I Shut CEO Out/C3 It's Fun to Tease Him?
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I Shut CEO Out/C3 It's Fun to Tease Him?
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C3 It's Fun to Tease Him?

Ye Yiwen was speechless.

Don't take her for a fool.

She didn't ask about the man's whereabouts to commit suicide.

She was doing this for her own safety!

In this world, not all women would pounce upon a man when they saw him. Even though his background was incomparably amazing, and no one dared to look him in the eye …

Was she insane?

He actually thought that the other party was a man with an incomparable background?

Forget it, he might as well take a cold shower to calm himself down!

In short, she wasn't a casual person.

If he wanted to take advantage of her, she would definitely show him what she was capable of!

Ye Yiwen was not sleepy. Her bright black eyes stared straight at the door, not daring to blink even once.

But how could Sleeping Demons let her off so easily!

By 12 o'clock, Ye Yiwen was quietly lying on the bed with her eyes closed. She had started to play hide and seek with the Sleeping Demons.

At one-thirty in the morning, a private plane landed from the sky and landed on the open space not far from the villa complex.

Before the door had even opened, seven or eight people had already surrounded it. They stood in front of the door, waiting respectfully.

At the instant the door was opened, a tall figure walked out from within the room thanks to the dazzling light of the night light.

"Mr. Lu, you're back?" Miss Ye's matters have been settled, do you want to go over now? "

Lu Zexuan looked at the person and said in a deep voice, "Not going over. "What about the woman?"

The man replied, "Miss Ye is fine."

Lu Zexuan nodded slightly and didn't say anything else. Instead, he brought a group of trusted aides back to the villa.

… ….

Ye Yiwen, who was sleeping on the bed, seemed to have sensed something, and her originally closed eyes immediately snapped open.

The first thing she did when she woke up was: How could she be so stupid? He was in the enemy's nest, but he could still fall asleep. It was really … Too stupid.

I wonder if that so-called mister is back?

Ye Yiwen raised her head and stared at the classical clock hanging on the wall for three minutes.


It was already two o'clock.

Was she seeing things!?

She had only been closed for a short while, but two hours had already passed?

How did time suddenly pass so quickly?

This was too unbelievable!

This was not the time to be hesitant. Ye Yiwen quickly got up from the bed. Wearing the 'delicious' pajamas that had been specially prepared for her, she lightly ran towards the door with her bare feet. Her ear was pressed against the door to see if she could hear anything.

The result was —

She heard nothing.

But because his posture was too peculiar, his feet were numb.

As she sat on the cold floor, her face contorted and her hands kneaded at the numbness, there seemed to be footsteps in the corridor. One after another, it seemed as if there was a large group of people walking towards her …

F * ck!

Speaking of Cao Cao, why are you here so soon?

No time to prepare for her?

Resisting the numbing sensation, Ye Yiwen quickly turned off the light and climbed onto the bed. She covered her head with the blanket and pretended to be asleep. She lay there motionless, not daring to breathe.

The only thing he was afraid of was that the sound of his breathing would attract the attention of others if it was heard by someone else.

… ….

"Xiang Rann, why is the light in that room still on?"

At night, as long as there was a trace of light leaking out from the room, it was extremely eye-catching.

Xiang Rann looked up and said, "Mr. Lu, that's Miss Ye's room."

Lu Zexuan stopped walking and for a moment, he actually changed his mind.

As expected of the person selected by those old men, he acted with such arrogance, afraid that others would not know that she was the master of that room and would try to seduce him?

He would have to see if he had the ability to do so!

Immediately, Lu Zexuan's mouth raised into a charming smile, and said to Xiang Rann beside him: "Since Miss Ye was so kind to wait for me to come back, as her master, how could I refuse her good intentions? Xiang Rann, don't you agree? "

Xiang Rann: "…" Did Mr. Lu misunderstand something?

During the day, Miss Ye was extremely afraid of them. The reason why she kept the light on at night was probably because she was afraid of the dark and other insignificant things like this. It was absolutely possible …

His actions were just as Lu Zexuan thought, full of ulterior motives.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Xiang Rann dismissed the others before they arrived at the villa. Therefore, besides Xiang Rann, Lu Zexuan was the one who appeared in front of Ye Yiwen's door.

The two great buddhas that were standing at the entrance of Ye Yiwen's door also disappeared along the corridor when Lu Zexuan appeared.

Lu Zexuan pressed on the doorknob and lightly pulled it down.

The door was actually locked.

Lu Zexuan: "..."

Xiang Rann: "…"

Ye Yiwen, who was lying on the bed, froze. She didn't even dare to breathe loudly.

Lu Zexuan's face darkened. Out of the corner of his eyes, he realized that the lights in the room had already disappeared.

Damn it!

Was this woman playing some kind of game with him?

Or was it fun to tease him?

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