I still love her/C1 Who is this beautiful girl?
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I still love her/C1 Who is this beautiful girl?
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C1 Who is this beautiful girl?

***Ulrich Embolo***

The bell had just rung and all the students were shouting for joy as it marked the end of classes and the beginning of the weekend.

I had already put my things away and so had my friends, so when the bell rang we all immediately left the classroom.

- BRAYAN: What did the guys say? What's the schedule for the weekend?

- ZERO: You know my parents grounded me from their date because of the hall monitor telling them about all my crap so I'm not sure I'll be there if you guys are planning something.

I couldn't help but laugh, especially because that sentence came from him.

He was the rowdiest of the three of us and one of the biggest delinquents in the school, but we loved him like that, he was our buddy.

- They watch you too because you're a kid! I replied mockingly.

Zézé, whose real name was Zétala Brayan, was dark-haired and very cute but not tall like Brayan Onana and me.

Yes, my two best friends were named Brayan.

- ZÉZÉ: I'm your equal, it's just that I'm not tall enough so you have to respect me!

We burst out laughing.

- BRAYAN: Girls like guys who are tall, kid, you know?

- ZÉZÉ: Idiots, who are you calling "boy"? And you know there are many girls who like me? And let's be honest, I'm not that little... Don't exaggerate guys!

We liked to tease each other. That's how it was! We walked across the yard and through the gate.

- ZEZÉ: Well guys, I have to go because if I'm in here longer than a minute, my parents are going to add my punishment! See you Monday!

After laughing at him, we walked in his direction so he wouldn't feel alone and after about five minutes of walking, we said goodbye.

- So Brayan, what do we do now?

- BRAYAN: Ah, we're going to my house to play the console?

- That's a great idea!

Bryan was the funniest of us all.

We laughed all the time with him and he knew how to put us in a good mood. He was a little bit brown and very cute, in fact, the three of us were, according to several statements, and I must admit that we made the girls at school tremble.

We could have taken a cab back home but we didn't want to.

It was a beautiful day outside and we were in no hurry.

- BRAYAN: I hope you're ready to get slaughtered! You know I'm the best when it comes to the console, right? he said, laughing at me.

- Always brag! Then when I win you, you're going to say it's because you have a headache or something...

- BRAYAN: Oh no, that was before, when I couldn't play yet!

- Let's leave the console and talk about basketball, shall we?

He laughed as he walked away from me because he knew that was my field and that he was no good against me.

- Now you're running away! I replied in a mocking tone.

I was a tall boy with a dark complexion, not very talkative like my friends and I wasn't that delinquent. I was rather quiet and very observant. Sometimes I would observe certain situations without talking. In fact, I was a little shy but the girls liked me because physically I was a good looking guy according to what they told me.

My school outfit fit me very well and was always clean and well ironed. As far as shoes were concerned, I always wore brand name sneakers like the Jordan for example...

But despite the fact that I was always told I was a good-looking kid, I didn't have 100% confidence in myself.

I arrived at Bryan's house and he stayed outside to straighten a cable that was hanging from the roof of the house.

I went in to drop off my bag and saw two girls, but I only recognized one: Victoire, Brayan's little sister.

She was sitting in front of a girl who was so beautiful and had a smooth black complexion.

I didn't know who she was and I was curious to know.

- Good evening! I said, keeping my eyes on her.

- VICTORIA: Good evening Ulrich, how are you?

- Yes, thank you, and you? (Looking at Victoire).

- VICTORIA: I'm fine, thank you! Well, come and sit down!

- Okay, but I'm going to join Brayan outside first...

I put my bag on a chair and just as I was about to enter the door, I heard: - Good evening!

I turned around and it was this beautiful girl. How beautiful were her brown eyes!!!!

Without saying a word, I turned around and walked out.

Brayan had already finished straightening the cable was about to walk in when I asked him:

- Who is the girl inside?

- BRAYAN: Who are you talking about? he asked with a surprised look.

He had the reflex to look out the window to see who it was, then he said with a smile:

- BRAYAN: Oh I see! It's my new girlfriend, her name is Brenda...

To be continued...

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