At this point, she had also seen the stain on Lin Ruo Yin's body and couldn't help but turn her head to glare at Lin Ruo Yun.

"Mother, why would anyone want to bully Ruoyin? This is only a joke between sisters. I just didn't expect that you would be disturbed. Ruoyun, quickly go and apologize." Third Wife knew that this matter could not be resolved peacefully, so she immediately asked Lin Ruo Yun to apologize, but she did not forget to use Lin Ruo Yin's action of bringing the Old Granny as a backer.

"Mother!" Only now did Lin Ruo Yun realize that she had been hurt, and not just that. How could she bear with it, she roared at her in front of the old lady.

Such an action was not only capricious, but it also offended the madame. The madame's face darkened and she left with a flourish of her sleeves. It was obvious that she was furious.

On the other hand, Lan Xiu waved his hand to let them all leave, obviously representing the old lady to pass down the message, while Lin Ruo Yun continued to do so recklessly, not missing out on the imprisonment and punishment of the female ring.

After the Third Wife left, Lin Ruo Yin did not leave. When Lan Xiu looked at her, she stepped forward and said sincerely, "Ruo Yin shouldn't have used this kind of thing to disturb the old lady. I hope that Senior Servant can help convey my apologies."

Initially, Lan Xiu was displeased that Lin Ruo Yin disturbed the old lady's tranquility, but after hearing what Lin Ruo Yin said, he did not know what to say, so she paused for a moment before waving her back.

The morning of the second day, the old lady sent someone to deliver a new set of clothes that were suitable for cutting. She also sent a message that the master was going to return home today, so Lin Ruo Yin could change into a new set of clothes to go see the master.

Lin Ruo Yin was very sure that the Old Mistress had thought of this and his heart felt warm.

What stood in front of the familiar door was a man who had given her life, but in the end, he had only used her as a tool. With this man giving up his mother, and forcing himself to his death without caring about her daughter, who was born not long ago, how could she not hate him?

Lin Ruo Yin closed his eyes in pain, concealing the hatred that was burning in his eyes. When she opened them again, it was clear and clear, without a hint of emotion.

"Daddy, this is Ruoyin. Can I come in?" Lin Ruo Yin stood in front of the door and knocked, after hearing the response inside, he opened the door and went in.

"Father, Ruoyin pays her respects to you." Lin Ruo Yin walked to a spot around three feet from the study table and blended in lightly, but she did not have a humble and arrogant appearance.

When Lin Fu Cheng heard Lin Ruo Yin's voice and raised her head, he saw that each of Lin Ruo Yin's movements were graceful and calm, and couldn't help but be a little surprised. Was this really the daughter that had always been in the countryside, the daughter that even he had forgotten?

Looking at Lin Ruo Yin's face that looked seventy percent similar to her mother's, he couldn't help but be at a loss. It was obvious that she remembered that figure who sold himself to someone else at the Spring Pavilion, causing him to be completely distracted.

When Lin Ruo Yin saw Lin Fu Cheng's nostalgic expression, she couldn't help but feel a bit disgusted. He definitely wasn't some infatuated seed, and if it was really infatuated, why would it provoke her mother even when there were already three concubines, and why would it leave without mercy when her mother needed him the most?

"Ruoyin, your true appearance with your mother is always so gentle," Lin Fu Cheng looked at Lin Ruo Yin's face, and said with nostalgia. "Your mother even played a good lute, but unfortunately, you will never hear it again ?"

When Lin Ruo Yin heard his tone that sounded like regret and regret, she only sneered in the bottom of her heart. The reason Lin Fu Cheng acted like this is only because she was greedy for the vanity of others thinking of her.

Furthermore, the reason why they brought her back was to let her marry them. Before she was married, Lin Fu Cheng must have showed his love and affection for her. If not for the kindness and longing Lin Fu Cheng showed towards her in his previous life, why would she be willing to marry him?

Lin Ruo Yin despised him in her heart, but she maintained a calm expression on the surface. There were even traces of tears in her eyes as she softly said, "Father, mother is no longer here. Ruoyin misses you so much ?"

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