Chapter VI Reward and Punishment

Ji Zhen slowly walked back to her room. She did not care about the matter of the old lady finding trouble with her, she just wanted to see the old lady's reaction. Moreover, what happened today was the fault of the Li mama, even if the old lady was angry, Ji Zhen could still pretend to be stupid and deal with it.

Ji Zhen did not have any money or power right now, he didn't even have someone to support him, and there wasn't much time left. There was less than two years until the once every three years talent competition, at that time, Ji Zhen just so happened to have germanium, and the people from the Palace were probably already thinking of ways to send him into the palace.

At this moment, she could only choose the right person to do the job. Naturally, she would also have the money to do so. Once she had money for everything, it was naturally easy to talk about.

"Madam, madam, you must avenge me! The Miss actually had my people beat me to such a state! This old servant is thinking for the Hou Mansion!" Li mama, whose entire face was swollen like a pig's head, kneeled in front of the old lady as he cried with a snot and tears.

"Get up." The old lady pursed her lips, her thin-lipped lips thinned into a line, making her look much colder. "Ji Family's direct daughter is naturally spoiled, not to mention that you have offended her today, so you should go and apologize to Miss later."

Li mama never expected his wife to say that to her. Could it be that she was beaten up by that little hoof for nothing? Looking at Wang mama behind the old lady, her face was filled with ridicule and her heart turned cold.

When Li mama returned to Sunflower House, he saw his eldest son, Ji Zhong, kneeling in front of him with cold eyes. I've already told you about Zhen Er's fall into the water, why are you still so stubborn! She is the Great Miss of our Hou Mansion, the first daughter of our Hou Mansion! "

Looking at his silent son, Senior Marquis shook his head helplessly, "Sigh, I know that you hate me for letting you marry Lin's disease, but Zhen Er is innocent. Zhong'er, do you know who the man who caused Zhen Er to fall into the water was?"

"Your son doesn't know."

"Well, you'll know, very soon, very soon." Senior Marquis's old voice sounded like she was sighing. After a long while, her voice suddenly became louder, "You are going too far. Those women in your yard are really too inconsiderate."

However, you should not be unsatisfied, and she should not be unsatisfied either. She actually dared to frame Zhen Er, and Uncle Zhen Er was about to return to the city, so there shouldn't be anything that would happen to Zhen Er in the manor. "Feng Xue'er said.

"Also, Zhong'er, do you remember who your mother is?" Senior Marquis looked at Ji Zhong helplessly, and then fell into a trance while looking at the portrait beside him.

Ji Zhong's birth mother died a difficult death when she was five years old, and after that, the Liushi married into the Ji Mansion. After two years, Ji Zhong seemed to have forgotten who his birth mother was.

In the end, he had never thought that by respecting the Liushi as his mother, would the Liushi treat him as his son?

That night, a carriage quietly walked out from the back door of Ji Mansion. There were only a few rolls of mats on the carriage, as if they did not want to hide anything. A passerby beside the carriage discovered that the carriage had traces of blood on it.

There were many people who were punished, and it was also the orders of the Senior Marquis himself. The servants in the mansion all received heavy beatings, their screams spreading far and wide, and a few of the servants' bones were slightly weaker, so they were directly beaten to death. Their corpses were then carried out of the manor like this, and were probably thrown outside the city into the cemetery.

Ji Zhen sat on the chair as he listened to Cui Er narrate the scene of the evening. In his previous life, although he was used to seeing the dense coldness of a soldier, this time, when he first met Cui Er, his body still trembled violently.

Ji Zhen stared blankly into space for a long time before she returned to her senses. A taunting smile appeared on her lips, she had long known that in this world, the most worthless thing were people's lives.

I'm afraid everyone in Ji Mansion will remember, although the dignity of the Ji Family is not enough to make people panic, but in the future, I need to be extra careful, so that I won't become a lonely ghost with no one burning paper in the cemetery anymore.

When the news reached Li mama's ears, the bowl in her hands suddenly dropped to the ground. "Pa!" A crisp sound shook the ground, causing her face to become deathly pale.

Without caring about the fragments on the ground and the doubts of her son, Li mama rushed straight towards Ji Zhen's courtyard. She did not dare to look for the old lady, as her eyes that had already turned as weak as a chicken's ribs in the afternoon had already made her terrified, she was afraid that if Ji Zhen did not stop tomorrow, the only outcome for her would be to be caned to death.

"Madam, Yu Chan has been caned to death." Wang mama whispered into Old Liu's ears, saying these words that were like thunder in a clear sky to her.

"marquis, marquis is beating me!" Old Liu looked at Wang mama in a daze, and suddenly tugged at her, screaming out: "Yu Chan has followed me for more than 10 years, but he actually killed her because of a small matter!"

"I knew it! I knew it! He only cared about the two bastards that bitch gave birth to. When did he care about me and Mo'er!?" Wang mama held onto Old Liu tightly, his face was filled with grief.

"When I first entered the manor, I was also thinking about my eldest brother and my second brother, but marquis, he actually added a musk smell to my Calm Incense, causing me to enter the manor without a child for several years. I hate him for only wanting me to wholeheartedly take care of these two brothers!"

"How am I wrong!" I just want my own son to be able to attack, that's all. The Ji Family owes me that! " The Old Liu was filled with resentment, until all the tea plates at the side were swept to the ground.

Hearing the clear sound of shattering the tea, Old Liu calmed down a little. In the end, he took a few sips of the tea that Wang mama passed over, and then forcefully put the teacup on the square table at the side. "Have Master come tomorrow to pay his respects."

"Yes, ma'am." Wang mama draped a purple fox fur coat over the old lady's body. "It's too cold this year. Mistress should still pay more attention to her body, and don't get angry with those young people who don't understand anything."

The old lady tightened her fox fur coat and humphed lightly, "In this family, who would even think of me as their manager's mother?!"

"Madam, look, the fox fur coat you're wearing is one that the third master specially went to hunt in the mountains for you. The third Madame made it for you personally, and he even brought this fur coat here personally for you." Wang mama stood at the side and said slowly.

"That's true, Mo'er is really filial." Old Liu's eyelids twitched, and his face relaxed a bit.

"Other than you, marquis, who else can outdo you in this house?" The Wang mama spoke out, "Everyone has to respect you, and furthermore, you don't need to lose your body because of that popularity."

You are the Grandmother, and she is her granddaughter.

"You mean ?" Old Liu sat upright, his eyes narrowed into slits.

"In a few days, it will be ?" Wang mama whispered into the old lady's ears.

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