"That's right, Ruoyin's temperament is the best. Although her looks are slightly inferior to Ruoxi's, her temperament is still better than Ruoxi's." At this time, Third Wife suddenly opened his mouth, interrupting the relationship between First Lady and Lin Ruo Yin that was like a mother and daughter.

"Third sister is right, but in my opinion, Ruoyin's etiquette is the best. I wonder which mama taught her?" Seeing that the Third Wife was about to start bullying the First Lady, the Second Wife would naturally not miss this opportunity, and they all started to use Lin Ruo Yin as a topic of conversation to ridicule the First Lady.

Just as First Lady was about to speak, she saw Lin Ruo Yin take a step forward, and said with a voice as gentle as a jade, "Sanniang is too kind, Ruoyin is only a little girl who grew up in the countryside, how can she be compared to Big Sis? Third Mother is too kind. If Ruoyin's way of greeting is considered worthy of respect, Ruoyin would naturally have to thank Mother for her personal teachings. "

With such a big tree showing off, Lin Ruo Yin didn't want to become the target of public criticism so early.

"Oh? Ruoyin's etiquette was taught by her sister? Hadn't Big Sis told someone to send Ruoyin to a courtyard in the capital to learn etiquette? This time is indeed rather short, could it be ? " Third Wife was initially a little displeased when she heard Lin Ruo Yin's words, but now that she heard that Lin Ruo Yin did not mention the granny who was teaching her etiquette, she seized the opportunity to speak up again.

"Third sister's words are not true, could it be that letting Ruo Ying learn etiquette is wrong?" My University Hall is a family with face in the Imperial City, Ruoyin has always stayed in the countryside and naturally neglected etiquette and upbringing, and only let Ruoyin learn a bit, what's more, Ruoyin is so obedient, shouldn't it be a good thing? " It was not the first time that First Lady and Third Wife had fought, and upon seeing Third Wife's words, he directly refuted.

"Enough, the child is still here." Third Wife still wanted to say something, but she was interrupted by the madame. When the madame saw that the two of them were arguing every day, she became even more impatient.

"Eldest Mother, Second Mother, Third Madam, what you said makes sense. Of course, the reason why Eldest Aunt sent me to learn etiquette is for my own good, but it's a good thing that my mother was strict with Ruoyin since childhood. Ruoyin happened to have learned the etiquette for teaching mama, which is why she was able to return to the mansion early, have family, and have a family, this is a good thing." Ruoyin took a step forward, looking at the others and speaking sincerely.

"How old is he now? He's not as sensible as a little girl!" Seeing Lin Ruo Yin's attitude, the Old Mistress was indeed happy to have a complete family.

However, he could only sigh. This girl's understanding was truly excessive. For a moment, the expression she looked at Lin Ruo Yin with was somewhat complicated.

"Miss, Second Miss is here." Lin Ruo Yin was looking at a map of the border. Although she had forgotten some details, she knew that the plague was going to happen soon. She had wanted to make preparations in advance, but she did not expect Lin Ruo Yun to suddenly visit her.

"Sister, are you feeling better? It was Second Sister who was in the wrong the other day. Today, Second Sister specially made some porridge and came to see you. Lin Ruo Yun waved her hand, and the maidservant behind him placed the porridge on the table.

She pretended to smile gently, but in reality, she was disgusted. She was unwilling to ask her to curry favor with Lin Ruo Yin, if it weren't for Lin Ruo Xi saying that this was the only way to discipline Lin Ruo Yin, she wouldn't even bother to stand up for him.

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