Chapter V Loyal Servants

"Miss wants to pass all the purchases in the courtyard to this old servant's son?"

"Since you said that to mama, that's only natural." Ji Zhen smiled faintly, his eyes curved slightly as two red clouds flew across his cheeks. His originally pale face suddenly lit up with more radiance.

Li mama could not help but be stunned, she was his wife's maid, so she had naturally seen Ji Zhen's birth mother, the Lin's disease. The Lin's disease had an extremely good family background, and her looks were amongst the best in the entire Hanzhou City.

Ji Zhen looked very similar to the Lin's disease, but she was even more beautiful than the Lin's disease by a few times. This sudden smile seemed to reveal stars that were extremely eye-catching.

"Li mama?"

"This servant is being rude." Li mama was blessed, "Miss and First Lady look extremely similar, so much so that I almost lost my mind when I saw them."

"This servant greets the Great Miss." Cui Er led an older female servant in, "This is an account book, Great Miss, please take a look."

"Thank you, Mother Chen." Ji Zhen immediately waved his hand to avoid the greeting from the Mother Chen.

Mother Chen was Ji Zhen's wet nurse and was also the person who Ji Zhen used the most. However, in his previous life, due to a small matter, he was sent by the old lady to a manor outside the city.

Ji Zhen flipped through the account book in his hands, but did not manage to find any clues, he raised his head and looked at Mother Chen, "Mother Chen, this afternoon, bring me to Teeth's place and let me choose a few servants for our service."

Ji Zhen was a direct daughter, so according to the rules, there should be two level one female servants, two level two female servants, four little female servants, and two bullying wives. Also, because Ji Zhen had a small kitchen in his courtyard, there were two additional kitchen maids.

Ji Zhen reckoned that out of the twelve people that were loyal to her, there was only one or two people who had eyes for her, but the only people who were loyal to her were Cui Er and her wet nurse. In his previous life, Ji Zhen had learned a hundred percent of the rules of being a servant in the palace.

After lunch, Ji Zhen followed Mother Chen to pick a candidate, and Li mama also insisted on following her, saying that it was because of the Old Granny's intentions.

In the end, she was still an old lady's woman. Even after entering her own courtyard and giving her sweets, she was still thinking about her master.

"Miss, Xia Xue is great in your eyes. Although she's young, she's still a nice person." Li mama pulled a cute little girl and pushed her to Ji Zhen.

Ji Zhen looked at the person in front of him and his pupils contracted. Even if this person had turned into dust, Ji Zhen would still remember him. Thinking about his previous life, Ji Zhen had actually been deceived by her before he entered the palace, and even about entering the palace, a large part of the reason was due to this girl's urging.

"En, not bad indeed. Then let's keep it." Ji Zhen never thought that Xia Xue was an old lady's person, because as a woman, she could not possibly attack. In his previous life, even to the point of death, Ji Zhen could not understand why the old lady had to put him to death.

Other than Xia Xue, Ji Zhen pointed at a few of the more honest ones in his impression of them. Of course, the key point was Dong Mei who was kneeling at the side. Ji Zhen never thought that he would meet him so early in his life.

In his previous life, Dong Mei entered the Ji Mansion when Ji Zhen was fifteen years old and was sent to his own courtyard as a second class maid. Later on, Ji Zhen found out that Dong Mei's father was the previous imperial physician, and because he had offended a noble person in the palace, he was exiled, while Dong Mei was demoted to a slave.

After Dong Mei entered his own courtyard, he found out that the aroma of cold plums in his room contained a large amount of musk. Dong Mei spent half a year to fully recuperate her body, and then suddenly, the old lady sent someone to pass down that it was Dong Mei's father who had come looking for her. Helplessly, Ji Zhen let her go home, but he had never thought about why Dong Mei's eyes were filled with despair before he left.

"This servant greets Miss."

"Alright, get up." Ji Zhen pointed at Dong Mei, "What's your name? "How old are you this year?"

"My name is Dong Mei. I'm fourteen this year." Dong Mei was originally a beautiful woman, but she was malnourished over a long period of time.

"Pah!" Just when Ji Zhen was not paying attention, Li mama actually went up and slapped his face, "Truly a lowly maid, without any rules, you dare call me that in front of Miss!"

Dong Mei's face was deathly pale as she kneeled on the ground: "Miss, please forgive us. Dong Mei just entered the manor. He doesn't know the rules and is willing to accept punishment."

Ji Zhen didn't say a word and turned to look at Li mama. Li mama felt his back tighten, "Miss, this mansion has strict rules, we cannot allow these servants to be so presumptuous."

Ji Zhen laughed, it was good too, they were not afraid of the rules, the only thing he was afraid of was there being no rules, and with the rules, there were some things that were easier to handle. Oh? Li mama knows that the rules in the palace are strict? "

"Of course, this old servant has been in this mansion for more than thirty years, so I understand the rules here." Li mama looked at Ji Zhen with a complacent expression. She had long forgotten about the look in Ji Zhen's eyes, she only remembered how mighty she was in the old lady's courtyard.

"All these years you've been in the Grandmother's house, you've raised your courage to such an extent! From the looks of it, Li mama has forgotten that you are someone from Sunflower House, right? " Ji Zhen caught a falling leaf and pinched it with his fingers, producing a crisp sound.

When Li mama heard half of it, he was so scared that he knelt on the ground, with his forehead pressed heavily against the ground: "Please forgive me Miss, this old servant is only thinking about the clan's rules."

"Since Li mama knows the rules of this house the best, then I would like to hear from Senior Servant to tell me how to punish someone who has offended their master?" With that, Ji Zhen laughed.

"Li mama looked at Ji Zhen with a face full of disbelief. Since Li mama doesn't know, then Mother Chen, you tell her. " Ji Zhen twisted the leaves in his hand until they turned to dust and scattered from his fingers, unwittingly revealing a bright light from the corner of his eyes.

"Reporting to Miss, your slap should be twenty."

"Did you hear that? Do as the Mother Chen says, the Li mama can also give these new servants a set of rules. " Ji Zhen looked at Xia Xue who was kneeling on the ground, "Xia Xue, you come for execution."

"Miss, Miss, you can't! I'm an old lady's person!" Li mama anxiously crawled in front of Ji Zhen. How could she be slapped by a servant?

"Xia Xue, did you not hear what I said? Or do you not want to do it after hearing it? " Ji Zhen lifted his leg and kicked away Li mama who was pulling him, then lifted his eyes to look at Xia Xue who was at the side. "If you don't want to, Mother Chen, then resell her.

"Yes, Miss."

Xia Xue's body trembled non-stop when she heard Ji Zhen's words. No way, she couldn't be sold out, she had finally entered the Hou Mansion with great difficulty, she still wanted to be an aunt in the future.

Thinking about it, Xia Xue stood up and walked over to Li mama. Her face darkened as she started work from left and right.

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