I Shut CEO Out/C5 I'm Afraid It's a Little Difficult
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I Shut CEO Out/C5 I'm Afraid It's a Little Difficult
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C5 I'm Afraid It's a Little Difficult

Lu Zexuan smiled, "Miss Ye, this might be a little difficult."

"Why?" It's just to take her home. What's so difficult about it? Could it be …

Ye Yiwen intentionally squinted her eyes and started to size up Lu Zexuan, who had a calm expression.

One had to say, the other was extremely handsome.

She had perfect facial features and charming eyes. Her every move exuded a fatal attraction. She dared to say that as long as it was a woman, they would all be captured by him.

However, the cold and detached aura of "strangers are not allowed to come near" emitted from his body, causing others to not dare go up to him and act rashly.

Coincidentally, this type was something that Ye Yiwen liked.

"Miss Ye, although I don't know why you're here, I hope you can stay on this island peacefully. "Don't do anything excessive."

Lu Zexuan was warning her.

Don't let your temper get away with it.

Ye Yiwen was confused by his words. "Wait a minute, mister. Are you sure you have done something wrong?" I am clearly the one who was captured by you, the victim. Why did you condemn me with the words of the victim? Also, I don't even know you, so why should I approach you with a purpose? You're not my boyfriend or fiance, so it's not fair for you to speak to me like that! " Damn it, who was he? She didn't even know his surname, so why did he sit here and allow her to be slandered?! Besides, she was powerless, how could she do anything to him? As for him …

"Miss Ye, do you really not know, or did you just pretend to be interested in me on purpose, wanting to successfully arouse my interest so that I could desire you?" If what he thought was right, then this woman in front of him, was too much!

"You?" Ye Yiwen said disdainfully, "Even if you give yourself to me now, I won't take it. Only a fool would be so confident in front of a woman like you! " This person was indeed handsome. In his heart, he was an arrogant idiot. Does it taste good! Whoever was his woman would suffer greatly!

Ye Yiwenguang was terrified just thinking about it. She quickly pushed away the tiny bit of goodwill she had towards him, so that she wouldn't be castrated and buried by her own efforts. How unworthy that would be!

"That's what you said. Good. Miss Ye, next, please follow what you said today. Do not have any interest in a 'fool like me', otherwise, don't blame me for not reminding you then … Sometimes, men's confidence is given by you women! Do you understand? "

Ye Yiwen shook her head and said bluntly, "I don't want to understand!" What she understood now was: why was she here? Why did this man say to her that he had ulterior motives for her? Even if he was her type, it did not mean that the two of them could pretend to be singing, saying that wind is rain!

No, she had to understand. Otherwise, wouldn't she be like a fool, to be toyed with by others?

"Sir, would you please tell me?" Why am I here? "

This gentleman?

Hearing this form of address, Lu Zexuan frowned in annoyance.

"Miss Ye, you don't even know my surname. How dare you agree to let them appear in front of me? I have to say, you're the bravest one I've ever seen and the stupidest one among them!"

"I don't care what your surname is, I just want to know, why did you capture me here?" I don't want to waste everyone's time here with you. Please also answer my questions truthfully. That way, we can get rid of the misunderstanding and go our separate ways. "

Miss Ye, this is just your simple thought, it doesn't mean anything. If you want to know why you are here, and for what reason? I can give you that. "But …" Lu Zexuan looked at her with a fixed gaze and a dark glint flashed in his eyes. He said in a domineering manner, "I, Lu Zexuan, will never allow anything disgraceful to happen in my territory."

"Alright, Mr. Lu, just tell me the reason. "Other than eating and going to the toilet, I will definitely stay in that room all day long without leaving the house. I will absolutely not give you any trouble."

Ye Yiwen's attitude was firm.

Lu Zexuan's mouth curved into a faint smile.

"Miss Ye, you were sent in as my pet. Are you satisfied with this answer? "

Ye Yiwen: "…"

This answer was like a clap of thunder, blowing her up!

"You … Lies... Is that right? " Her previous words were always slapping his face! If word of this got out, wouldn't she lose all face and become a human being?

"Do you have the capital to make me lie for you? Women sometimes think too highly of themselves. It's also a mistake, do you understand? " Lu Zexuan's words sent her into the abyss of hell, making her unable to reincarnate!

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