If Only He Knew/C6 Chapter 6 - His First Love
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If Only He Knew/C6 Chapter 6 - His First Love
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C6 Chapter 6 - His First Love

Emily's POV:

A shrill noise entered my ears and I groaned at the alarm clock.

Okay, I am up!

I shifted uncomfortably in my couch.

Ring ring!

I kicked the alarm clock.


I am finally up!

I woke up the next morning, my back aching like a thunderbolt. I practically had to bend double to make it up like the original. I stretched my arms, yawning and scratching my legs.

That's not a girly thing. You are not in your room, Emily.

Wait. I am married. Act like a wife. I nodded to myself. I m a wife. I walked over to Edward's side. He was sprawled over to his side, slight drool on his side cheek, his pillow on the ground doing somersaults and his blanket under his leg.

God, what the hell was he even dreaming about!

I shook my head and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. The fridge was loaded with a lot of ingredients, and I decided to go with butter pancakes and extra veggie omelettes with apple juice because Edward doesn't like oranges.

He was allergic to walnuts. I discarded everything from the fridge Edward didn't like or was allergic to.

I started cooking the preplanned breakfast. The pancakes were fine but I think I put too much oil in the omelette. Edward needed to eat a healthy breakfast. I quickly made some apple juice.

"Hello ma'am, you are up early. I was expecting some post-wedding night symptoms from you, " a lady with old burly looks was standing in front of me. She smiled warmly at me.

I looked at her, confused.

"I am Miranda, your housemaid. I was asked to take care of you two. I was the nanny of Edward when he was nine years-"

"Oh, my-my! You are Miranda!" I exclaimed and practically lunged at her.

"I am Emily! Edward's-"

"Oh dear. I know you. Emily. I can't believe it. You two were so small and so adorable, always clinging to each other and fighting. I always thought you loved each other so much, " she said, her eyes glistening with tears.

Only if that was ever right!

"Yes. I am so happy to meet you again. You left us so early we thought we would never meet you again, " I said remembering the pain we felt when she left her job.

"Don't worry dear. I am here now. And seeing you two married, I couldn't get any happier. Let me help you, " she said, coming forward to fry the pancakes.

"Oh no. I want to cook it. I will do it all by myself. Miranda, you are at a tender age, so go and rest. We want you longer here, " I said, squeezing her arms.

"I will be outside planting some flowers. Call me if you need me, dear, " she said and went outside.

As I was preparing a meal, I felt someone grab my wrist. Reflexively, I grabbed their hand, flipped them on my shoulder and slumped them on the ground.

Or on the tile floor.

Ouch! That must've hurt.

"Damn, Lily. This is how you greet your dear husband who you just married just a day ago?" Edward complained, rubbing his shoulders.

"Oh my god, are you okay? That must have hurt. Then why the hell did you grab my wrist when I was cooking?" I said, standing up and stretching my hand for him.

He took it. "Then what should I grab? Your ample chest? Cause I won't be having any p-" I shut him by punching his shoulder. God knows how, but he fell on the ground again!


Containing my laughter in, I knelt down beside him and said, "Rest in peace, Edward, my best friend. I will bestow upon you my greatest courtesies to pray you -"

"Oh shut your mouth! I am up. This is what you say to your ex-dead friend right?" said Edward, faking sadness.

We both laughed at his stupid joke. He took a seat on a chair and munched on his breakfast, praising me for my cooking skills and I blushed like some high schooler in love.

I watched him eat his breakfast when his phone rang. Excusing himself, he got up and accepted the call on which he was for hours.

"It was Lara. She wanted to meet. I haven't met her in weeks. I need to get her a gift, otherwise she would be grumpy all day, " Edward said, laughing to himself.

I nodded and started to do the dishes.

What did you expect, Emily? That he would stay with you and act like a real husband?

I kicked myself mentally. I finished doing dishes in minutes. I can be a tomboy, but I was verse in household work, the reason being my mom and dad outside for work often.

Turning the tap off, I rushed upstairs to see Edward wearing his formal clothes, the front button undone, the sleeves folded up-to elbows and his wet hair sticking over his forehead. He was searching for something.

Hearing me enter, he looked up at me.

"Em, did you put my red and black file somewhere? There were important documents in it."

"Are you searching for the ones I already put in your car this morning when you were lazily sprawled over your bed?" I said, walking behind him helping him wear his blazer.

"Oh Em, you are a lifesaver! I am going to go now. Don't wait for me and go to bed early. I have a late night appointment with Lara, " he said and grinned like a horny teenager.

Okay, I understand, you-

"Wait, where is your necktie?" I asked, seeing his collar dishevelled.

"Oh.. This. I don't know how to do it. My mom would do it for me but now she can't, " he said.

"Okay. Hold it right here." I quickly went into his closet and pulled a black necktie, my birthday gift to him.Standing in front of him, I straightened his collar, layering his necktie and knotting it.

My fingers touched his neck, elating goosebumps on my arms, my hands all sweaty but still busy in doing the errand. I felt him Looking at me; my knees actually wobbled from his intensity of stare.

I felt that we stayed like that for hours when, in fact, it was a couple of minutes only. Knotting it finally, I patted on his shirt.

"Here. All done, " I said, ruffling his almost dry hair.

"How do I look? Ravishing, ravishing or ravishing?" he said, grinning at me.

I winked at him in response. "Come home whenever you want. Your dinner will be ready. "

"Lily, You don't have to do all that. You are my friend, not my servant, " he said, placing hands on my shoulders.

I am your wife, you fool!

"But I will be staying home these few weeks till my joining date. Better as well as use the time. You know I love to cook. Being a doctor comes after, " I said, assuring him.

"Okay do whatever you like but don't you dare break your leg or jaw in this house. I am going now, " he said, ruffling my hair.

I smacked away his hand and waved at him. He waved back.

"I will be borrowing your clothes for a while, " I shouted at him, hearing his faint yelling sounds of 'Don't you dare do that' before shutting the door.

I sighed. I had a long day in front of myself. I didn't know how was I going to cope up with him being with her all the time. I guess I invited myself into the worst hell ever.

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