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C20 Not Necessarily Good

Ye Yiwen took big steps as she thought about this. She stared at the doorknob and couldn't help sighing. She then extended her hand to grab it and wrench it away with all her might … The moment he stretched out his foot, he couldn't help but take a glance behind him. What he saw was Lu Zexuan's tall back …

She secretly made a decision in her heart: she would never want to see him again!

Let him be!

Her various actions today were more than worth it. She had lost a lot of face.

Even if they met in the future, they would still feel very uncomfortable!

It was better not to see it!

… ….

His thoughts were very full, but reality was very hard to come by.

Sometimes it's not as easy as you want.

One week later.

Wang Yan sat next to Ye Yiwen and carefully observed her. Even though they had been together for almost half a month, she still couldn't believe that this person before her had any substantial similarities with other people.

At the very least, Ye Yiwen was friendly and friendly with her. Sometimes she would reveal a confused expression, sometimes she would be cute and naive. It was completely unlike what they said she was hot-tempered, arrogant and proud. She completely didn't put anyone in her eyes …

"Little Yan, what's wrong?" Suddenly, you're looking at me like that? "

Perhaps it was because he felt her probing gaze that he raised his head and gazed at her unnaturally.

Perhaps it was because of what happened after the fight with Lu Zexuan that someone found out about it.

That night, there were people who didn't treat her coldly or warmly. Their gazes were full of wariness, disdain, ridicule and ridicule …

She wasn't a fool, how could she not see the changes?

As for the reason, was there a need to think about it?

Of course, it was because of their master.

He was her parents, and she was an outsider. In real life alone, she had already lost.

It was only after a few days of observation that she finally felt this: People had no choice but to lower their heads under the eaves!

How hard she tried, I reckon, escaped, misunderstood fate!

Her identity was already in an extremely awkward position, and now that the fact that they were quarreling in secret was known by everyone, her days were not going well.


If he had known earlier, why would he have done so?

If she had been a prisoner in peace, perhaps they would have pitied her, but she was now a stubborn, temperamental woman, and she deserved to be hated.

Wang Yan smiled and said, "I just overheard some interesting things. Wen, as far as I know, the last time you went to Mr. Lu for the matter regarding your parents, in the end … I'll let you down! " As an ordinary friend, if she was still unaware of the abnormality, it would be a waste for her to have lived in this circle for so many years.

Actually, Wang Yan's voice was especially pleasant to hear, soft and gentle, as if she was stuck in a cotton candy. Ye Yiwen couldn't feel any malice from her words, but it was actually a psychological comfort to her.

For a moment, her worries seemed to have been halved.

"Nothing much, I think Lu Zexuan and I are probably at odds, arguing whenever we meet …" Little Yan, you should know that I really didn't want to argue with him on purpose. I just don't know why, but the moment we met, the two of us started fighting. And then … Unfriendly, let me very depressed! "Sigh!" After saying that, she sighed and buried her face in the gap between her arms. Even her tone of voice was a bit lower than usual.

Seeing her act this way, Wang Yan wanted to console her, but she didn't know where to start.

After all, her current position was different from hers. However, due to her current identity, she couldn't openly find Lu Zexuan to explain on her behalf.

Therefore, she could only silently sit to one side and watch her, looking disappointed as she sat in a corner of the sofa, sulking on her own.

"Wen, please tell me honestly, how do you remember him from the beginning?"

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