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C4 Let Me Go Home

"The key."

Lu Zexuan ordered.

Xiang Rann handed the keys to Lu Zexuan and couldn't help taking a small step back.

Miss Ye, ah, Miss Ye, you have angered our Young Master Lu.

Lu Zexuan didn't hurry to open the key. Instead, he thought about how he would be chosen by those geezers and forcefully give it to them … This woman was not easy to deal with!

At that moment, Lu Zexuan gave up the idea of going in.

Then he threw the key to Xiang Rann and said, "Look after her. Don't let her run around! If you do anything strange, you must let me know as soon as possible. "Go rest!"

After saying that, Lu Zexuan threw Xiang Rann to the side, turned around and returned to his room. He took a comfortable hot bath, poured himself a glass of red wine and put it on the table.

He was average in looks, and his occupation wasn't average.

It was because it was so ordinary that he had to wonder what the old men's motives were … It looked like life wouldn't be too boring.

… ….


Why is there no movement?

Ye Yiwen pushed away the blanket and took a deep breath of fresh air. Her gaze was locked on the door, but it was too dark to see anything. Ye Yiwen could only turn on the bedside lamp quietly.

It was too quiet.

It was as if a needle had dropped onto the ground, and the sound was extremely clear.

Ye Yiwen was relieved.

Tonight, she might have gotten away with it.

Then … What about tomorrow?

He could only take things one step at a time.

The next morning, Ye Yiwen was woken up by someone.

And it was all awakened by someone!

Ye Yiwen's mind was in a daze as she stared at the servants who came and went in front of her. She felt an indescribable pain in her heart.

Didn't they know that disturbing Qingmeng this early in the morning would cost her life?

Do I have enmity with all of you? Do you really have to do this to me?

"Miss Ye, you're finally awake. Mr. Wu told us early in the morning that if Miss Ye wakes up, we should immediately dress her up. "Miss Ye, what style and color do you want to wear today?"

Ye Yiwen saw that there were at least five people in their group. Everyone held clothes of different colors and styles, and they were all placed in front of her for her to choose from.

Ye Yiwen sighed inwardly, wondering how she got here so easily when she usually went out. Why did she end up like a vase here, with people toying with her?

Ye Yiwen pointed at a servant holding a light blue dress, "This one!" At least not as complicated as the others.

The servant who was pointed out said with a smile, "Miss Ye, you have good eyes. I think Teacher will definitely be amazed by you, Miss Ye." In fact, this style looked like a simple dress, but it was almost hollow on the back … …

When Ye Yiwen reacted, she was already wearing it.

This time, he felt awkward.

"Can I have another one?"

Although Ye Yiwen said this, she kept telling herself in her heart that this was all an act and that it would pass as soon as she tolerated it.

"Then... What style does Miss Ye want? "

The servant dutifully opened the wardrobe and let Ye Yiwen choose.

When Ye Yiwen saw the clothes inside, her mind went blank.

It wasn't that the clothes inside were ugly or anything, but that she had a choice disorder when faced with a large group of objects. She had no way of knowing what to do!

Thus, she could only choose to give up.

Moreover, there were all sorts of cosmetics on the makeup table. Ye Yiwen skillfully made herself a light makeup and was brought to the dining room table by the servant.

The person sitting opposite her was Mr. Lu Zexuan, who had just returned this morning.

He sat in front of her, expressionless. Ye Yiwen was too scared to lift her head to hold him. She thought to herself, "I don't care if you're round or flat, I just want you to be air."

The heavens did not give in to one's wishes.

There was bound to be a conversation.

Conversation must be made in the person's eyes.

Otherwise, it is a very rude behavior towards people.

Ye Yiwen could only brace herself and occasionally look straight ahead to see if the other party had any intentions of talking to her.

"Miss Ye, welcome to the comfort zone. Did you rest well last night?"

Lu Zexuan's deep yet charming male voice entered Ye Yiwen's ears. At first, her body trembled slightly as if she did not feel any violence. She then let out a sigh of relief and said gently, "Thank you for your concern, mister. Why did you invite me here?"

"Miss Ye, don't you know why you're here?"

Ye Yiwen retorted, "How would I know why I'm here? Didn't you capture me here? If it's all right, can you let me go home? " Right now, it was safest for her to be in her own home.

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