Grand Lady was extremely dissatisfied with Lin Fu Cheng's attitude. Just as he was about to open his mouth, he was stopped by Lin Ruo Yin who also knelt down and said: "Ancestor Grandmother, Father is right.

It wasn't that she needed to give up such a good opportunity, but she needed to stand by Lin Fu Cheng's side right now. Only then would Grand Lady feel isolated. And the Grand Lady's personality was also proud and aloof, no one had ever dared to disobey him, so naturally, all of this was attributed to Lin Fu Cheng.

"Causing trouble? Fu Cheng, for you to allow your wife and daughter to commit murder so freely, is this not fooling around? " When Grand Lady brought up the old matter again, he and Lin Ruo Xi quickly kneeled down.

"Mother, these are two different things." Although Lin Fu Cheng was in the wrong, handing over the authority of the butler to Lin Ruo Yin ?

In fact, he admitted that he indeed had a good impression of Lin Ruo Yin, and felt that she was even more promising than the two daughters he had taught her. However, she hadn't grown up by his side. Just based on his ruthlessness towards the two of them, he didn't dare to hand everything he had over to her.

"Mother, Old Master, there's something I don't know if I should say." At this time, Second Wife suddenly interrupted.

"You have nothing to do here." How could Lin Fu Cheng not know that Second Wife was the type of person who only wished for the world to become chaotic, so how could he let her get involved?

But Grand Lady didn't think so, so she let Second Wife speak up.

Before Second Wife went forward, she sneaked a peek at First Lady, and her eyes were filled with contempt.

"Mother, Master, so many things have happened in the mansion recently. If the butler's authority were to be given to Eldest Sister, I wouldn't dare to say anything to anyone else. In short, I'm the first one to refuse. However, in the entire Lin Family, there is no one other than Mother that can shoulder such a heavy responsibility. " Second Wife walked to the front of Grand Lady and slowly said as she knelt on the ground with hope.

"That's right, that's why I gave the key to Mother." After Lin Fu Cheng heard what the Second Wife said, she finally calmed down a little.

Second Wife laughed softly as she silently cursed in her heart. This old master was really impatient. Then, he raised her head to look at Grand Lady and said, "But, Mother, since Master has handed the key back to you, then isn't it up to you to decide who will be the butler?"

Second Wife said that they would return it, the meaning was very clear, the butler authority was given to Grand Lady, which also meant that the person who was in charge of the family was Grand Lady, just like how they gave it to him at the beginning.

Grand Lady thought about what Second Wife had said and suddenly became enlightened, "Second Wife is right, I have already decided on this. From today onwards, Third Girl Lin Ruo Yin will officially accept the authority of the butler and you will all have to cooperate fully. First Lady, you have the most qualifications in this matter. From today onwards, you must help Ruoyin properly. "

"Yes." First Lady gritted her teeth as she replied.

After receiving First Lady's reply, only then did Grand Lady lift Lin Ruo Yin up and let her open the box.

Lin Ruo Yin nodded, she turned and walked in front of Hong Mei, bringing the box over, she carefully took out the keys to display to everyone.

Grand Lady looked at Lin Ruo Yin in satisfaction. Lin Fu Cheng also looked at her, but her eyes were a little complicated.

Everything had already settled down. Grand Lady also felt a little tired, so she turned around and left first. There were only three madams and a group of servants in the hall.

"Ruoyin, you have to take good care of this key, don't lose it someday." Lin Ruo Xi just could not bear to see her so complacent, yet she still reminded her with the look of a "good older sister".

"Thank you sister for the reminder, Ruoyin will remember it." Lin Ruo Yin politely thanked her and let her turn around to speak to First Lady: "Aunt, Ruoyin still needs to rely on Aunt's guidance in the future."

First Lady was already upset, hearing Lin Ruo Yin's words, she did not even have the mood to deal with him, coldly snorting, "I'm afraid I don't have anything good to teach you as an aunt. Ruoxi, let's go. "

Lin Ruo Xi glared at Lin Ruo Yin, and followed the First Lady. Third Wife also brought Lin Ruo Yun and left the hall.

Looking at Lin Ruo Yun's back figure, Lin Ruo Yin suddenly realised that Lin Ruo Yun had calmed down quite a bit recently, and would no longer look for trouble with her.

The last person to leave was the Second Wife. Lin Ruo Yin thanked her since her words were very useful. When he thought back to her previous life, she had nothing to do with Second Wife and called out to her, "Second Mother, wait a moment."

Second Wife stopped in her tracks, turned around and asked: "What else do you want?"

Lin Ruo Yin looked at the servants who were still standing in the hall and waved them off. After they had left, she said to Second Wife, "Second Mother, Ruo Yin remembers what happened just now. Thank you."

"Just for that?" Second Wife looked at her in amusement, seeing that she did not understand, she kindly pointed out, "There are no eternal enemies, and of course, there are no eternal friends. I helped you today, so maybe I'll stab you tomorrow. "

Lin Ruo Yin was slightly startled, and silently cursed in her heart as she watched Second Wife leave without a trace of nostalgia. Indeed, such a simple principle, didn't she already understand it in her previous life? Why had she forgotten about it now? It seemed that everything had gone too smoothly recently, and her confidence was on the verge of swelling.

"Miss, let's go back as well." Hong Mei walked up and asked Lin Ruo Yin for instructions.

Lin Ruo Yin nodded her head lightly and returned the key back to the red wooden box. She brought Hong Mei He Lv Yu to the back hall and returned to her own room.

What they did not know was that the servants who had left the front hall did not walk too far, but gathered in groups of twos and threes in the front yard to discuss the matter.

"I never thought that Third Miss would have her way after coming here."

"That's right, the news that came out today is really shocking."

"However, with how good Third Miss is, working under her will not be too bad."

? ?.

As Xiao Bei listened to the discussions of these people, it was as if there were not many people who were talking bad about the Third Miss, he was immediately overjoyed.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Suddenly, there was a pain on his head, Xiao Bei gritted his teeth and turned back. Just as he was about to ask who he was, he saw that it was old cook.

Three seconds later, Xiao Bei's vicious expression changed to a smiling one, and he complained to old cook: "Aunt, why did you hit me?"

"To hit you, of course we have to find your soul!" old cook scrunched her face.

Xiao Bei felt wronged, his soul was clearly here! But when he saw the fierce look on old cook's face, he swallowed his words.

"Listen carefully, don't think about anything useless. Without my order, you are not allowed to leave the kitchen! You are not allowed to go to the backyard, and even more so, you are not allowed to get involved in anything. " The three people of old cook were not allowed to talk about it every day.

Xiao Bei couldn't help but speak in his ear, "Aunt, you've said this many times, and I can recite it backwards."

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