without a word of warning, he threw the clothes down. Where is your good tutor? Where's your moral integrity? Have they all been eaten by dogs!? "

How infuriating!

Ever since she was young, besides her father and her relatives, no man had dared to act so impudently in front of her.

Today, she had finally witnessed how shameless a man could be.

What did he take her for?

A character that could be casually toyed with?

Ye Yiwen felt wronged as she thought about it.

She only wanted to answer a small request. Why did he have to act so lowly to himself?

Could it be that he hated her to such an extent?

Using her as a plaything?


You can't say anything.

Lu Zexuan felt rather speechless at her unprovoked accusation.

"I'm tired. I want to rest. Can't I undress and sleep in my room? "

Ye Yiwen: "…"

He definitely did it on purpose!

It must be because he wanted to embarrass her and force her to retreat...

She …

"You did it on purpose! Is that right? "

Ye Yiwen criticized.

Lu Zexuan couldn't help but raise his eyebrows, but he didn't answer her.

"You want to use this method to leave your line of sight, don't you? Damn it! Are you even a man! "

Ye Yiwen could not help but curse.

Lu Zexuan sneered, "Miss Ye, are I a man or not? You should know that you want to experience for yourself what it means to be a man. That's why you are pestering me here, ignoring your own reputation? "

"Bullshit!" If you were a man, you wouldn't be taking advantage of me here. How shameless! "

Ye Yiwen's expression was quite angry. When she thought of the humiliation he would make, she couldn't help but curse.

Lu Zexuan was getting more and more confused about her thoughts.

No matter how he looked at it, she was the one who was taking advantage of him, all right?

He hadn't even touched her, so how could he take advantage of her?

It was simply nonsense.

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