I Shut CEO Out/C19 You Are Not Allowed to Leave
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I Shut CEO Out/C19 You Are Not Allowed to Leave
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C19 You Are Not Allowed to Leave

"Miss Ye, I have to remind you that you came to disturb me during my working hours. Forget about disturbing me, you intentionally caused me to be distracted so that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my work … I was just annoyed by you and wanted to take a break, but you scolded me for being shameless and taking advantage of you. May I ask where is your proof? Where is the witness? "

He, Lu Zexuan, just didn't want to argue with a woman. In the end, she provoked him again and again, even pointing at his nose and calling him shameless.

It could be seen that Ye Yiwen had met with his downfall today.

"Everyone is aware of Sima Zhao's intentions. You still want evidence? Lu Zexuan, you are really insidious! If you really wanted to rest, wouldn't you say so if you had a mouth? Without saying a word, he immediately took off his clothes. It was clear that he was trying to take advantage of someone, turning right and wrong into wrong. You actually have the guts to bring up witnesses and evidence. From what I see, those who believe you are a bunch of idiots! "

"Woman, are you done yet?"

Lu Zexuan Qiang clenched his teeth and said while holding back the anger in his heart.

He had only wanted to scare her away, but had ended up being called a dog by her. Just thinking about it made him unable to suppress his anger. If it wasn't for his principled nature, he would have already rushed forward and squashed her to death to prevent her from bringing harm to him.

"I'm not done with you."

Ye Yiwen replied very straightforwardly.

Lu Zexuan Qiang resisted the urge to erupt and said coldly, "Then I'll be troubling you."

Before she finished her sentence, Lu Zexuan didn't want to argue with her anymore. He just wanted to leave this place, find a hidden space, and leave this unreasonable woman in front of him.

"You're not allowed to leave!" Ye Yiwen stood up and was about to stop him. Lu Zexuan didn't give her any chance to touch him, he just wanted to stay away from her.

"Did you hear that? You're not allowed to leave!"

Lu Zexuan acted as if he didn't hear her. Plus, his legs were longer than hers and his footsteps were faster. In just a few seconds, he flung her a meter away.

"Lu Zexuan!" You bastard! A man with no balls! He wanted to run just because he took advantage of the situation! I'm going to tell the people around you to stay away from you! "Humph!"

After all the ruckus, not only did he cause a bellyful of rage, but he even got nothing in the end!

It seemed like... He did not want to see her again!

Ye Yiwen couldn't help but think dejectedly, "Not being able to see him means that she won't be able to know about her parents' situation in the future, and that she will be trapped here for a long time." When she thought about it, she felt that the road ahead of her was dark!


How unlucky!

He clearly didn't want to argue, but was it that difficult to solve this small problem peacefully?

Not necessarily!

The main reason was that the two of them seemed to be born into a bad situation. They would argue whenever they saw each other, and the more they argued, the more it seemed like they were getting further away from the truth … Are the two of them of the same physique?

Ye Yiwen: "…"

Did she think too much?

Even he was taken into account?

Had she followed him into the water while arguing in her mind, finding excuses for him in the dark?

Forget it, let's head back!

This time, it seemed like there was no hope!

In the future, if he had the chance, he would find another way!

Ye Yiwen took big steps as she thought about this. She stared at the doorknob and couldn't help sighing. She then extended her hand to grab it and wrench it away with all her might … The moment he stretched out his foot, he couldn't help but take a glance behind him. What he saw was Lu Zexuan's tall back …

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