I Shut CEO Out/C2 Don't Take Her for a Fool
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I Shut CEO Out/C2 Don't Take Her for a Fool
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C2 Don't Take Her for a Fool

Outside, the middle-aged woman picked up the phone on the table and pressed it a few times. After the call was connected, she respectfully said, "Sir, I have already followed your instructions and brought the food to Miss Ye's room. Look at Miss Ye. She doesn't know the whole story. Yes. "Okay, goodbye!" After receiving the instructions, the servant hung up the phone and continued with her previous unfinished work.

When Ye Yiwen was full, she leaned back and lay on the soft sofa, her mind blank.

Was it a blessing or a curse? It was a disaster that he could not avoid!

Now, besides letting her fate take its course, she seemed to be … No, she had to find something to protect herself from losing something she shouldn't have lost. Think about how shameful that would be! In order not to cause any dirt on herself, Ye Yiwen quickly stood up from the sofa and started rummaging through the boxes. She carefully searched everything that could be opened, both inside and outside. There was nothing for her to protect herself from. She was slightly disappointed as she sat down on the soft carpet. She couldn't help but use her right hand to support her face as she thought gloomily …

She did not know why the 'mister' had sent for her. Ye Yiwen had a clean family background and a harmonious family background. Besides her, there was one other weirdo. Other than his father, who would occasionally bet a little money, there wouldn't be too much trouble.

A flash of inspiration.

Could it be that her father was tricked when he was playing cards with someone?

Then, as a wager, she was forcibly brought to this unknown place … Would he be treated like a human toy?

No, no, no!


She couldn't scare herself until things were clear!

But she had to be sure.

In the end, her phone and makeup bag weren't by her side at all …

That was awkward.

Now, how was she going to contact her family?

No, she had to get someone to judge her!

Imprisoning someone privately was already considered a crime and a crime, not to mention the fact that she had no consciousness and had to confiscate everything she owned. She had no sense of the law at all. This was simply too excessive!

She had to find them, even though she was not as big as them. Yes, it should be … It was … It's possible!

Yes, that was what they should do!

However, when the scene of her captivity flashed through Ye Yiwen's mind, she couldn't help but be terrified.

Who knew what unscrupulous pest had harmed her behind her back? If she found out about this, she would definitely make him suffer!

Thinking about it, he couldn't help but feel sad!

He could either wait and endure!

There was nothing else to be done now other than these two methods.

… ….

Ye Yiwen sat quietly on the sofa with her head between her legs, her mind blank.

Not long after the maid had left, a group of people rushed in from outside. Carrying large and small boxes, they expressionlessly opened them and took out all the clothes inside. After neatly hanging them up in the wardrobe, they left the room as if they had never been there in the future.

Ye Yiwen initially wanted to take the opportunity to understand the situation, but the other party refused to speak. She could only silently protest from the side.

Damn it!

When did the man who wanted to dominate her return?!

Didn't he know that if a woman stayed in a strange place for too long, she would feel fear?

Even if she wanted to go out, the moment she opened the door, the two tall and big door gods would turn around and ask, "Miss Ye, what instructions do you have for me?"

It was a new and exciting scene to watch.

She was almost scared to the point of peeing!

Oh my god!

Could anyone save her!?

There were no weapons in the house, and there were no items to protect herself from. If someone wanted to harm her, how could she defend herself? It would be better to just take her life, lest she get scared, and live a life worse than crying.

No, she had to go for a walk.

But what about the Supreme Realm God outside?

Ye Yiwen calmly stared at the tightly shut door. Just as she mustered the courage to open the door, it was suddenly pushed open from the inside.

Ye Yiwen didn't dare to think further and immediately turned around to run away. She didn't look at the person until she squatted down in front of the bed and used the height of the bed to cover her body.

"Miss Ye, Mister just called to say that he might be back in the middle of the night. Please don't wait for him."

The servant helped her turn on the lights in the room. Ye Yiwen, who had been looking for a place to hide, was nowhere to be found.

Ye Yiwen nodded in frustration. "Did your husband say if he would come in the middle of the night?"

The servant did not expect her to ask this directly, a look of disdain flashed across his eyes, and then he replied: "Sir did not say. "Miss Ye, please rest early." With that, he no longer gave her any chance to talk and left after closing the door.

Ye Yiwen was speechless.

Don't take her for a fool.

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