"Miss, according to your instructions, I have already ordered people to buy Huang Lian, Poria Cocos, and other medicinal ingredients. More than half of them are already in the warehouse, this is the shopping list, Miss, take a look." Li Da handed over the account book in his hands, but his eyes did not express the slightest bit of resentment that Ji Zhen had just punished her mother.

Ji Zhen took the account book and put it aside, "Li Da, I punished your mother a few days ago, do you hate me?"

Hearing that, Li Da immediately knelt down, "Li Da does not dare, mother does not respect Miss, so I will definitely be punished, where do I get the complaints from?"

Ji Zhen glanced at him, then looked at Li mama, "I know you are a useful person, get up, how is it going with you finding Pu Zi?"

When the Li mama heard that Ji Zhen and his son had some matters to discuss, she passed the teapot in her hands to Cui Er, blessed herself with it, and left the house. She knew that he wasn't completely trusted by Ji Zhen, and for the sake of her son's future, she had no choice but to avoid him.

Li Da's eyes were focused on his own mother. Upon knowing that Li mama's figure had disappeared outside the door, he opened his mouth, "Reporting to Miss, this little one has been searching for a long time, and finally found a pretty good shop, it's just that ?"

Ji Zhen frowned, "Just what? "Just say it."

This little one wishes to ask, this shop is the dowry of the First Lady, it should be yours, I don't know why but it was taken out for sale. Li Da held his breath, thought about it, and still said it.

"My mother's dowry? Are you sure? " The darkness that could not be removed from Ji Zhen's eyes made the atmosphere in the room turn heavy in an instant.

Li Da clenched his teeth, and raised his head to look at Ji Zhen, "This little one is certain, this shop is definitely First Lady's dowry! "This is the list that the little one took from the road. It says' Selling the tailor shop in the middle of Pearl Jade Street '."

After Ji Zhen heard Li Da's words, she took the thing from Li Da's hands and looked at it. After being silent for a long time, a light chuckle suddenly echoed in the house.

"Miss? "This?" Li Da was immediately struck dumb. According to his thinking, Miss would definitely be furious, if his own mother's remains were to be touched, how could Miss still laugh?

"Go back and arrange for a good person. Find me a clean accountant and find another shopkeeper. The Medicine Pavilion will open in a few days." Ji Zhen casually flipped through the account book at the side. Looking at the various medicinal ingredients written on there, Ji Zhen's heart felt much more at ease.

"But this shop?" Li Da raised his head, puzzled.

"Don't worry about the store. Also, increase the purchase of the land." After Ji Zhen finished giving orders, she entered the house. Yesterday, when she carried Kun Er to Sunflower House, he was already asleep.

Ji Zhen still had some feelings for this little bastard disciple that she had only met a few times in her previous life. After all, he still did not know anything about what had happened back then. After everything was settled, it would be useless for him to do anything.

But Ji Zhen remembered that in her previous life, after she had entered the palace, after five years, she had returned to the Ji Family. Amongst the children who were playing around in the courtyard, only he had gone up and called him big sister.

In addition, Ji Zhen had always liked children. If it wasn't for the fact that she didn't know people well in her previous life, she would have been able to see her own child once, and wouldn't have been able to open her eyes and see this world.

"Go call the wet nurse over, Kun Er is probably hungry." Ji Zhen carried the steamed bun in front of him who was staring at him with its big eyes, and used her hand to point at the tip of his nose. "Little fellow!"

When Cui Er brought the wet nurse in, he saw Ji Zhen hugging Ji Kun who was giggling non-stop. Only now did Cui Er realize that this was the only time she had revealed a smile since Miss woke up from her sickness.

"Take good care of Young Master Kun!" Ji Zhen reluctantly handed Ji Kun who was in her arms over to the wet nurse, and suddenly thought of his own mother who was imprisoned in the Ancestral Hall, and her eyes shivered.

Furthermore, he was also the descendant of the Hou Mansion. From the moment Ji Zhen was reborn, he knew that as a woman, if she did not have a strong backer, no matter how smart she was, she would only be used as a gift for others.

If she could hand Ji Kun over to the Aunt Lin for upbringing, it would be good as long as she was not a favorite and had a gentle personality. On top of that, the Aunt Lin was weak and could not get pregnant, so the Aunt Lin could also hand Ji Kun over to the Aunt Lin for upbringing and there would be someone who could take care of her in the future.

Just that, the three rooms and the Great Xiao Liu would not let this matter go so easily.

But now, Ji Zhen had to think about how to snatch back her own mother's act, she originally wanted to wait for this matter, but did not expect that the old pious servant from Old Liu would actually dare to sell it, if she were to do as she had thought, even if she were to take back the account book in the future, she would not be able to take back the things that had disappeared.

Go and invite the Grandfather to the longevity hospital, and then send someone to invite the sect elders as well. Right, let's have Li Da call the shopkeeper in as well.

After Ji Zhen instructed the Mother Chen to settle all her arrangements, she called the Li mama in, "Li mama, you go to longevity hospital first, say half a month and it will be Grandfather's birthday. I want to choose a birthday present from the ones my mother left for you as a birthday present, so that you can let the Grandmother prepare the list of my mother's dowry so that I can choose from it."

"Yes, Great Miss." Li mama's eyes shone with a bright light. He knew that although this action would let everyone know that she had become Ji Zhen, it would also prove that Ji Zhen started to believe in her.

This scene would only look more interesting when there were more people around.

In less than half a cup of tea's time, the entire Hou Mansion was like a puddle of muddy water, and Ji Zhen was the person who stood on top of the pool and controlled the change in everyone's expressions.

When Senior Marquis, who was discussing business with his eldest son in the study room, heard that it was Ji Zhen's servant that informed him, he brought Ji Zhong along to longevity hospital. It was just that on the way, Ji Zhong was constantly nervous, causing Senior Marquis to laugh angrily.

"Is father not worried that Zhen Er will do something against her mother?" Looking at Ji Zhong who looked like his mother died many years ago, Senior Marquis sighed, "Zhong'er, do you know that Zhen Er is the one who is related to you by blood?"

Ji Zhong was startled for a moment, and then he heard Senior Marquis's carefree laughter, "Haha, today it is Zhen Er who caused a ruckus in Pingbei Mansion, I am convinced of her, this is my Ji Family's bloodline."

The Senior Marquis patted his back, "Zhong'er, do you know that if you had been like Zhen Er back then, you probably wouldn't have had to stand up for him in this matter."

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