If Only He Knew/C4 Chapter 4 - Grand Wedding
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If Only He Knew/C4 Chapter 4 - Grand Wedding
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C4 Chapter 4 - Grand Wedding


Emily's POV:

I was nervous. I should be. That's what normal brides feel. I was going to take a long step. A step which would change my life forever. My hands were sweating and I couldn't even walk on the ground because of this gown.

Yes, I was wearing a gown.

A wedding gown. My dream gown.

I have always wanted to marry Edward, wanted him to propose me first and then I would say yes. All of this happened but I didn't know it could happen in such circumstances as well.

When I first realised my feelings for Edward, I was very cool, unlike other girls who freak out. Because I know I would get over those feelings one day or another. But when those feelings turned into love at my tender age of 20, I was devastated. On top of it, he got himself a girlfriend before I could even spill something about it.

He fell in love. That's what he said to me. Okay, I had said.

I guess things worked out for him cause when I met Lara, she was nothing like those bitches which I always read in novels. Instead, she was mannerable and lovely. I don't know why she was rude to his parents, though. Maybe she was nervous.

The only thing off about her was her silent nature. She didn't speak more than two lines at once. I was actually surprised that how come a girl can't talk to another girl. I heard that it was impossible.

Edward was cool about her silent nature. He said she talked a lot to him.

Okay, that burned. What did I even do to universe!!?

At least talk to me so I could decide whether to hate you or like you?

She never actually did anything wrong to me. She was okay with me and my friendship with Edward. I did like that part of her. Maybe she knew he would never fall in love with me.

I settled on liking her.

We went two months later with the plan that Edward broke up with Lara Because she cheated on him with some blonde and how he realised that he couldn't live his life without me as I had always been by his side. And so he proposed to me.

As if that can ever be true.

Breaking the news of our marriage to Edward's parents was not easy. They actually suspected us. And that's why we had to act lovey-dovey around them, with Edward holding me by my waist and me, as a hanger, clung to his shoulder.

Edward also had to peck on my cheeks to make them believe it offering them the reason that we can't kiss because of me having a cold.

That was horrible.

No, not my cold, but my reason.

I always have been a horrible liar.

I am surprised I managed to hide my feelings for like, fifteen years.

But there is a time for everything.

As for my mother, as any typical moms would do, she started sobbing.

Like really bad. I was terrified.

I thought she had gone berserk. Oh, she hadn't.

And then she started stating reasons as to why I never acted like a girl, always wearing baggy pants and all.She really, like really, started stating in front of Edward's parents as well, that I never liked to wear skirts but only wore them to impress Edward.

He smirked. And that was so embarrassing. I wanted to dig a hole in the ground and crawl Two meters deep into it.

But my father never doubted me. To my surprise, he just wished me luck and hugged me.

And then they started to talk like how we should have married a Long time ago if it weren't for Edward's stupidity to date Lara. I sensed Edward's fist clenched, so I grabbed his hand to assure him, smiling brightly at him.

My jaw was practically hanging by giving fake smiles all day. I didn't know love was that costly. I paid price for the whole fifteen years for it and I guess some two years won't make a difference.

Two years. We decided to keep our fake marriage for two years. Until we convince his parents that our marriage was not working in the way they wanted.

"Emily!" Someone shouted.

"Mia!"I said, smile making its way in my face.

No matter what problem I am into, I can always be happy with my friends.

She reached to where I was standing and hugged me tightly.

Mia Shane. She was my friend since high school freshman year. Though we have nothing in common, how we became friends was still a miracle. But she understood me. And she is the only one who knows about my crush on Edward.

And she was the only one who smacked me on my forehead really hard, after listening that I was going to get married to Edward, but not in the way I wanted.

She lectured me for a whole week and even threatened to break our friendship if I continued but she knew I won't do that. I would never betray Edward. My heart belongs to him.

"You look so beautiful!" she said, admiring me and my gown.

"Have you heard of any girl looking ugly on her big day? It's all makeup, Mia. You know me. I am not that much of a beauty!" I defended myself.

"Oh, shut up before you get your forehead tainted red and blue!" Mia said.

We looked at each other and laughed.

I never doubted she wouldn't come to my wedding.

In fact, she was the only one I was waiting for. We chatted for a few minutes and were continued by a human I knew too well.

"Mia! That's wrong. You couldn't just go and tell Victoria that I am gay, " called out and in entered Jake Anderson. The so-called playboy of our college. And the so-called crush of Mia.

Yeah, you read that right. She had a crush on him like for seven years. And he, as dense as a tree, doesn't even know about it. Hell, even my parents know about it. How could he not know?

Only trees are allowed to be dense. Not humans!

And I have these three crazy friends for crying out loud.

There is Rose Montana as well. She is the quietest girl in our group if we note the sarcasm. She knows everything. Where the boy lives to how many girlfriends he used to have in past life, everything. Just ask her and like a waterfall, you would have your tank filled with information related to anything.

I still don't know where such connections for information come from, pertaining to the fact that she comes from a normal family. Not some K. C. UNDERCOVER, I suppose. Due to her job in New York, she was currently unavailable at my wedding, and I like the fact that all my friends have a nice future.

"I didn't actually say the 'gay' part. You just assumed it, " Mia said, rolling her eyes.

"You look beautiful, Emily. And how the hell would you define the part that 'I used to sleep with Leo after my breakups'? That's filthy. You crossed the line. You questioned my sexuality!" said Jake, gritting his teeth.

"We sleep together sometimes Jake, " I started in a consoling voice. "It doesn't make a difference. You know that's shit. I would never doubt your masculinity, okay? So let it rest. Today is supposed to be my big day, right?" I said.

"Lily, you always take her side. A time will come when actually I had to prove my gender to my future wife and that day I would climb off the cliff and in my suicide note I would write 'all credits to Mia Shane'!" he yelled.

We actually laughed hard at his comment. That was funny.

When actually it wasn't!

"She is really sorry, Jake."

"No, I am not!"

"Oh yes, you will be!"

And the fight continued forever. I mean they can't go on a day without fighting and here they say that the other ruined their life. I can't imagine them without each other. When they fight, they barely can hold themselves for an hour without talking, let alone the whole day.

"Oh, my Emily dear!" I heard a voice that I had taken solace into many time for the last twenty-five years for. My mother entered the room and gave me a big smile.

"You look so beautiful, sweety. We are so proud of you, your dad and I. You made the right choice!" she said, her voice heavy with unshed tears.

Typical mom.

I actually felt bad for not telling her the truth.

Not because she would be sad but because she would bury both me and Edward alive.

Again, a typical mom.

"See, I told you he loves you. You just waited and there, he proposed to you. I can't wait for the day mini Emily's and mini Edward's will be playing on my lap, " she said, grinning.

I blushed at the thought of having babies with Edward. It wasn't that I never thought of it. I have always wanted that. But now that people say it loud, it feels so embarrassing.

"Don't mention that right now, mom. I'm only getting married, " I said and looked down. I looked at her and my face turned sour.

"Oh, these nails. Mom, why do I have to grow my nails? And my chest! I feel so suffocated. Why are they growing so much? I can't even walk properly in these heels. And this veil is not doing any much good to me, " I cried out, frustrated.

Yes. I was frustrated. I was nervous.

I had cold feet and I can't believe it!

Don't worry Emily, it's not like you are going to marry for real. This is fake.

But this will be the last time I wear my wedding gown. I was suddenly sad.

"Emily dear, it's good that you have ample chest. This way your marriage life will be happier. This veil is supposed to bring happiness. And as for nails-"

"Okay, I get it. Please don't elaborate!"I exclaimed. "You don't have to answer those questions, they were rhetorical!"

What does having ample chest anything to do with my marriage life...?

I sighed.

"I will go and prepare for the ceremony. Be ready to walk the aisle in ten minutes sweety, " mom said and I nodded. At the same time, my dad came into the room.

"Are you ready, sweety?" he asked me and I nodded.

And the door opened. Violins and soft music entered my ears.

There he was standing. His beauty on his full glory. His tuxedo doing all the good to make him edible. Edible? Seriously Emily? I smacked myself mentally.

His faint smile widened upon seeing me. His eyes glistened like dew on leaves and our eyes remain locked until I reached him. For me, it was a life-changing moment. It was happening. I was going to marry him. Like, marry marry him. Like they do in movies. My father gave my hand to him. He held me and nodded at My father.

The priest talked about vows and how we all have gathered here to witness this grand wedding.

We looked into each other eyes. The nervousness in my eyes wasn't present in his own but he understood my feelings. His hands slid into mine, caressing them to calm my nervousness. I smiled at him and he reciprocated the look.

"I, Edward Jones take, Emily Willows, to be my lawfully wedded wife and vow to take care of her in sickness or in health, till death do us apart."

I felt tears prickling my eyes involuntarily. I swallowed a lump, my throat sore from emotions.

"I, Emily Willows take Edward Jones to be my lawfully wedded husband and vow to take care of him in sickness or in health, till death do us apart."

Till death do us apart. Yes. I wish I could do that. If only you were to accept me.

"With the power bestowed upon me by holy god, I now pronounce you two husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride. "

Edward stared at me. I just blinked. I was dumbfounded as the priest's words reached my ears. We hadn't prepared for this!

Oh crap. He had to kiss me. I panicked.

Before I could even faint, he lifted up my veil a little, his eyes widened slightly upon seeing me, from which he recovered quickly, and kissed me lightly on the lips.

I was shocked. I didn't even get to respond.

He just took my first kiss ...in a not so good way.

Applause filled the hall. Everyone shouted and cheered but I was numb to it all.

My cheeks and ears were flushed red. My fingers were all sweaty under the gloves. My lips slightly opened.

See that's why I remain outside 1-meter radius from him. Except for hugs which he initiates first. I can't control myself or my feelings around him. This is bad. So bad...

What the hell did I get myself into?

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