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In the village of B City, it was a cold winter's morning. Outside the window, the sky was just starting to brighten, and noises could be heard from the quiet street.

Zhengyang's funeral had just ended, and I hadn't slept for a few days. What I longed for the most was a safe sleep.

The noise outside was getting louder and louder, crashing into my eardrums.

Grandma rushed to my room, threw back her blanket and cried, "Ziqian, stop sleeping, Hu Lihua hit our door!"

Hu Lihua, Zhengyang's ex-wife?

I flipped myself over and sat up, hastily put on my clothes, and lightly closed the door. I was afraid that I would wake Tongtong up from his sleep, so I followed Grandma into the courtyard.

A box was thrown in from the outside, smashing into the center of the courtyard impartially. Fortunately, I held my mother-in-law in time, or the box would have fallen on her head.

"This... Isn't that Zhengyang's casket! After the grandma saw the box on the floor, she slumped down on the steps and started crying.

The jujube box was broken into half, and it laid quietly on the ground. Zhengyang's ashes were scattered all over the place, and the white powder was floating in the cold air.

"Zhen Ziqian, open the door, and come out!"

Hu Lihua was outside knocking on the door with all her might. It was noisy outside, and it looked like she had brought a lot of helpers with her.

"Hu Lihua, you are truly heartless. Zhengyang had just buried himself yesterday and you already brought people to dig his grave early in the morning. We have been husband and wife for three years, do you really not have any feelings for him?" I clenched my fists. The words of the accusation stuck in my throat, unable to come out.

Hu Lihua was Zhengyang's ex-wife. According to Brother Zhengyang, she was especially good to Brother Zhengyang, even if she married someone else, how could she be so heartless as to dig Brother Zhengyang's grave while waving the iron rod?

I can't believe it, she's so extreme, I'm afraid she's plotting something else.

I am just a weak woman, I am unable to face the bunch of people Hu Lihua brought along, so I had to endure as long as I could not open the door.

Grandma had already fainted from the screaming!

The winter sun had just risen, illuminating the bustling city. Because of the tall buildings blocking the way, the only thing that didn't illuminate the village was the tall buildings.

Tongtong was so scared that he woke up crying in the room.

Without hesitation, I called the police, helped Grandma up, and went back to the house to coax the children.

Tongtong is two years old, he's Zhengyang and Hu Lihua's child.

I have no children, and during the past year of marrying Zhengyang, I have always treated Tongtong as my own daughter.

Twenty minutes later, an alarm went off and the police knocked on the door before I could open it.

The moment I opened the door to Hu Lihua, I truly believed:

She really dug into Brother Zhengyang's grave with the help of the iron-clad man, full of confidence.

The alley was filled with the covetous Hu family members and chattering villagers.

Hu Lihua's face was sinister, in the midst of a flurry of discussions, he raised his head.

When Hu Lihua saw me, he immediately pounced towards me.

Five minutes later, my face turned black and blue. My messy hair floated in the cold wind.

Hu Lihua was not much better than me, but she had a smile on her face.

Tongtong stood at the entrance, tearing his heart out as he cried for his mother. When the mother-in-law, who had just recovered, saw me like this, she couldn't help but get angry.

The sleeves of my dark red coat were sewn with a white cloth that shone in the sun.

That was in order to send Brother Zhengyang off at the funeral, I sewed the stitches together.

"Zhang Zhengyang, if you are still alive, open your eyes and look at how the woman you once loved treated you.

Before we could hug Tongtong and comfort our mother-in-law, Hu Lihua and I were brought into a police car. The police car left in a dust, leaving behind all the discussions behind.

Hu Lihua kept shouting out in the carriage: Officer, this slut Zhen Ziqian is plotting to take my ex-husband's property. My ex-husband died, and the property under his name should be my daughter's, but she actually ?

The police officer interrupted Hu Lihua, letting him know why she was making trouble for him!

Zhengyang's house was being demolished. Four rooms and two million for the demolition, no matter who it was, they would definitely be jealous!

Today, I have gained a new understanding of Hu Lihua. He is truly a venomous woman, even after his death, Brother Zhengyang will not be at peace.

At the police station, after making a simple statement, he gave Hu Lihua an oral warning.

When he returned home, Hu Tong saw Hu Lihua's brother waving his arms around angrily in the crowd, and shouted, "You vile woman, Zhen Ziqian, you still want my brother-in-law to split the wealth between us after he dies, you f * cking wish too much!"

In the crowd, the men clapped and the women sulked.

Auntie Zhang who lived at the mouth of Hu Tong said to me, "Ziqian, quickly go home and visit your mother-in-law and Tongtong."

Zhang Shuang said anxiously, I had a bad feeling about the situation, so I quickened my pace.

In a short fifty meters, the memories of the past churned in my mind. I am a weak woman, how can I protect my mother-in-law and Tongtong, and not let Zhengyang down when he is about to die?

Brother Zhengyang died six days ago, at the age of 28.

He drank too much at the guy's place, and as he rode home on his motorcycle, he accidentally bumped into a dried poplar tree by the side of the road, fell into the ditch, and died in a desperate attempt to save him.

Brother Zhengyang's cousins and cousins had already gotten married and lived a good life, but still refused to give him a single cent to save him.

I spent all of my savings for these past few years and carried on my back tens of thousands of usury, but I still wasn't able to let Zhengyang save a life.

Hu Lihua followed me, and as I walked home, she followed me.

I know that she doesn't want to give up and wants to make trouble again, but after going to the police station, she shouldn't dare to be so impudent.

The originally narrow alley was surrounded by a large group of people. I pushed through the crowd and walked home by myself, only to realize that Hu Lihua's lover had brought a bunch of hoodlums to surround Grandma.

The mother-in-law sat on the ground with her arms around Tongtong as she hugged Zhengyang's urns. One was old and the other was young, one was crying silently while the other was crying with his heart broken.

Hu Lihua's lover is a famous hoodlum like us, people in their thirties look like they are forty years old.

Seeing me return, he waved the machete in his hand and shouted, "Slut, I advise you to hand over the demolition contract as soon as possible, otherwise, I'll chop you to death!"

Their goal was clear: to get a room and to ask for money.

Therefore, right now, Hu Lihua did not have the qualifications to ask for a room and money. Furthermore, all of the properties in Zhengyang's name were under his granny's name, and in the future, his mother-in-law would inherit the money a hundred years later.

No matter what, it was not Hu Lihua's turn.

The man saw that I was still calm and collected, so he placed the machete against my neck. "Bitch, why aren't you handing it over yet?"

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