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Am sitted inside the back of a limousine car alone with only the driver at the front as he drive to God knows where. I wasn't in the mood to talk so ,I didnt bother to ask him.i let him drive me to wherever he dammed fit.

it doesn't matter anyway.

whether I know where we're going or not it wont change anything .it won't change the fact am married and going to live with the old man ,Raymond Rich whatever name he bears.

"Ma'am ,we've arrived. "I heard the driver announced.

My face squeezed more in anger and irritation to know that now,am in my so call husband's house.

"Please step down ma'am ,let me lead you inside."he added when I made no move to come out.

I drag my body groggily and step down from the car holding and raising the horrific heavy wedding dress that witch mother of a bastard boyfriend of mine or is it ex, bought for me for today's occasion ,not to matched on it and stumbled.

I still need my leg.

if by any chance I trip and fall ,this 20 inches shoe which am wearing will do justice in crippling me.I don't know what is wrong with them and their fashion sense or, did they intentionally did it so I would break my leg.

Of all the wedding dress she could buy why go for a dress made with forty five yards of cloths?.Just to show of their wealth .

my parents riches to be precise which I stupidly put into their possession. Mitchew.

Fool.A very big fool ,I am.


"Oh!sorry.let go ."He gestured with his hand for me to wAlki past him but I shook my head 'No'.

"Just lead the way ,I will follow behind."

He shrugged and begin to walk towards the entrance door of the house.I followed close staggering with my heavy dress and killer shoes.

I stylishly glance around the house.It beautiful and proclaim wealth, but am not in the right mind to admire any beautiful house .I just want a place to sit or better still sleep and lose all my pains, betrayer, agony,worry ,sorrow ,all the emotions bubbling inside me in dream.

"Ma'am ,this way please."I walked through the direction he's giving and enter through the magnificant door to come in sight of a well furnished living room.

I might be tired mentally, physically and emotionally but my eyes I guess isn't as tired as me because it keeps wandering around the whole place in awe and admiration.

The place is beautiful ,but to bad the owner of the house is an old man who I was forced to marry.

But come to think of it ,how can an old man have a great sense in decoration.

"Ma'am."The driver whose voice is beginning to irritate me, called.

"What "I snapped but regreted it immediately.Why would I shout at him?he isn't the cause of my predicament .is he?why should I transfer my aggression on him.

The people responsible for my recent hellish life is out there with their ego as high as a mountain , I can't do anything to them neither do I have the courage to stand up for myself.

Poor guy.you seem to be the escape goat.

"I am so sorry ma'm to bother you."He said politely making me feel more guilty for snapping on him earlier .

"It okay, am sorry to snap at you like that.I believe you have something to say ,if not,you won't call me."I paused "Tell me.What is it?"

"This is navel"

"Am not Navel ,it Marvel as in Marvellous. "

The girl I never knew was standing there spoke up.

"I have told you that I don't care.Narvel or Marvel has nothing to do with me atleast you know it you I was referring to."He said smirking.

Looking at him I can tell he's intentionally picking on her and The petite girl with a beautifully made ponytail was given him the satisfaction he needed

Just like me,at the initial stage Leonardo started misbehaving with me after I fell for he's sweet word and foolishly transfer all the inheritance my parents left for me to him.

I always let his word pised me off thereby given him the satisfaction he wanted.Until I got used to it and stop entertaining him by being silent.

Until then I never knew that silent is the best comeback in most situations especially the one you can't escape from.

The ponytail maid frowned "How can you not care ?you're mis-pronucing my name .What's so hard in calling my name right?"she spat

"Alot"He grouse ."First,I am not interested in knowing your name or pronuncing it right either ,so go to people who can and don't ruin my mood .I have alot of things to deal with rather than dealing with an annoying brat like you.Secondly, what fun will it be if I pronice it right"

"How dare you!."she yelled."You think is fun messing with my name.

"I don't think Narvel, I know."

"YOU!."she snapped " You must as well know that you..."

I cleared my throat loudly dragging their attention towards me.

"I am sorry ma'm. "

"Sorry ma'm. "

They chorus immediately bowing down apologically to me.

Watching them fight is so amusing, too bad am not in the right mind to be entertain, I would have sat on one of the couch and let them argue with each other till they are both tired.

"I am sorry man please forgive me.Actually I am assign to be your personal maid.Am to guild and help you familize your self here."The Navel girl said.

"Okay Navel,no harm done.But you see,I am so tired right now and this dress and shoe is so uncomfortable, they re killing me.Is there anywhere I can change and maybe rest as well."

"Of course ma'am ,your room has been prepared. Come ,I will show you ."

I nodded and turn to the driver."My bag?"

"It has been taken to your room ma'am "he responded.

"Thank you."

"It nothing ma'am ,am being payed for that"

I raised my brow questioning.

"Um..I mean to say,I don't just drive people around I make sure their luggage is save."


"Is there something else you would like me to do for you ma'am "

"No,I don't think....where is he?Raymond. "I added when I saw his confused face.

"Em..he has an emergency in the office so he went to attain to it.Is there any problem? Should I call him?"

"No no. There's no problem at all."I responded quickly.Heaven knows I don't want to see him.if possible I never wanted to see him ,now or ever.

But who am I kidding. that's not possible, seeing him is inevitable.

"If that's all ,may I take my leave. "

"Sure.you can go."I said .

I watched him turn to leave but stopped.He swung his neck towards the maid."She's under your care now ,take care of her Navel."

"It marvel not Narvel ,you dimwit."She groused.

He smirked " guess what?"She stare at him confusedly."I don't care " He winked at her before wAlking out of the building.

I watched the maids face turn crimson ,anger radiating from her. if look could kill he sure would have been dead by now.

"Hello"I snapped my fingers,dragging her attention back to me"the room."

"Sorry ma'm, let's go."

I followed her upstairs .When she get to a door, she stopped. "That is your room ma'am.every thing you will need is there too ,but if there's anything you want but can't find ,please do inform me I will get it for you."

I nodded.

"I will take my leave or is there anything you want me to help you with.?"

"No thank you.i will be fine."

"Okay ma'am I will call you when the launch is ready then."

"Sure."I replied and watched her begin to go down"Narvel."I called before she could leave my sight.

She stopped.

"Ma'am ."she answered."Do you want anything?"

"Yes.Can I get a glass of warm water please. "

"Alright ma'am I will bring it right away...anything else?"

"No ,that's all for now."

I held the handle and open the door,just when am about to enter the room " Ma'am ."I heard her call.

I turned my head towards her direction with a questioning look.

"Em..Ma'am ,you see eeeh...I ...I "

"You what!...Just go straight to the point and stop stamering.Am stress up ,I need to rest already. "I interupted .

I watched her took a deep breath before she said " Ma'am ,the thing is ,my name is not Narvel but Marvel.Please don't call me like that psycho. "

"Alright,point taken."

She smiled .I watched her until she disappeared from my sight.Shes cute .

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