Chapter X Medical Recipes

Initially, Ji Zhen had planned to let Dong Mei treat Miner, but unfortunately, Dong Mei had been taken out of the palace by the old lady afterwards. Afterwards, the Old Granny had promised Miner a kiss several times. Unfortunately, when Miner heard that it was a medicine jar, she just ignored it.

Afterwards, Zhou's married her to his nephew, and also benefited from the care of his family. Although it had been a long time since he had a son, he lived a happy life. Afterwards, when the Ji Mansion was in trouble, and the second wife found it difficult to help the married Miner, the husband made things difficult for her.

Ji Zhen remembered that in his previous life, in the palace, there was once a Empress who was like the Miner, born with a cold illness. Back then, the Kaiser had sought all over the world for famous doctors, but to no avail.

However, Ji Zhen still remembered that the Chief Eunuch at the imperial pharmacy had once told him to invite the State Protecting Temple's Master Xuanji to treat the Empress's illness. It was just that the Empress had been suffering from this disease for many years and could not be treated. Ji Zhen could still remember the prescription now, but because it was so abnormal, it was memorized by the girl who had learned medicine from Dong Mei.

But right now, she did not dare to casually treat or prescribe medicine for Miner. Forget about whether Second Aunt trusted her, even if Miner was in a situation like this, Ji Zhen knew nothing about it.

was lost in thought, Zhou's called out to her for a few times, but she did not hear anything. It was only when Ji Zhen heard the sounds of coughing coming from inside the house did he come back to his senses, "What is Zhen Er thinking? "He's that engrossed?"

Ji Zhen finally regained his senses and laughed: "I was wondering where aconite went today, how come I didn't see his figure?"

"He ? He seemed to be having a good day today. He said that he wanted to pay Mister a visit at his home, so I decided to go with him." Zhou's was full of smiles when he mentioned his eldest son. Ji Yang was the eldest son of the second branch, so he would need another two years before he could grow up. If that were not the case in his previous life, it would not be a problem for him to become a third-grade official in the future.

I heard from the servants that my silver fox fur coat was originally meant to belong to my sister. If she had not insisted on giving it to me, I would not have been able to get it to go to me. I should have gone in to thank her. Ji Zhen thought, and said with a smile.

"Sigh, that's nothing. It's just that Miner has been consuming medicine since a month ago. I'm afraid the bitter taste in this house is ?" While talking, the Zhou's hesitated.

"That's nothing, we're all blood-related sisters." While speaking, Ji Zhen walked into the room, opening the heavy door curtain, a thick smell of medicine wafted out, the bitter feeling revolving in his stomach and throat.

When Zhou's saw Ji Zhen's expression, he did not find anything strange. Ji Min Er laid on the bed, while a servant waited on the side for him to drink the medicine.

Because he had not stepped out of the door for a few days, Ji Min Er's face was already pale white. Adding on to the lack of Qi and blood from his illness, his face became even paler and weaker.

Ji Zhen saw that she had finished drinking the medicine, so he walked forward and asked: "Sister, how do you feel? "Are you feeling better?" As he observed Ji Min Er's condition, he reached out to grab Ji Min Er's hand, consciously trying to find her pulse.

"I've been drinking this medicine for so long, is it good for you to stop now?" Originally, Ji Min Er's face had let out a trace of death aura, but when he lowered his head, he realised that his body was wrapped in a dense and bitter medicine, and looking at the well-groomed Ji Zhen, his face suddenly flushed red: "It's actually big sister, why did you come to see me today?"

Ji Zhen let out a pained laugh and rubbed her hands: "The main thing you need to do is rest in peace to recuperate. It isn't natural for big sister to come visit little sister, right, big sister was reading the prescription in the medical book a few days ago, it seems to be able to cure this cold disease of your body. I will take it to Hundred Herb Hall tomorrow to ask Li Da Fu, big sister reckoned that it should be feasible."

Ji Min Er suddenly coughed, and anxiously used the silk handkerchief to cover his face.

Ji Zhen then handed the tea that Zhou's had brought over to her, and only after taking a sip did she heave a sigh of relief. It was unknown if it was due to coughing or being moved, but Ji Min Er's eyes had already turned red. In the past, she often thought that Big Sister Zhen Er was an ungrateful bastard.

However, she did not expect Sister Zhen Er to be so concerned about her. She heard from the servant that a few days ago, Sister Zhen Er was in the house discussing the medicinal formula with the servant girl that had been brought here before, "Don't worry Sister Zhen Er, I have been sick for so many years and have not gone anywhere. I naturally hope that I can recover from my illness in the future and go to some places that I have never visited."

Hearing her words, Ji Zhen's heart was at ease. The medicine was just that its nature was a little fierce, coupled with the death aura in Miner's eyes from before, Ji Zhen was a little worried. Since she had the courage to persevere, then there was nothing to worry about.

"That's good, that's good, True Sis! is still looking forward to seeing his younger sister's beautiful appearance." Ji Zhen patted Ji Min Er's shoulders, as if he was looking forward to it.

"True Sis!, you, you're the one who wants to get married!" As he said that, Ji Min Er's face turned red, she buried her head in her chest, and unconsciously coughed, causing Ji Zhen's heart to tremble, "It's getting late, I'll be going back first, rest well, I'll come visit you another day."

When Zhou's saw that Ji Zhen was about to leave, he got up and sent her out. At the door, he was stopped by Ji Zhen, "Second Aunt, quickly go back and take care of Sister Min, originally, I brought a good sword for him, but it was dirty on the way here, so I'll wait for me to be free and then we can go to Grandfather to get something better."

After they left the Exquisite Garden, a servant from Ji Zhen's courtyard hurried over, "Miss, someone from Liu Family came. He said that he wanted marquis to release Aunt Liu."

"Oh? "Where are they now?" Ji Zhen really did not expect that this small Liu Estate would actually dare to come cause trouble. Although the Old Liu was married into the Hou Mansion, but the Liu Estate was also someone who could not be helped up on stage. The two older brothers of the Old Liu were only an insignificant sixth stage Prefecture Lord.

"I just saw people being brought to the ancestral hall by the Old Madame." The servant girl's answer made Ji Zhen even more shocked. Could it be that this old lady was old and confused? He actually dared to bring outsiders to the ancestral hall.

"Then let's go to the ancestral hall and watch the show as well." Ji Zhen reckoned that after this incident, the old lady's butler power would not last long.

"Although our Liu Estate is a small family, a married daughter is not someone to be ruined. If Hou Mansion is not satisfied with my daughter, I will bring her back today." The one yelling should be Xiao Liu's father, Liu Nan Tian. "Also, that Great Miss in your house, he actually treats his own aunt like this. If word of this gets out, he's not afraid of being laughed at!"

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