If Only He Knew/C10 Chapter 10 - Road To Love
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If Only He Knew/C10 Chapter 10 - Road To Love
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C10 Chapter 10 - Road To Love

Emily's POV:

Pretending to love him was never tough for me. With a genuine smile on my face, a slight flush of cheeks, the? rigorous beating of heart, sweatiness of palm, butterflies in the stomach or the stuttering of my tongue, I was familiar with all types of symptoms of love.

Because I had experienced all of them. In mere twenty years.

Edward's parents came to visit us, giving us the wedding gift for our honeymoon. Bam!

What had they given us? Tickets to a seven days trip to Mauritius. Sounds dreamy right? Well, it ain't any dream, I am telling ya!

I was happy; a little trip could warm up my insides. Some fresh air was necessary to ease up my very disturbed mind. Edward was refusing at first, sliding his work hours reason on the table but his parents came prepared for all of it. His father assured him of his work, giving him instructions about how he should have some time off to make some family of his own.

He agreed, to my surprise, because as far as I know, Edward was the most diligent person I ever came across, even more than those subway trains.

His studies were more calculative, he actually scheduled time table for his routine, which even I failed to follow for more than a couple months. If he put up his mind on something, he would do it for sure. I had also learned quite a lot from his diligence, a piece of evidence being my call letter from the hospital.

During our school days, he was the one who would knock on my windows early morning just to take me out on jogging. We would run for hours under the strong summer sun and eventually I had to kill him twice to let me go of such exercises. Oh Just kidding!

I did all the packing which was quite harder as I had this girl trait in my blood, of spreading rumours faster than the speed of light and of packing things more than required. No matter how much I subtracted from my stuff, it was still more enough to fit in the car.

Hello, Emily! This is not your real honeymoon, a voice in my head said.

Right. This is not but still, his parents don't know that…my other, more romantic side defended.

I decided to go with four suitcases, dumping them quickly into the car before Edward would even dare to comment over them.

Minutes later Edward came, dressed up in his summer shirts and pants. I offered him my shawl, scolding him of the cold he was bound to get. When I opened the car door, Lara waved at me.

Lara! how the hell did she know-

My thoughts were cut down by Edward who came and sat beside Lara, urging me to sit faster. Seeing my confused eyes, he said, "Oh. I invited her. When I told her about those tickets she got so excited. She always wanted to tour Mauritius but due to my busy schedule, I wasn't able to take her, " he explained. "Hop on, Lily! We don't wanna miss the plane." I nodded and sat on the passenger seat, beside the driver. Awkward!

Everyone was staring at me, even the driver. I coughed and he started the car. From the front mirror, I could see them whispering something and giggling, my mouth turned into a frown when they started to make out, with those weird slurping sounds. I turned on some music and fell into a deep sleep to escape this hell.

My head keeps colliding with the window every time I got a comfortable position to sleep on. I literally cursed in my sleep but then I got some good position to sleep on, I cuddled on the object. It was soft and calloused.

I woke up hours later to find myself on a plain, comfortable seat. A blanket had been draped over my body. My eyebrows squinted. Who carried me?

I looked around to see Edward next to me sleeping peacefully, earphones plugged in his ear, his head on my shoulder. I adjusted his head more into my shoulders, patting his head. Lara was sitting miles away from us, her seat number being different, I guess.

Edward shuffled In his sleep.

"Emi, you awake?" his voice croaked.

"Uh huh, " he smiled and scooted me closer into his arms. He always liked to do that when we had sleepovers. I smiled back, leaning my head into his chest. I closed my eyes.

If the only the world was as peaceful as this feeling.

"Did you sleep well? You were snoring like a bull and I had to bite my lips to stop myself from laughing at the driver's reaction, " he trailed off, his lips curving into a teasing smile. A beautiful one at that.

"I so was not. I was tired as hell, " I said, smacking him on the chest.

"Yeah. You drooled on my hand. And you cuddle also, do you know that? I don't know what you could have done if I had offered you my shoulder to sleep on!" he said, faking his shock, his grin widening on seeing my reaction.

Oh. So he offered me his hands to sleep on. And I drooled on them. I mentally clapped for my achievement!

We reached Mauritius, some nineteen hours later. I always loved the beaches because they remind me of my dad. We always used to go to one to play spy-spy, though my mom always scolded my dad not to teach me such ridiculous games. We made such a good team, I'll never forget it. I smiled at the memory.

The resort was perfect… for a newly wedded couple! The rooms were decorated with petals, flowers and trinkets and they even offered night services. But unfortunately, I and Edward had to share a room because it was our honeymoon.

Then where would Lara stay? As if reading my mind, Edward informed me that Lara was to stay in a room next to ours, which he paid for. Of course!

Edward's parents had prepared a lot for this honeymoon. One room, one blanket, one plate for dinner, one glass to drink. I wish they didn't go as far as preparing one shirt for us. Mentally killing myself for my vulgarity, I went into the washroom and changed into a pair of pyjamas.

When I came out, Edward was pouring wine in the glass. Wait, they didn't drug it, right? What if something bad happened after drinking this wine? Like what if we really ended up doing what they do in honeymoons!

I won't drink that. Never.

Gulp gulp.

But Edward did! Wow.

"Hey, what are you standing there watching me? Got a crush on me or something?" he laughed out loud, his eyes turning into a shade darker.

The drink was drugged! Holy Merlins of Merlin!

No, I can't let him cheat on Lara with me! I want that but not in this way, I thought to myself.

I rolled on the carpet, rushing in speed and kicked Edward from behind, on his butt, making him lose his balance. His wine glass shattered on the floor and he fell on his stomach.

Straight on the floor.

I repeat. On the tile floor.

"Oww, Lily. What the hell did you kick me for? Have you lost your mind?" he said rubbing his sides, glaring daggers at me. I just stared at him. He was supposed to be not hurt. But he is.


"Wait! You are not drugged?" I asked, helping him sit on the bed.

"What? Why would I be drugged? Seriously, Emi, stop reading those fucking Sherlock novels before you end up snapping my neck, killing me and leaving my body to scavengers, " he said, annoyed.

My head was hung low in shame.

How embarrassing.

"I am sorry. I just thought this wine was drugged so we might end up doing something we don't want... "I trailed off, laughing nervously.

He stared at me for some time, leaving me fidgeting under his stare before bursting into fits of laughter. Now it was my turn to stare. And then he walked towards me, engulfing me into a bear hug by practically lifting me from the floor. My toes curled when my chest collided with his. I am sure he would listen to my heart beating like a horse.

"Oh Lily, only you, my dear could imagine such things that normal human mind couldn't even perceive. But I wouldn't dare to hurt you, not even if my life depended on it. I treasure you so much for that? thinking my life without you never even crossed my mind, " he said, pulling me closer, our cheeks touching by side.

Several feelings rushed through my body. I felt warm and mushy from inside and I couldn't suppress a smile.

Can you feel warm and mushy after falling in love with someone?

I closed my eyes, leaning to his touch, hearing his soft breaths against my chest. I still can't believe he is the same boy who I pushed into the ground and called "weed". I smiled to myself.

There was a knock at the door. It was room service. They gave us our dinner. We ate, teasing each other in the process. Oh, These days. I was still around him for these days only when we would actually have this friend time. I don't care if I never have his love at all because his friendship was much precious to me than any sacrifice I can ever do.

Lara was tired so she was sleeping all this time. She didn't even have dinner. I thought she was sick or something. Edward was worried for her so I went to her room to feed her something. She ate some salad and went to sleep. Girls and their diet! I pulled a blanket over her and went back to our room.

"You take the bed, I will take couch..." Edward trailed off, trying to find the said object.

Except there was no couch.

I looked at him. More like stared.

Ten minutes later, I was tossing and turning in my side of the bed. Yes, we had to share the bed. Congratulations to my feelings! It wasn't that I was a late sleeper, I just wasn't used to having men on my bed, and at the top of it, Edward.

I was freaking out. Take deep breaths, Emily. It's not that he will eat you or something.

No, but I might end up eating him, my other side said. I mentally groaned. I felt a tug on my blanket; turning around I saw Edward deep in his sleep, cuddling my share of the blanket like his dear life depended on it. I stared at him, placing my cheeks on my elbows.

He looked so peaceful with his eyelashes touching his slightly flushed cheek, his hair ruffled on the sides, his chest heaving slightly, slight drool on his side cheek. My hand moved on their own, tracing his forehead, his temple, his nose, his, cheeks, his lips...

Oh how much I always imagined them pressed against mine. He shuffled under my touch. I retracted my hand and I shook my head prying, off the inappropriate desires.

I laid my head back into bed, staring at the ceiling.

I didn't know what had to come tomorrow, but I was happy that today I was lying by Edward's side, as his wife.

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