The entire process took place in the blink of an eye, and anyone who looked at it would think that Lin Ruo Xi took the initiative to push Lin Ruo Yin away, but no one noticed the astonishment in her eyes.

Lin Ruo Yin had grown up in the countryside and had been bullied and thrown into the water many times by others. Naturally, she knew how to swim, but how could she show it at all? She was crying for help, but she gradually gave up struggling and could even choke a few mouthfuls of water.

"Quick, quickly save them!" By then, the madame had already gotten close to them. Her raspy voice woke everyone up. Only then did everyone start to save them.

"Ancestor Grandmother, I didn't do anything. I really didn't do anything. You have to believe me." Lin Ruo Xi seemed to have awoken from a dream, and immediately realized that the situation wasn't good, and anxiously tried to defend himself.

"I saw it with my own eyes." The old mistress' face darkened slightly, anger could be seen in her eyes. She had not expected her granddaughter, who had always been a good girl, to do such a thing in front of her.

"I really don't have Ancestor Grandmother s ?" Seeing the old lady's expression, Lin Ruo Xi was a little afraid, but he deliberately softened his voice. There were a few tears on his beautiful face, making him look really pitiful.

Everyone said that a tiger father doesn't have a dog daughter, and when the old lady was young, she was also a war goddess on the battlefield. She hated it when women cried the most, and seeing Lin Ruo Xi like this, she was annoyed.

"Are you saying that I have been blind and wronged you?" The madame naturally believed what she saw. Although she had loved her granddaughter since she was young, seeing her constantly defend herself was like seeing a child who would rather die than admit it. She felt displeased.

"That's not it, Ancestor Grandmother, you can ask Ruoyun and Steward Mammy if you don't believe me. I really don't know why my little sister's hands would bleed, I didn't push her, she fell down himself." Lin Ruo Xi did not think that the old lady would be so impatient with his actions to gain sympathy, so she immediately changed her strategy.

"Ruoyun, tell me, what happened?" When the old lady heard Lin Ruo Xi's words, she also remembered that the young lady usually understood things, but was rather reckless about the matter, and wanted to hear what she had to say.

"Ancestor ? Ancestor Grandmother, I ? I saw that it was Ruoxi ? "It was that wild girl who fell down herself ?" Lin Ruo Yun didn't think that the old lady would call her over. According to her, she had indeed seen Lin Ruo Xi pushing Lin Ruo Yin down.

He was so shocked by the old lady that he almost said it out loud. Fortunately, Lin Ruo Xi turned his head and glared at her, causing her to stumble back to him.

The Steward Mammy understood and stepped forward, "Reporting to the Old Madam, although this servant is not too clear on what is going on, the Third Miss really does not seem to have fallen down on her own."

Steward Mammy also felt that this matter was a little strange, but he did not dare to hide it from him, and only spoke of it evasively. After the old lady heard what Steward Mammy said, he looked at Lin Ruo Xi with a hint of disappointment in his eyes, she could not bear to see anyone lying to his in her entire life. It was not like she did not see Lin Ruo Xi's interaction with his, as Lin Ruo Xi's actions had already been memorized by the old lady.

"Although the little girl fell down on her own, Ruoxi, as the big sister, you didn't get someone to save her in time, that's also a big mistake. There's also Ruoyun, you purposely provoked her, spoke nonsense, went back to your room to plunder her ring, and then banned her for three more days."

Although the old lady did not ask any further, Lin Ruo Xi was not happy. She was probably doing this to protect University Hall's reputation, changing her title and punishing him so heavily, the old lady probably did not believe it at all.

"Ruoxi knows her wrongs, she will definitely receive the punishment and think over it properly." Lin Ruo Xi was not stupid, it was just that what happened just now happened too suddenly, she did not have enough time to react, now that she had calmed down, she realised that something was wrong, and since the old lady had already given him a way, he might as well go down.

Lin Ruo Yin, it looks like you are not simple, I was unprepared this time, I am afraid you won't be so lucky next time. Lin Ruo Xi clenched her delicate fists tightly, looking at the figure that was just pushed onto the shore, a trace of unfathomable gloominess flashed past her eyes.

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