"Third Master, Third Master, not good, Aunt Qin, she ?" The maidservant hurriedly ran into the room, her body stained with blood.

"What? Tell me clearly, what happened to Aunt Qin?" Ji Ze fiercely grabbed onto the servant's hand, causing her to let out a cry of pain.

"Auntie Qin, Auntie Qin is a prostitute, wuwu ?" The servant said while sobbing, she pulled on Ji Ze's sleeves and was about to leave, "Third master, quickly come with me to take a look."

"What?" My grandson! " Old Liu cried a few times and suddenly fainted.

Seeing that his own mother had fainted, Ji Ze anxiously went forward to help her up. He turned his head and glared at Ji Zhen, and then turned his head to look at Ji Quan while begging.

Helplessly, Ji Quan could only look at Ji Zhen guiltily, as if the situation before him was not easy to handle. Ji Zhen purposely ignored her own Grandfather's eyes and said, "I'm not a heartless person, then that's it. Before uncle returns to the city, as long as I can get my mother's dowry back, then I'll forget about it."

"Of course, Zhen Er can be at ease. I will definitely place a piece of Uncle's Grandfather in front of you." Ji Wen promised sincerely. Old Liu who was lying unconscious on the ground had her eyeballs rolling in front of her eyes.

"Zhen Er didn't have any objections on other things, since it's just a small piece of it, it's lost, and will be taken as a rat being bitten, but the Golden Silk Soft Hedgehog Armor bestowed by His Majesty to my mother is gone, if it were to be reported to the emperor now, I'm afraid ?" Ji Zhen bit her lips, and looked at her Grandfather with worry.

Ji Quan had a worried look on his face as he sighed deeply, "Sigh, Grandfather understands. You can go back first, don't go over there first, don't get stained with the blood energy."

Ji Zhen led the people aside from the longevity hospital, as if everyone had forgotten about the Old Master of the Ji Mansion following them, "Zhen Er, Zhen Er."

Ji Zhen stopped in her tracks, and looked at Ji Zhong with doubt in her eyes, "Father, what do you need?"

"Father only wants to know if what you said just now is true?" Ji Zhong's look of disbelief completely infuriated Ji Zhen. She did not know what kind of bewitching soup the old pious sage Old Liu had given her father, that allowed him to trust someone who did not have any blood ties with him, that allowed him to be unwilling to believe his own flesh and blood. Not to mention this mountainous iron evidence was right in front of him.

"If father does not believe it, why not personally ask stepgrandmother? Yeah, it is true that stepgrandmother's body is not well right now, but Daddy, it's better for you to quickly go to stepgrandmother's bed and perform your filial duties, since these days are getting fewer and fewer by the day. " Ji Zhen looked at Ji Zhong as if he was a stranger, and laughed bitterly after speaking.

"Father didn't mean it that way. She, she is your Grandmother after all." Ji Zhong's voice was dry and hoarse, with a hint of sullenness.

"My Grandmother's surname is Xuan, and she is a royal relative of the Great Qin Empire. Liushi is only a concubine, how would you dare call her Grandmother?" Ji Zhen's eyes were sharp as swords, causing Ji Zhong to be at a loss of what to do, "Or did father forget your birth mother's name? Then Zhen Er, let me tell you, my Grandmother's surname is Ming, and I am the late emperor's blood-related Princess Qingyang! "

Ji Zhong watched Ji Zhen's back as she walked further and further away. It was as if her entire person had changed ever since she fell seriously ill.

"Miss, I heard from the West Garden's maidservants that Aunt Qin tripped over the three Madame s and ended up with a small fortune." As Dong Mei helped massage his acupuncture points, he recounted the news he had heard from her. "This servant had also heard that a servant girl from longevity hospital had rushed over to the West Garden to inform them. After that, the three Madame s intentionally went to the flower garden to find trouble with Aunt Qin."

Hehe, this Old Liu is really ruthless. No matter what, this Aunt Qin is still her own grandson. Just to help me out, she actually allowed the Gauguin to scheme for her to attract everyone's attention.

In his previous life, Ji Zhen had also seen countless palace concubines bringing their children around for favors, to the point of even begging for self-protection. Unfortunately, they'd all forgotten that in this world, it wasn't just the words of their mother. There was also the word of their mother. If their birth mother was born with such a lowly background, then it would be impossible for their birth child to be placed in a superior place.

"Does third master know about this?" Ji Zhen remembered that other than his second uncle, everyone else in Ji Family loved to marry a person that would be of help to him, and then feigned marriage to his true love from all those years ago. Originally, with Ji Ze's protection and the fact that she was pregnant with a child in her stomach, Old Liu was not allowed to make a move. It was just that she did not expect Ji Ze to.

If Ji Ze knew about this, although mother and son would not retort, there would definitely be a conflict. Gauguin was also very decisive and secretly happy in her heart. Not only would she get rid of the person who stole her husband's heart, but she would also be able to keep her son's status. Furthermore, after this event, she was afraid that Old Liu would firmly rely on her.

"Third Master should know. Third Master went back to the West Garden to see Aunt Qin, then locked Third Wife in the house. It was rather strange, third wife did not resist at all and obediently entered the house, but then Old Madame went to West Garden and had a huge argument with third master, and released third wife. Although Dong Mei was born as a eunuch, she had never seen this backyard before, so it was no wonder she was curious.

"You silly girl!" The Mother Chen laughed and knocked on Dong Mei's head, "That is because the old lady wanted to please Third Madam and wanted to take out some silver from Third Madam's hands."

"But Old Madame is Third Madam's mother-in-law, isn't it natural for this daughter-in-law to show filial piety?" Dong Mei's face was filled with confusion, and her eyes were filled with puzzlement.

"Three to five hundred taels of silver would be sufficient as a form of filial piety. However, the old lady might want more from Third Madam this time." Mother Chen placed the new red bean cake in front of Ji Zhen, "Miss, try it, you haven't eaten much in the past few days, Dong Mei has been pondering over it for a long time, and said that it is to open the stomach and replenish the blood."

Ji Zhen twisted a piece of the meat under Dong Mei's anticipating look and said, "En, not bad." In a moment, Dong Mei's eyes lit up, and she laughed until her mouth closed.

"Li mama, how is Li Da doing at the medicine store?" The thing that Ji Zhen was most worried about was that medicine store. In her previous life, when the disaster was severe, all the medicine stores took the opportunity to raise the price, resulting in the medicine being more expensive than life, and also causing the disaster to become more serious.

Recently, Li mama felt much more comfortable in his heart and body, he didn't need to fight for favors like he did in longevity hospital, nor did he need to worry about whether someone would harm him, it was enough as long as he was safe and sound and did what he had in hand. Adding on the fact that Master thought highly of his son, he wouldn't have to worry about his life, he smiled and replied: "Reporting to Miss, Li Da has been extremely busy these few days, and I heard from him yesterday that everything has been settled.

"Mm, that's good." Ji Zhen looked in the direction of the longevity hospital, her heart sinking, and felt a little tired, but thinking about how she would be able to see the fenger the day after tomorrow, no matter how tired she was, she felt it was worth it.

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