If Only He Knew/C2 Chapter 2 - Her First Love
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If Only He Knew/C2 Chapter 2 - Her First Love
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C2 Chapter 2 - Her First Love

Emily's POV:

I was happy. Very happy, in fact. Who wouldn't be? I mean I just had my life all planned out. I had graduated, got a job offer, and my best friend just called me saying he needs me.

The same best friend who I had a crush on for maybe about fifteen years. It was more of a crush at first, but then it turned from a mere degree of "like" to "inevitable love" before I could even gather my thoughts up.

And I, like any girl in love should behave, sealed it deep in my heart. I thought if I could be able to match his type, he would reciprocate it, but I was afraid he might not want me back.

Because he was in love with someone who was not me.

Tragic, isn't it?

The problems didn't start there, I guess because he certainly had the right to love someone else. Not that I have any problems with it, but maybe I had problems to cope up with the fact that she loved him back.

Let me describe this 'she'.

Lara Williams.

Her name is as pretty as she looks. Covered with pretty organs from head to toe, I wouldn't have any problems in getting along with her if it weren't for the fact that she was my best friend's so-called 'girlfriend'.

Well, I was not jealous...if breaking the jars, smashing my head against a locker or banging my head against the counter or putting her name in my list of enemies counts as something! She was way better at everything.

Everyone worshipped the ground that she walked on. She was everything I could never be. Head of the cheerleading group, an object of adult's fantasies, an achiever of average grades, good nature, perfect figure, better dressing sense and most of all, a cool and calm personality.

If I were a boy, I would definitely go crazy for her.

Which thankfully I wasn't!

Thus, I understand Edward. Despite being a billionaire's heir, he's got no attitude at all, except for the usual fights with me I guess.

Good in grades, aristocratic body, chiselled face, bright smile, blue eyes and cool attire, he has everything I don't deserve.

He is to inherit the enormous Jones Multielectronics, a company indulged in manufacturing all of the electronics around the world. He has always been responsible and obedient, the clear opposite of me.

I always tried to catch up with him, but always got left behind by one or two steps. Maybe I should have befriended someone ugly and dull some twenty years ago. I guess his ability to solve things easily and his optimistic nature towards life is what made me fall in love with him.

Stay with him for a day and you would know what I'm talking about. He is the only one who accepted me for what I am.

A tomboy.

Yes. That's what I am. A boyish-girl. The last time I painted my nails was when my mother had remarried.

Yes, I have a stepfather and a good one at that, so if you were expecting some Cinderella story then you're wrong. He is everything I imagined my actual father to be. He is the only one who lets me wear shirts and pants to my college.

To tell the truth, I actually tried changing my attire a few times. Once I wore a skirt to impress Edward, but he actually laughed at the skirt saying it didn't suit me, for which I banged his head against my desk. I guess my temper takes over my love for him.

Once I wore lipstick and Edward was like, "Did you drink someone's blood on your way to college?" and he actually checked my lips to search for the answer. As for me, I think I hurt his leg pretty bad that day.

Once I actually tried a crop top with heels and earrings and lots of makeup and he actually, I mean really said, "Seriously dude, did you forget that you are not supposed to be wearing girl's stuff?"

Alright, calling me 'dude' was fine but questioning my gender was not something he was about to stay alive for. And so, I lunged at him really bad. And by really bad I mean, breaking his X-ZONE? I suppose I didn't care if I would be having children in our family in future. It was worth it.

I was walking down the street as I remembered all these things, but that is me. Reminiscing about life: that is the only thing that gives me hope. I reached 'Latte coffee', our usual cafe.

Edward was sitting there. He had chosen a corner table, sipping his coffee, deep in thought and I took this opportunity to analyse his looks up and down.

God, I would kill a person and dump their body in the sea to be able to touch those dimples. I was once 18, a time when I actually really wanted to paw at his body, the time when I wanted him really bad, both as a male and as a lover I guess, and I didn't get both.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer!" he had said smugly. I finally averted my gaze to his face.

I rolled my eyes. "By 'taking a picture', you mean 'take it and put it on the wanted list', right?"

I laughed at my own stupid joke. He knew what I was talking about. When we were nine years old, Edward had been abducted by a gang who kidnapped children to make them beg on the street. He was only abducted for three hours when his father found him, and he was crying horribly as if he had lost his future or something and I had to hug him to sleep for next three weeks.

That's the main reason he hates the police because he thinks they were not competent enough to find him earlier. Typical Edward, I guess.

"That was so not funny!" he retaliated.

"Oh yes, it was not." I laughed out loud. I sneaked my hand in my bag and presented my graduation certificate. I couldn't contain my excitement in.

"Here, guess who got graduated? Me!" I danced like crazy in my chair.

"Really? Wow, I'm so happy. Wait, let me join you!" He got out of his chair and danced along with me. And then I kicked him hard. On his leg. And then I snaked my arm around his neck in a headlock to fake choke him.

"This is for painting meatballs in my pants, " I hissed.

"Hey, those were my pants, " he said breathlessly.

I tightened my grip.

"Okay, okay, you win, " he said, fanning his hand over his face. My grip wasn't even that hard; that drama queen!

"Ahem!" someone coughed loudly. We both turned around to look at the guy.

"Sir, customers are staring!" Mark-something said, his name not clear on his name tag. With that, he went away. We sheepishly sat down in our respective chairs.

"Thanks man, you saved a life here!" Edward yelled after him.

We ordered some coffee and settled down for some friend-time.

"I bought you something. Here!" he said, sliding something wrapped in black across the table.

I stared at the object: the first gift I got from Edward except for my birthdays. I tore open it like a dog nibbling at its bone.

It was a brand-new shirt, grey in colour.

"Wow. It's amazing! You remembered?" I breathed. He knew I wanted to get that shirt from the store but due to my part-time jobs and not being able to pay much, I couldn't. I smiled widely at him.

"Isn't it at times like this, girls go crazy and hug boys tightly!?" he smiled and winked.

I scrambled towards him and hugged him tightly, not wasting the moment to sniff his masculine cologne.

"Are you wearing push-up bras?" he whispered, a smile clearly tugging at his lips.

I shook my head. "No. I don't like tight, showy things"

"Then why is your chest bigger than normal? I felt like I was really hugging a girl!" he laughed.

"Because I might actually be a girl, I suppose. But I don't know. They are just getting bigger, I'm worried, " I said, breaking our hug.

"Hey, that's okay, it's one good step in showing your gender, " he laughed and I smacked him hard.

"Oh, don't be angry, just let me hug you more!" he winked, earning a kick on his leg.

"Last time I checked, your kick didn't hurt that much, " he said faking pain.

"Well, that's because I learned new moves. Should I try it on your 'where the sun never shines' part?"

"No thanks. I think I want to send my kids to school in future and for that, I need to have kids, " he said.

I smacked his arm playfully and shook my head. We sat silently for a while when he spoke again.

"My parents didn't approve of Lara."

At this, I looked at him.

"Well, for starters, tell her to wear full legal clothes next time. I really think your father wants someone who could walk two steps without showing enough skin!" I said bitterly.

"But they can't decide with my love. I love her, Emi."

Okay, it hurts a little if announced openly.

"Of course, you love her, if you didn't, we wouldn't be having this conversation in the first place!"

"What should I do? I really want to marry her. Help me, Emi. My parents listen to you. You're the only one who can convince them, " he said, holding my hands and squeezing them softly.

I looked down at our interlocked hands and up at him again. There was hope in his eyes. Oh, don't look at me like this! It's difficult. Don't!

"Okay, I'll help you!" I cried hysterically, banging my head loudly against the counter, scratching nails on the walls, screaming loudly on the isolated island!

In my mind, of course! In reality, I only agreed and gave a small smile.

I lazily slumped my head on the coffee table, replaying everything I wished to have with Edward and replaying everything again only to be seen all of it destroyed by me, myself!

I think I just won the award of "the biggest loser" as well as "the greatest friend" at the same time.

By myself!

Ironic, isn't it?

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