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I Shut CEO Out/C6 Keep an Eye on Her
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C6 Keep an Eye on Her

"Do you have the capital to make me lie for you? Women sometimes think too highly of themselves. It's also a mistake, do you understand? " Lu Zexuan's words sent her into the abyss of hell, making her unable to reincarnate!

Ye Yiwen was like a defeated rooster after this blow. She could only sit on the chair with her head down. Her previous high-spirited look was no longer present on her face.

"How could that be? Who is it? "Who the hell wants to scam me like this?"

Lu Zexuan suddenly realized that Ye Yiwen looked a little... Damn, attractive?

Had he not rested properly these past few days in order to abuse himself?

There were plenty of beautiful women like Ye Yiwen around him, so why …

"Miss Ye, please obey what you just said. I, Lu Zexuan, will never provoke you. If you don't, I'm sure you'll enjoy my revenge! Because, I will absolutely not show mercy to you just because you're a woman and have a tender affection for you! "

Lu Zexuan's words were like an ice knife stabbing straight at Ye Yiwen. Although the edge was sharp, it wasn't enough to hurt her. On the contrary, it had the effect of intimidating her.

Ye Yiwen was shocked by him.

She could only sit quietly in her chair without breathing. It seemed as if a century had passed before she finally regained her senses. At this moment, other than her, there seemed to be no one else in the hall.

How could she care if she was hungry or not!

She had to think of a way to escape.

She didn't want her life to be wasted like this for no reason at all …

"Xiang Rann, keep an eye on her."

These were the last words Lu Zexuan said to Xiang Rann before he left.

Unexpectedly, the moment Lu Zexuan left, Ye Yiwen, who originally wanted to follow Lu Zexuan's instructions, was pushed to the forefront of the crowd.

Another group of people neatly appeared in Ye Yiwen's line of sight.

This time, he was no longer just a servant.

"Hello, Miss Ye! My name is Wang Yan, and I will be your mentor from now on.

An eye-catching girl dressed in a sexy outfit had suddenly appeared in front of her. As the person in question, how could she not be surprised when he said such words to her?

"Instructor? Miss, you're not mistaken, right? " She believed that in the field of family education, she was no worse than others. Why would there be a specialist here to teach her?


"Yes, Miss Ye. If you want to become a part of the Lu Family, you must learn the rules set by Lu Family …"

"Wait a minute, Miss Wang, are you mistaken about something? "I'm not Lu Family, so it's impossible for me to be Lu Family in the future. Please be magnanimous. Can you do me a favor by ignoring me and going to educate others?"

I X.

It was as if one wave had not yet calmed, and another wave had appeared!

In just one day, Ye Yiwen felt like she was being toyed with by many people, unable to move at all. Her life was not her life at all!

Wang Yan herself was a rather beautiful lady. Her entire body revealed all sorts of feminine charm. Ye Yiwen also felt that something was wrong for a girl with such a style to teach her!

Someone was trying to harm her!

"Miss Ye, please don't misunderstand. I will only teach you the rules that Lu Family has set, and how to become a qualified Lu Family. I don't know anything else. Now, are you at ease? "

Wang Yan's tone was extremely gentle.

Ye Yiwen's anxious heart calmed down a little under the gentle neutralization. However, when she thought of Lu Zexuan's cold and distant face, she felt a throbbing pain in her stomach.

How many sins had she suffered in her previous life? Only in this life would she fall into this bottomless pit of Lu Zexuan's!

He said he would let her go.

Yet, in less than three hours, someone had arrived... He wanted to see her make a fool of herself.

Wang Yan saw that she did not answer and did not force her to. Instead, he placed a thick, golden ancient book in front of her and said, "Miss Ye, this is what you need to be familiar with in the future. If you have anything you don't understand, you can come and ask me anytime. " With that, she waved her sleeve, leaving behind a strong fragrance as she disappeared from her line of sight.

After she left, Ye Yiwen locked the door from the inside as if she had received amnesty. At this moment, she absolutely would not allow anyone to appear before her for any strange reason.

As for the book in his hands, wherever it was cool, he would go and stay there!

She, Ye Yiwen, would never accompany him.

Since things had changed, she couldn't just sit by and watch.

She wanted to see just what sort of tricks these people surnamed Lu were playing behind her back …

"Xiang Rann, long time no see!" How have you been? "

After leaving the room, the first thing Wang Yan did was to walk up to Xiang Rann and greet her with an affectionate expression on her face.

Not even half familiar with his surroundings.

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