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Xiang Rann politely replied, "Thank you for your concern, Miss Wang. I'm doing very well."

"Hey, Xiang Rann, it has been half a year since we last met, right?" Wang Yan couldn't help but talk to him.

Xiang Rann just listened quietly, not saying a word.

"Xiang Rann, I know you hate me. However, it's not easy for everyone to survive in this environment. Can't you be more friendly with me?"

Wang Yan spoke to him with a dejected expression.

Xiang Rann: "…"

"Don't not talk. This way, I will feel this world is filled with suspicion and coldness. Xiang Rann, I don't know how much longer I can hold on, but I hope that you won't be so cold to me forever … "Okay!"

Wang Yan's almost pleading tone made Xiang Rann sigh in her heart: "Miss Wang, you and I should not have interacted much with each other, but you always said what you were thinking all at once." How can I answer that?

Xiang Rann: "Miss Wang, you have been tired all day. You should go back to your room and rest early! As for Miss Ye, I hope that you can take responsibility for her in the future. "


Wang Yan couldn't help but let out a long sigh. With a relieved expression, she said, "Xiang Rann, there's no need for you to remind me of my duty. Today, let's do it this way!" With that, she left on her seven-inch high heels.

Staring at her lonely figure, Xiang Rann couldn't help but sigh for her in her heart.

Perhaps —

She was the one who was obviously malicious and on guard.

When Wang Yan appeared in front of Ye Yiwen, she felt a surge of frustration in her heart.

However, since her appearance, Wang Yan hadn't done anything excessive to her. Even her words were soft and gentle, exuding an enchanting femininity.

Ye Yiwen sometimes thought that if she were a man, she would pursue her without caring for her own safety! It was a pity that she was a woman now. She had everything that should have been on Wang Yan. Other than the size being different, there was nothing to be envious of!

Yes, she was actually jealous.

Jealous of Wang Yan's beauty and beauty. The most important thing was — her temper was thousands of times better than hers!

Look, this is the difference between people.

Ye Yiwen felt as though her heart was about to break.

However, before she could make things clear, she had to quickly put the pieces together so that they wouldn't be spied on and become her weakness.

"Miss Ye, why do you look so preoccupied?" Isn't it better to stay here? "

Wang Yan saw her frown one moment and rub her face the next. Just looking at it made her feel extremely worried. He couldn't help but ask.

Ye Yiwen shook her head in embarrassment. "It's nothing. It's just that I haven't contacted my family members for a few days, that's all. It's just a little troublesome."

Wang Yan said with understanding, "After entering here, all communication equipment will be confiscated. This is also something that cannot be helped. If you are worried about your family, you can go find Mr. Lu and ask him to help you bring some peace to your family. "

Would he be so kind?

Ye Yiwen hesitated.

"Miss Ye, did you misunderstand Mr. Lu?"

Ye Yiwen did not expect her to accidentally say what was in her heart. She was stunned for a moment, then forced a smile. I've only met him once, and I have a rough understanding of his personality. I feel that he's not the type of person who's easy to get into contact with … "

Hearing this, Wang Yan looked at her a few more times and revealed a mysterious smile. "Miss Ye, did you do something inadvertently?" Lu Zexuan, whom she knew, was very kind to people.

Whereas Ye Yiwen instead used the word 'unapproachable' to describe him. Looks like she seemed to have missed something.

Ye Yiwen shook her head.

Wang Yan pursed her lips and chuckled, "Trust me, Lu Zexuan isn't the kind of person you think he is."

Ye Yiwen: "…"

"Miss Ye, there is one thing I must not remind you of. It's no small matter that you live here now. And please take every sudden question seriously. "

"What do you mean?"

Ye Yiwen didn't understand why she would suddenly warn her so seriously. She sounded a little panicked.

Wang Yan pointed to the book lying on the table. Ye Yiwen's face was covered in tears as she read the so-called Lu Family Rules.

"Miss Wang, can you not beat around the bush when you speak?"

Wang Yan put on an enigmatic expression and said, "Miss Ye, if there's anything you don't understand, you can come directly to my room." See you tomorrow! "

Ye Yiwen felt as though the sky above her was about to turn dark.

What kind of riddle was she trying to play with her!

She doesn't understand!

After thinking about it, the most important thing right now was to be safe and sound with her family, so that her parents wouldn't worry about her.

Was Lu Zexuan really as Wang Yan had said, a person who was easy to get along with?

However, after staying in her room for five hours, she was unable to sit still. She had been trapped here for two whole days. If she didn't call her parents to ask, she would probably go crazy.

During dinner, she specifically asked the servant that brought her food, but the servant told her that Lu Zexuan had left and that she didn't know when he would return. What hope did she have?

Just sit here quietly until the end of time?

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