Chapters 15 - 15

"Go back and tell Zhen Er that the Grandmother has already chosen her birthday present, there's no need for her to worry." Old Liu sat in the middle of the hall, half-squinting her eyes as she looked at Li mama.

Although there was a slight warmth in the furnace, Li mama listened to Old Liu's words. He had a faint chill in his heart, he did not know if he made the right bet, but was Ji Zhen really able to fight against the old pious servant who had been in charge of the backyard for many years?

It looks like, you have only been at Ji Zhen's place for a few days, and you have already become her person. Li mama, I have truly underestimated you. Old Liu opened her eyes and felt a sharp gaze on her body.

"What is stepgrandmother saying? You were the one who taught me all those years ago, a good bird choosing a tree. If it wasn't for that, how could I have let them go back then?" Ji Zhen walked in from the door, and Li mama stood up on his own accord and stood behind Ji Zhen.

"What are you talking about?" Old Liu panicked, "Li mama is my servant girl, we are like sisters, how can we not let each other go!"

"Eh? After all, you and Li mama are like sisters and can silently drown the husband of Li mama in the moat. If that is the case, then wouldn't the sister-in-law of Liu Family be on tenterhooks in the future? " Ji Zhen sat on the right side of the table as if no one was around, and watched Old Liu's face grow darker and darker.

"Ji Zhen! Is this how you talk to me? I am your Grandmother! " Old Liu looked at Ji Zhen with a dark expression, and the trembling tea cup at the side revealed the anger in her heart.

"I don't need to repeat myself, do I? Could it be that since stepgrandmother is old, her memory is bad, and what Zhen Er said last night made you forget? " Ji Zhen did not even raise his head, she just received the tea from Cui Er and raised his head to look at Old Liu, "There shouldn't be any problems with the tea in stepgrandmother's house right? Could it be that after Zhen Er finishes drinking it, she will never be able to get up again? "

"You, you, you evil creature! How can you say that! " After Old Liu finished listening to Ji Zhen, he looked at Ji Zhen with a crazed expression. She was constantly suspecting in her heart how Ji Zhen knew about the events of the past!

"Zhen Er also did not say much. stepgrandmother should know what Zhen Er is talking about in her heart. Speaking of proper business, Zhen Er came here today to retrieve my mother's dowry list, in the future, there will be no need for stepgrandmother to worry, since Zhen Er is already an adult, in the future, Zhen Er will just have to look after him. " Ji Zhen quietly looked at Old Liu, her voice becoming colder and colder.

"Zhen Er, you are still young, these accounts are all very complicated. If you have time, you should learn more from Female Red. Grandmother will take this opportunity to move, and watch over you." Old Liu suddenly looked at Ji Zhen in an amiable manner, pretending to want to stand up and grab Ji Zhen's hand.

Ji Zhen finally understood why she was unable to see through the mask on Old Liu's face in her previous life. It was only because this person's skin was too thick, and because she was too shameless, Ji Zhen always thought that this person was acting for her own good.

Ji Zhen was even more unable to understand, she had already fallen out with her, where did she get the confidence from that she would continue to believe in her? Could it be that she was too stupid and easy to deceive in the past? Was she cheated so easily?

"Grandmother knows, and you hold a grudge against Grandmother in your heart. But Zhen Er, do you remember that Grandmother doted on you the most in the past? Old Liu acted kind and amiable, even taking off the scented sachet on her waist and giving it to Ji Zhen, "Zhen Er, look, this is the scented sachet your Third Uncle gave to you a few days ago.

"Oh? Since stepgrandmother knows that I hate you, then you should also know why Zhen Er hates you, right? But Zhen Er doesn't remember, can stepgrandmother tell Zhen Er? " Ji Zhen quietly blocked the scented sachet handed over to him by the Old Liu.

"This ?" The Old Liu paused for a moment, and then laughed: "Could it be that Zhen Er hates that Grandmother did not bring you to the National Reporting Monastery before? Even though Grandmother thinks that you are young, you have already grown up and should not meet any men. "

Ji Zhen looked at Old Liu who was in high spirits and sneered coldly, "stepgrandmother's greatest pain is not Ji Mo, but when did he ever love Zhen Er? Furthermore, why would stepgrandmother go to the Hall of Submission? Could it be that they thought that Zhen Er did not know about this? Also, what does this sachet count as? Since stepgrandmother wants to give it to me, why not give the ink jade on stepgrandmother to Zhen Er! "

"Ji Zhen! You have passed! " Old Liu erupted, pointing furiously at Ji Zhen. She thought that if she was to be coaxed like before, Ji Zhen, the brainless person, would definitely believe her. However, for some reason, ever since Ji Zhen got sick, her entire person changed.

"Zhen Er passed? I'm afraid you, stepgrandmother! "Also, do you really think I don't know? The black jade you're wearing is basically my mother's dowry!" Ji Zhen stood up with a cold expression and looked at Old Liu with a dark gaze.

"Ji Zhen! If you don't look around and see where this place is, you will still be allowed to behave atrociously! " Ji Family three rooms looked at Ji Zhen angrily, seeing that her palm was about to land on Ji Zhen's face.

"This slap is to tell me, as a descendant of a noble family, the first thing I must learn is this!" It's just a bastard son I gave birth to, who gave you the guts to make a move! " Ji Zhen's voice was solemn, and it suppressed the others, making them not dare to speak.

A red palm print appeared on Ji Ze's face, but in her heart, Ji Ze was extremely furious. No matter what, he was still her elder, and this little girl actually dared to hit him.

When Old Liu regained her senses, Ji Ze had already been pushed to the side by the servants Ji Zhen brought over, "Ji Zhen, how dare you! He's your third uncle, your elder! "

"Why would I not dare? If I don't hand over my mother's dowry account book, even you will not be able to escape!" Ji Zhen turned around and sat down, "I will give you the time of a cup of tea. If I am unable to see the account book, you will accompany him to guard the ancestral hall!"

"You, you! "What a sin!" Old Liu started to cry as if there was no one around, looking at Ji Zhen resentfully from time to time. In the blink of an eye, everyone who was supposed to arrive had arrived, and the moment they entered, they saw Ji Zhen sitting on a chair, drinking her tea. Old Liu was kneeling on the ground and crying, while Ji Ze was tied up by someone at the side.

"Old master, old master, you have to avenge me!" When Old Liu saw Senior Marquis enter, he hugged him and started crying.

"Zhen Er, what's going on?" Ji Wen looked at Old Liu, who was crying non-stop, and felt even more annoyed when he saw that Ji Ze was being tied up. "Hurry up and let him go.

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