I still love her/C2 Brenda, she is my girlfriend.
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I still love her/C2 Brenda, she is my girlfriend.
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C2 Brenda, she is my girlfriend.

- What? Is she your girlfriend? I asked him with a dumbfounded look.

- BRAYAN: Yes, of course! Am I just anyone?

- No, but since when do you go out with the beautiful girls?

I have to admit that I felt a twinge of sadness when I found out the two were dating.

Brenda was so beautiful and just seeing her triggered something in me. I had never felt that way before.

- BRAYAN: You're downplaying me like this? I thought you were my friend!

We laughed and went into the house.

He gave Brenda a kiss on the cheek and when I saw that, I wanted to be in her shoes.

- BRAYAN: Are you okay, Brenda?

- Yes, I'm fine and you?

- BRAYAN: I'm fine and I'm glad you're here! So, give me a few minutes...

He went into the room and I stayed around the table with the girls.

- VICTORY: I'm sure you'll be playing the console (looking at me).

- You don't know anything!

When I said that, I saw Brenda laugh before she retorted:

- BRENDA: No, but men and the console! They seem to be related!

Not only did I like the way she laughed, but I never liked the sound of her voice. It was soft and soothing.

- Oh yes, we like that! I replied, looking her straight in the eye as she looked at me shyly.

It didn't take long for Brayan to find us and we played. I have to admit that I wasn't focused at all and that's because Brenda was there. I glanced around to admire her.

- BRAYAN: Brenda who are you supporting?

- BRENDA: You of course!

- It's normal for her to support you, you're her boyfriend!

- BRAYAN: And I'm the best too!

- Ah, that's good!

When we finished playing and Brayan won me, Brenda decided to go home and said she wasn't allowed to stay out until 6pm.

Brayan, Victoire and I decided to go with her and I realized that she lived only a three minute walk from Brayan and his family's house.

But I used to pass by this area but never saw her. I also used to visit Brayan often but never saw her around. Wow, the two of them were in the same neighborhood and lived next to each other!

- BRAYAN: I'll see you next time, right?

- BRENDA: Yes, yes!

She opened the gate, walked in, closed it and we left.

- Well, I'm going home once!

- VICTORY: I'll leave you to it then. Goodbye Ulrich and have a nice trip!

- Thank you Victory!

She left and I continued my way with Brayan. Brayan noticed that I was pensive because he was talking but I wasn't really answering.

- BRAYAN: What's wrong? Is it always defeat that makes you so angry?

I didn't want to laugh but I did.

- You are sick! I've even forgotten about it since! I'm fine, but tell me, are you serious that Brenda is your girlfriend? I don't believe it man! She's too good for you!

- BRAYAN: Am I ugly?

- No, but she's way beyond you, you know! Her level is Chris Brown (laughing to make fun of him).

- BRAYAN: She's my girlfriend, and when you said that she supports me because I'm her boyfriend, she didn't dispute it.

- Oh yes, that's right! Ah, that's good then!

He went with me and left me at the crossroads where I took the motorcycle to my house.

Nobody was home. I went to drop off my bag and took off my school clothes. I took a nice shower and went to the kitchen to see if there was anything to eat and ate.

When I finished, I went straight outside to play basketball. There was a little place in front of the house with a post and a hoop and that's where I practiced from time to time and especially when I had nothing to do or when I was bored.

I don't know why but even throwing the ball in the basket seemed difficult that day.

This girl was in my thoughts and I was trying to forget about her especially since she was the girlfriend of one of my best friends.

I wasn't the type to rip off people's girlfriends but what could I do?

To calm my heart that was beating strongly for her, I stopped playing and went to bed. It was when the house bell rang that I woke up. It must have been 8pm if I remember correctly.

It was my mother and she had just come home from work.

- Hi mom, did you get home okay?

- Yes, my son!

I carried the groceries she had and went to the kitchen to drop them off before going back to my room to play the console.

The next morning, I was shocked to see that I woke up thinking about Brenda and that's when I realized that there was nothing I could do to fight the attraction.

I had to learn to live with it because if I tried to fight it, I would think about it even more. It's better to live with it and pretend it's not happening.

Around afternoon, Brayan let me know that he was coming to play basketball. He told me in a message.

- Alright man, I'll wait for you then!

- BRAYAN: I'm with Brenda!

What? I couldn't believe it! He was coming with his girlfriend who was also the girl I had a crush on?

To be continued...

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