"I heard that the madame loved to drink, so I tried it out. Try it, madame." Seeing that the Old Mistress liked it, Lin Ruo Yin was happy inside too and he quickly helped the Old Mistress prepare a bowl.

"Good child, your cooking skills are quite good." The old lady tried it out and was surprised. The soup was actually better than the old cook in the palace, after drinking a few mouthfuls, the old lady held Lin Ruo Yin's hand, looking pleased.

Suddenly, the old mistress changed the topic. "How did you get these clothes?" Our academy is also a rich family. Your clothes are so dirty, how can you wear it out? " There was a trace of displeasure in his tone, obviously because he saw the stain on Lin Ruo Yin's body.

"You are Ruoyin's head maid? "How can you be so ignorant? How can you let master wear such dirty clothes?" The old lady turned and looked at Hong Mei. The imposing aura she emitted made Hong Mei kneel down in fright.

"Hong Mei understands... I know my wrongs, but these clothes are all dirty because Second Miss purposely spilled the porridge she sent over. Miss was in a hurry to make the soup, that's why she didn't change it ? I hope that the Old Madam can forgive me. " Hong Mei was so shocked that she did not even try to hide it at all as she explained what she had seen. When the old lady heard this, her angry face relaxed, and she frowned.

"Did Ruoyun deliberately knock over the porridge?" The old mistress' long, shapely eyebrows creased as she asked the question in a normal manner.

"I don't know if Second Miss did it on purpose either, but after Second Miss overturned the porridge, not only did she not allow Miss to change, he even grabbed onto Miss's clothes and refused to let go." Seeing the tone of the old lady, Hong Mei did not dare to say that she was Lin Ruo Yun.

However, when she thought about what she had done to Lin Ruo Yin, she indignantly said all of Lin Ruo Yun's actions without dropping a single word. Hong Mei knew clearly in his heart that the new Miss did not treat them as servants and was treating them well. Not to mention that she was their master, they were more willing to stand by Lin Ruo Yin's side than the arrogant and despotic Second Miss.

"Actually, Second Sister pulled me only because she wanted to apologize," Lin Ruo Yin lowered his head and said softly. He did not deny the fact that Lin Ruo Yun had splashed her.

"Lan Xiu, help me call Ruoyin and her mother over." Seeing Lin Ruo Yin's attitude, the old lady knew that this matter was most likely true. Lin Ruo Yin was a well-behaved and sensible child, she could not allow herself to be bullied. Naturally, she would seek justice for her.

"Yes, this servant will ?" Ah, Madame, Third Wife and Ruoyun are here. " The great mama by the old lady's side was just about to leave when she saw the Third Wife and Lin Ruo Yun enter the room.

Lin Ruo Yun was originally happy, because she had successfully made it up to Lin Ruo Yin today. However, when she saw that Lin Ruo Yin was also there, and was even wearing the clothes that she was wearing previously, her expression immediately changed.

Turning her head, she realized that the madame was also looking at her. Judging from her gaze, she was obviously angry. Her heart skipped a beat ? could it be that the madame already knew?

Third Wife had originally thought that today, Lin Ruo Yun would be released from confinement. After all, the old lady had personally punished him, and it would be better if she could apologize to the old lady when she came out.

Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, Third Wife immediately pulled Lin Ruo Yun, only to see that Lin Ruo Yun was actually hiding behind her and did not dare to come out, she knew that Lin Ruo Yun must have done something wrong. She quickly tried to ask, "Mother, what happened?"

"You still dare to ask, does your darling daughter really think that your second wife is the one in charge of this family? Was he really going to bully Ruoyin without a mother? "As long as my old bones are here, I will protect that little girl Ruoyin for a day!"

The old mistress' eyes were wide open as she looked at Third Wife angrily saying that it was clear that she wanted to protect Lin Ruo Yin.

Lin Ruo Yin was also a little surprised, the old lady had unquestionably used all of her strength to give Lin Ruo Yin a protective badge, with her indifferent personality, how could she not move Lin Ruo Yin? For the first time since Lin Ruo Yin was reborn, her heart felt warm.

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