Although Lin Fu Cheng wanted to obtain Lin Ruo Yin's trust, he did not expect Lin Ruo Yin to be so agitated, and his choked voice unconsciously sounded out a bit of guilt.

He unconsciously patted Lin Ruo Yin's shoulder and comforted him softly. "Good child, it's good that you're back, it's good that you're back ?"

But he didn't see any trace of emotion in Lin Ruo Yin's lowered eyes.

? ?.

"Miss, they are too excessive, no matter what, we are still in the same house, how can they look down on us even when we are servants, and deduct our food?" Lv Yu was an impatient person, when she heard Hong Mei say that the kitchen would not give them food, he became anxious, "Miss, we cannot be bullied like this, let's go find the old lady."

"How could the madame have the time to meddle in such a trivial matter?" Lv Yu, if we want to gain a foothold in the University Hall, we will have to suffer a small loss. Hearing Lv Yu's words, Lin Ruo Yin swept his eyes across her. Although Lv Yu was still full of complaints, it was not good to complain.

"Don't worry, I won't be hungry for you," Lin Ruo Yin said snappily, seeing that Lv Yu was still pouting and poking her head.

This matter was probably not decided by the servants. They did not have the courage to do so, so it was likely that Third Wife was secretly obstructing them.

sighed, she had no choice but to admit that she truly did not have any way to resolve this matter at the moment.

As night fell, a figure shuttled back and forth in the darkness, like a cunning cat. It was actually Lin Ruo Yin.

Lin Ruo Yin was also feeling helpless in her heart at this moment, because she couldn't think of a way to solve the problem in front of her. The only thing she could think of was to go to the kitchen to steal food. If word were to spread out, she, a dignified Miss of the Scholar's Manor, would be forced to rely on stealing food to eat. Her face would probably be thrown all over the Imperial City.

Lin Ruo Yin nimbly dodged past a few servants who had just changed shifts, and approached the kitchen step by step. Just as she was about to open the door, she heard a burst of insults.

Lin Ruo Yin frowned, she did not want to meddle in other people's business, but she could not help but walk over to the source of the voice. When she looked over, it was actually a group of kitchen servants beating up a man together. She frowned, but had no intention of taking action.

Just as he was about to turn around and leave, Lin Ruo Yin accidentally caught a glimpse of the eyes of the man who was being beaten up. Even though he was being punched and kicked by a group of people, his eyes were still bright, with a hint of bloodlust and arrogance.

As if bewitched by that pair of eyes, Lin Ruo Yin came back to her senses. She had already stood out and shouted sternly to stop the people's actions of beating her up.

"Since when did the dignified academy allow the servants to fight?" Seeing that he had already intervened, Lin Ruo Yin decided that he could no longer escape. It would be better to see what secrets that servant had.

naturally didn't need to hide anything when facing his servants. The moment the aura that was once in charge of the harem was released, the powerful aura caused everyone to be stunned.

"Who are you?" A servant suddenly asked. Although Lin Ruo Yin had been in the mansion for close to ten days, not every servant recognized Lin Ruo Yin, and seeing that Lin Ruo Yin's aura was so strong, they did not dare to say anything, and tried to probe.

However, Lin Ruo Yin ignored him, and directly walked to the middle of the group of people, and helped the servant who was being beaten up up up up back up. It was only when the two of them were about to disappear from their field of vision that the group of servants reacted, looking at each other, not knowing whether or not to stop them.

Lin Ruo Yin supported this man just as he walked out of their line of sight and into a small pavilion in the front courtyard. However, he felt a bit of strength on his shoulder and it was this man who pushed Lin Ruo Yin away.

When Lin Ruo Yin saw this scene, she thought that he was just destroying the bridge after crossing the river. However, he saw that he had directly sat down, and a low yet inexplicably magnetic voice floated into Lin Ruo Yin's ears, "Your body is filled with the smell of oil and fire, I'm afraid it might dirty Miss's clothes."

Lin Ruo Yin heard what he said and the corner of her mouth rose, "What is your name? How can you work in the Palace? " Actually, what she wanted to ask was who exactly are you? What was her purpose in coming to the residence?

The man raised his head and glanced at Lin Ruo Yin. Borrowing the light from the lamp, Lin Ruo Yin was finally able to see the man's true face. That face could really not be considered pretty, and could even be considered to be a little ugly.

However, that pair of eyes that looked like stars made Lin Ruo Yin a little lost. Just now, that pair of eyes that was exceptionally bright under the light made Lin Ruo Yin, who had always been cautious and prudent, suddenly have an impulse.

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