"Ji Zhen, my mother treats you like her own granddaughter. You actually joined hands with a servant to frame the manager's wife! What kind of peace are you in?!" Ji Ze pointed at Ji Zhen, the palm imprint on her face becoming even more terrifying.

"Treat me like a granddaughter? No wonder you can reach out your hands and take the things my mother left me. But why don't I see stepgrandmother take Third Aunt's things? Is it because Third Aunt is still alive? So it turns out that Zhen Er was killed because of her mother? Ji Zhen replied coldly, completely ignoring the angry Ji Ze.

"Zhen Er, Grandmother knows that you are young, and must have been deceived by these unruly slaves, so she doesn't believe you. Zhen Er, Grandmother will not blame you. Do you remember that when you were young, Grandmother used to take you to the Hall of State to pray for blessings? " Old Liu stood up and tried her best to act friendly. However, she never thought that with her tears and his old face that had already relaxed a long time ago, she would feel disgusted just by looking at it.

But what surprised Old Liu was that Ji Zhen was not moved at all, she quietly looked outside the door, her eyes extremely similar to the valiant and valiant looking Lin's disease from back then.

"Do you know that if you didn't mention the blessing matter today, I would have spared you?" Ji Zhen's voice became colder and colder, causing the Old Liu who was kneeling to shudder.

"Do you think I'm young? Do you know why you insisted on taking me to the Temple of Repatriation?" Ji Zhen looked at the different faces of the people in the hall and chuckled, "The Yin Grass in my house is from the people of the stepgrandmother, right?"

When Ji Zhong heard this, he looked at him with a guilty expression, "Zhen Er, what is this Yin Grass?"

"Zhong'er, don't listen to Zhen Er's nonsense. She has been bewitched by these slavers. Believe me, Mother has never hurt Zhen Er before." Old Liu anxiously said, her expression panicking.

"Does father not know what the Yin Grass is? From the looks of it, dad doesn't even know what the effects of the sunflower grass in dad's courtyard is? " When Ji Zhong heard Ji Zhen's words, his entire body shook in place, "This Absolute Yin Prairie does not have any poison. The moment it comes into contact with the sandalwood, it will turn into a poisonous substance that will gradually corrode the body. As for Sunflower Grass, dad, you will not have any children after Kun Er, right? You will have to thank Grandmother for growing those Sunflower Grass in your courtyard. "

"What!" Ji Zhong's face was filled with shock as he looked at the Old Liu on the ground.

"Slut!" You actually dare to harm the descendant of my Ji Family! You deserve to die a thousand deaths! " Ji Wen clenched his fists tightly and gasped for breath, while Ji Quan went to the side and hastily brought a cup of water for his uncle.

Uncle, marquis, don't listen to Ji Zhen's nonsense, how could I harm Zhong Er? If I wanted to do it, I would have already done it when the two brothers were still young, why wait till today! Old Liu kneeled on the ground crying so hard she couldn't even be considered human anymore. She went forward and pinched the corner of Ji Quan's clothes.

"Of course, back then stepgrandmother did not dare to do so. After being the mistress of the Hou Mansion for so many years, I'm afraid stepgrandmother had already forgotten about her identity." Ji Zhen's words instantly scared the Old Liu to the point that she broke out in a cold sweat. How could Ji Zhen know what she was thinking?

Having been in power for many years and knowing that she had not been able to get pregnant back then, the thought of seizing the title of nobility rose in his mind. Having laid out the plans for several years, he naturally had the guts to become even braver and braver.

Lin Bei, who was standing behind Ji Zhen, suddenly turned around and gave the thing in his hand to Ji Zhen, "Miss, this is the marriage contract that Madame had with him all those years ago. This old servant has kept it all the time, and it should be given to Miss today."

"Uncle Lin, take this list first. Zhen Er still needs to rely on you to organize the things my mother left behind." Back then, when she turned around and gave the thing in her hand to Ji Zhen, he said, "Miss, this is the marriage contract that Madame had with you all those years ago. This old servant has kept it all the time, so it is about time I give it to Miss today."

"Uncle Lin, take this list first. Zhen Er still needs to rely on you to organize the things my mother left behind." Ji Zhen's words instantly roused Lin Bei. Yes, he was the one who was most clear about the marriage engagement in Miss, "Since Miss trusts this old servant, this old servant will not let you down."

"Since Miss trusts this old servant, this old servant will not let you down."

Marriage List! Why did this lowly slave have a share!? Old Liu instantly sat paralyzed on the ground. The only person she could pretend to be relying on was the dowry that Lin's disease had given her all those years ago!

At that time, just in case he had lost the account book, he had sent someone to the Lin Mansion to get the base of the account book and burn it down too. Why, why, why did a third account book appear in this world!

I can't panic, the Old Liu kept comforting herself. It must be Ji Zhen, that bastard, casually faking it to fool me! The one in his hands was the same as the one she had returned to Lin Mansion later. No one could prove that the one in his hands was fake!

Thinking about that, Old Liu's expression became a little calmer, but in the end, she still gave off the aura of the wife of the Hou Mansion, who had been raised to a high position. "Since Housekeeper Lin also has an account book, then I shall trouble Housekeeper Lin to check and see if there are any differences."

Lin Bei took the account book, and started to compare it with the other. The more he compared, the more shocked he became, "Miss, this account book only has one third of the amount that Madame had married to him back then."

Lin Bei did not intentionally lower his voice so that everyone in the room could hear him. Only one third! The dowry for Lin's disease back then was at least several tens of thousands of silver taels, not to mention those priceless jewellery and antiques. More importantly, there were also items personally bestowed by the Kaiser back then.

If we accidentally lose or sell the gift, I might not even be able to cause a ruckus in the entire Pingbei Mansion!

"Did Housekeeper Lin see it clearly? This account book is covered with the seal that the Lin Mansion had put on it all those years ago. If we were to say that the account book is fake, I'm afraid that the account book that the Lin Mansion gave us all those years ago was fake! " The Old Liu pressed on step by step, setting countless traps for Lin Bei with her words.

"I'm afraid that Madame Liu does not know, that the root of the marriage engagement list back then was this old servant's one. There must have been a total of three, and each one should have been sealed by both the Lin Clan and the Ji Clan, and there must have been an official seal added by the Young Hall. But in Madame Liu's account book, only the official seal of the Young Hall is missing."

After he finished speaking, Lin Bei handed over the two books in his hands to Ji Quan, "This old servant shall handle the marriage arrangement for Miss without any mistakes."

Ji Quan took the account book, and his face completely flushed red. One side was looking at Ji Zhen in shame, while the other was furiously staring at Old Liu. Even though he had always known that the Old Liu controlled the backyard, he never thought that her actions would be so unbearable, causing him to feel even more guilty.

"Speak!" "Where is the real account book?!" Ji Quan ruthlessly threw the fake account book at Old Liu's head. At this moment, Old Liu knew that she had lost.

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