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Mitchell pov.

I was coming out of my room when I heard an angry male voice yelling .I listened and realised the voice is shouting at a maid.

'Oh!My daddy is back'I said sarcastically 'but why is he yelling ?Does he want to have a heart attack?doesn't he know that old people don't get angry often to avoid their blood pressure from risen.'

I thought as I hurried down to see him yelling at the Marvel girl who knelt down begging him to give her another chance.

'What did she do?.'

I slow down my step ,walking stealthily to conceal my presence.

"Get out,I don't want to see you here again.You are fired."I heard Raymond yelled.

"You can't do that ."I butted in before I could stop myself.'Classic Mitchell, how classic .getting involve in things that you shouldn't .

I expected him to rushed up and start beating me just like Leonard does whenever I get involve in things like this.

There was this day they sent me out to look for a ring their oldest daughter carelessly lost in a pool during a birthday party of one of her lover.

The nextday I was sent to the party arena to look for the ring.i stayed in the pool for more than one hour looking for the ring.

Fortunately I find it after a long search and happily run home only to find Leonard yelling at Anna for something she didn't do.

He was shouting at her for letting me leave the house when in truth ,it was his mother that sent me out to look for her daughter's lost ring.

I didnt know that they lied to him that Anna helped me escaped the house to see a man.

When I get home I saw Anna on the floor crying helplessly for what she didn't do.i couldn't hold it ,so I butted in to save my personal maid,best friend and sister only to receive the beating of my life from the man I love.

The man who claimed to love me.

"Ma'am. "I heard the maid's wisper which dragged me out from my past thought .

"I'm sorry to interfere but you cant just fire her like that just because of a single mistake .There must be a reason why she didn't do what you asked her."I said the things that came into my head though I don't know why he's angry at her.

"Reason?what reason could she have not to do a single task I asign to her.Maybe the work I gave her to be doing is to much for her, so it will be best if I free her from the task."

"Huh!what task?"I asked confusedly .The last time I checked she was my personal maid ,what other work does she do other than that .

The old man blinked severally looking at me like I have lost it.'I wonder what I did to deserve such look.'

"You mean to tell me,you have no idea about who she is to you."He asked unbelievably.

"Who is s...oh wait!did you mean ,my personal maid?"

"Seriously.Are you this dumb " he asked irritably.

"Hey!how dare you say that to me!."I yelled angrily.I have be holding in my anger for a long time now,trying not to let it out and this old man have to insult me.

'Arrogant old fool.'I cussed inwardly while glaring at him.

He smirked " I can see that your mouth has be let lose,now you had the gut to talk back at me."he mocked.

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing...afterall I'm not as scary as him."he answered nonchalantly.

I flinched. 'did he know anything he ought not to know.?No no it just my head messing with me.Yes that's it ,he cant know anything .And if he does,would he had married me?possibly not.'

I reassured myself that there's no way he would know that they family that got me married to him aren't my family ,neither is Leonard my brother but my boyfriend.

I ignored his reply earlier and asked " What did she do ?why are you firing her?."

It is better to know what's going on ,if I am to help her ,at least I ought to know what she did.

"Classic! "he dramatically exclaimed. "So you didn't know what she did and you're interjecting ,huh?."

"Does it matter?she's my personal maid afterall."I said deffencively .

"And yet she didn't know what you were doing when I came back."He mocked.

"About that, it wasn't her fault."I defended again.

And truly it wasn't .she wanted to help but I pushed her out .Eversince I came into the house and she was asign as my pm ,I haven't allow her help me in anything,I keep refusing her help and doing almost everything myself.

I never know by so doing ,she would get into problem with old man Raymond ,I mean ,my daddy or is it husband.?

"I know ,it was my fault."He replied sarcastically.

I frowned.'is this old man intentionally getting on my nerves. '"Listen here,old man Raymond. It wasn't her fault but mine,I was the one who keep stopping her from her works because I don't normally needs maids to be around me when I can do things myself."I expounded.

"Wait... me ,old man .Did you just call me an old man."

"Is that not who you are?my late dad look younger than you."i mocked squeezing my face in demonstration.

"Mmm,interesting "he nodded " I would be ashamed if am to be you ,for marrying my DAD'S age mate."He said with a mocking smile stressing the words Dad.

I bit my lips angrily. 'How dare he?of course am ashamed being his wife.is not like I had a choice.'I glared at him annoyingly but said nothing rather I walked passed him to the cute maid who's still kneeling.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes ma...thank you."I nodded and helped her up.

"You know, I can still fire her if I want,your stupid excuses isn't enough to excempt her.But..."he paused.looking intently at me."I won't ."

I breathed out a sign of relieve.

"Wait at the dinning for me ,I will be there in a while."he ordered and walkyd up the stairs.

'How come he's strong and agile and rude too .he acts like a young man of 27 to 30 when he's 65 already.isnt he supposed to be getting weak but surprisingly he isn't ,apart from his wrinkled face nothing about him defends his age.

Even his voice and body physic looks different from an ageing man like him.'Is he really his age or is there something he's hidden?

I shrugged those thought off as I walk to the dinning.


I laid on my bed and closed my eyes to sleep when the message earlier popped on my head.Today has been a hectic one.

And having lunch with old man Raymond makes my day more stressful.I never would believe that ,that man will be so annoying like that.

'Humph ,I wish not to ever eat with him or be around him ever again .'

His more annoying than Leonard.they only difference is ,you can argue or talk back at him and won't receive the beating of your life.

with Him you're free and expressive while with Leonard you ought to be docile,tractable, meek,submissive,humble,to name but few.He always want to control ,tell you what to do and not do.

'Ahh !I better sleep rather than talking about someone who took my love for granted,used it to make my life misery.'

I forced out all thought away from my mind and closed my eyes,luckily I fell asleep.


"Mmmmm."I moan from the sweetness all over my body.it as if someone is touching me .or is it because it has be a long time I got it done with a man.

Leonardo has stop touching me for a long time and I dare not go to another man ,the psychopathic beast will kill me if he find out.

But, what am feeling right now feels so real,if it is a dream let me not weak up.

I spread my leg wider given access to the person to nter fully when I felt a finger at my opening.

"Ahhhhmmmm" I continued to moan as the hand slip in and out of my core.'Damm!this feels so good.'

I was enjoying the fingering I was recieving in my dream when it stop and I was disappointed. But after sometime I felt something poking at my entrance like trying to enter into my opening.

"what the hell is that?'I gushed out fearfully but heard a voice replied.

"Relax and enjoy the treat."

'Treat?what treat?but wait,why does the voice sound familiar? 'I frowned and opened my eyes.

When i opened my eyes i saw a male figure hovering over me,I couldn't make out the features due to the dimmed light but I swear he feels familiar.

But it can't be right?'it isn't possible that he would be here .I stretched my hand and switched on the light

Lo and behold ,I saw the man I never wanted to see ,the man who useless my life and brought nothing but pains towards me sulking my breast and trying to insert his d**k inside me.

"Ahhhhh.....you!"I screamed loudly in frighht and sprang up from the bed,my heart beatting loudly in pain."What are you doing here? and how did you come into my room?"

"Very easy."he chuckled " And by the way,did you like my surprise? "

"Huh!'I gawked at him with a wide eyes.'he must be joking right?'

He laughed maniacally and drag me back when i tried to run.He pushed me hard and i fell with a thud.A great dizziness hit me weakning me as i lay there motionless.

He tore my clothes off and begin to remove his leaving me stalk naked as he watched me hungrily.

"No one will save you from me.Now!YOU...ARE ..UNDER MY MERCY.HAHAHA!"he smirked evily and throw off his clothes as i lied there ,my hesrt besting frantically in fear."His right no one would save and even if i called Raymond, his too old to fight.God!please save me"i prayed and close my eyes resigning to my fate.

I felt him held my legs and spread it widely apart using his right hand while his left hand held tight to my wrist above my head.

He came in between my legs which are widely spread to his satisfaction and grabbed his cock.He positioned it to my opening and........

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