"What does the Second Sister say? Ruo Yin was still ignorant that day." Lin Ruo Yin let out a gentle laugh, and invited Lin Ruo Yun to sit down. She felt it was a little funny, however, Lin Ruo Yun didn't know that the disgust in her eyes was just too obvious, but she had to intentionally get closer to him.

"Little sister, quickly come and try the porridge I made. I cooked this myself. It's the most nutritious congee of black chicken and white ginseng porridge." Lin Ruo Yun passionately scooped out a bowl of porridge and handed it over to Lin Ruo Yin.

Lin Ruo Yin looked at Lin Ruo Yun's passionate bowl of porridge with a small smile on her face.

Suddenly, Lin Ruo Yun felt like she was being burned, the porridge just touched Lin Ruo Yin's finger and the entire bowl of it fell down. Lin Ruo Yin quickly dodged, avoiding the boiling hot porridge with her injured finger, but allowing the porridge to spill onto her body.

"Little sister, I'm really sorry. It was all due to Second Sister's negligence. Lin Ruo Yun pulled herself up from the ground. Lin Ruo Yin, who looked like she was about to change clothes, had an apologetic expression on her face.

Lin Ruo Yin had guessed what she was thinking from the moment Lin Ruo Yun threw the porridge over. Her hands were already riddled with wounds, and adding that she had deliberately ripped open the wound a few days ago, if she were to be burned by the boiling hot porridge now, her hands would probably be crippled.

"Elder sister, you've overturned the congee. Ruo Yin doesn't blame you. Can you let me go and change my clothes first?" Lin Ruo Yin's face revealed an expression of pain, with tears flickering in his eyes.

When Lin Ruo Yun looked at her pain-enduring expression, a pleased expression flashed past her eyes. Initially, she was not able to burn Lin Ruo Yin's hands, but it seemed that although she did not destroy Lin Ruo Yin's hands, that bowl of fresh chicken congee was not considered a waste, was it?

Seeing that, Lin Ruo Yun loosened her grip, seeing that Hong Mei He Lv Yu had hurriedly sent Lin Ruo Yin into the room, a proud look flashed past her eyes, but she then spoke loudly into the room, "Little sister remembers to drink some porridge, big sister will be leaving now."

If not for the matter of taking care of Lin Ruo Yin, Lin Ruo Yun would not have wanted to stay here any longer, and seeing that everything was a success, she left immediately.

After Lin Ruo Yin entered the room, he stopped her from changing her clothes in a panic. After hearing Lin Ruo Yun's voice, she smiled slightly, did she want to cripple all ten of her fingers? Then she wouldn't mind letting her steal the chicken until it failed!

"Hong Mei, how much time do we have left before nightfall?" Lin Ruo Yin asked as she looked at the sky.

"We still have about four hours." Hong Mei didn't know what Lin Ruo Yin wanted to do, but she still answered.

"Enough." After Lin Ruo Yin finished this sentence, she turned and walked out of the outer court. She was going to cook a pot of soup for the madame, something that she had specially learnt for her in her previous life. It was the madame's favorite soup, but it was very troublesome to make it.

"Ancestor Grandmother, Ruoyin has come to see you, today is Ruoyin's first time making a soup, I hope Ancestor Grandmother can help Ruoyin taste it," Lin Ruo Yin said as she entered the room and took the initiative to hold the old lady's hand. Although the old lady was not smiling, she was still an old woman, and her grandson was happy to stick close to her.

Lin Ruo Yin had been in the palace for four days, and every day she would pay respects. Although this was a form of etiquette that a large family would talk about, there weren't many people left who would actually request for daily greetings, and it mainly depended on their descendants.

"Is that so? "Then I must have a taste." When the old lady saw the soup that Lin Ruo Yin had brought, she also gave it a lot of face.

"You made this soup?" She did not hold much anticipation towards the soup, but when she saw the soup, she could not help but be moved. She loved to drink the soup, and she knew how complicated the process was.

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