It wasn't that he was disappointed, but Lin Ruo Yin felt that this man's face shouldn't have been shaped like this. This kind of strange feeling made Lin Ruo Yin have the urge to see if this man was wearing a mask or not.

"I don't have a name, but everyone calls me Xiao Bei. I've been with old cook since I was young," Bei Ling Feng said to the woman in front of him seriously.

No one would actually send spies to hide from a young age. Not to mention whether they would be discovered or not, it was just that they would lack a long period of training.

"You can go back, I still need to go to the kitchen," Lin Ruo Yin saw that she could not get anything out of him, and did not say anymore. Instead, she felt a little annoyed by her impulsiveness, which made what she wanted to steal even more difficult.

"You must be Third Miss, if you want to go get some food, I can send it over to you," the man who had been silent all this while suddenly spoke up just as she was about to leave, and successfully surprised Lin Ruo Yin.

"How do you know I'm from Third Miss?" It wasn't that Lin Ruo Yin wasn't surprised, a few people in the mansion might be able to tell who she was.

But how did he know?

"Yesterday, Third Wife ordered for us to ban the dinner for Third Miss, and Miss just happened to appear." Xiao Bei explained in a low voice. Although he looked to be lost in thought, Lin Ruo Yin understood his meaning.

"That's good. If Third Wife still wants to cut off my ingredients, then you must bring me food. I will be waiting for you here." Lin Ruo Yin did not reject her offer. Although this chef looked ordinary, she did not dislike him. Furthermore, she wanted to know what secrets were on his body.

"Yes, Miss." Xiao Bei bowed and said in a neither humble nor arrogant manner. However, there was an additional gentleness in his eyes when he looked at Lin Ruo Yin.

After Lin Ruo Yin finished settling the problem of eating, he packed a bag and returned to her own courtyard. Just as she arrived at the entrance, he heard the excited discussions of the two maid s.

"I heard that the third prince is coming to the mansion tomorrow. The last time he proposed marriage, there were maidservants from other courtyards who saw the third prince's true appearance and showed it off every day. I wonder if we'll be able to see it this time."

"Is the Third Prince really so handsome?" Then why isn't Eldest Miss willing to marry? "

"Because the Third Prince doesn't have any power! The Eldest Miss is someone who wants to become a Queen, how can they marry a prince who doesn't have any power?"

"That Third Miss came back because of this, right? After all, Second Miss is already engaged ?"

"Three... Third Miss, why are you here? " The two servant girls who were originally in high spirits stopped their conversation when they saw Lin Ruo Yin. Fear was written all over their faces.

Seeing the two servants' frightened expressions, Lin Ruo Yin smiled slightly, "This is my house, why can't I come?"

As there were only three people living here, Lin Ruo Yin did not let them light the lanterns. The two maidservants were chatting excitedly, and actually did not notice where she was staying.

"Third Miss, this servant knows my wrongs." The two maidservants knelt down hurriedly. They did not know how much Lin Ruo Yin had heard, afraid that she would blow up and chase the two of them out of the residence.

"I also want to know the reason for my return. Can you tell me why?" Lin Ruo Yin looked at the two and smiled gently, but when the two saw this smile, their hairs stood on end and they became even more frightened, so much so that even their palms started to sweat.

"Go back, go back to the Third Miss ? "We don't know either. We were just randomly guessing ?" When the two of them heard it, they knew that Lin Ruo Yin had probably heard quite a bit, but if the Old Master knew that they were the ones who told Lin Ruo Yin the truth, then they would be in an even worse situation.

"Forget it, you guys go back first and tell your master that I will not participate in her fight with the First Lady. However, Ruo Yin has thanked her for the information she has sent over," Lin Ruo Yin said plainly after hearing their words.

The two servants' faces were ashen as they looked at Lin Ruo Yin in fear. How did she know?

Seeing the disbelieving expressions of the two maids, Lin Ruo Yin laughed coldly in her heart. The reason Third Wife said this was because she was under the protection of the Old Madam and she wanted to rope her in.

Furthermore, even if she could not rope him in, it would allow Lin Ruo Yin and the First Lady to fight.

After dismissed the two maids, Lin Ruo Yin remembered that based on the current days, Nan Gong Jin should have already been here for half a month, the day before tomorrow would be the day he would agree to marry Lin Fu Cheng. This was also the reason why Lin Fu Cheng would rush to bring her back at this time.

The corner of her mouth raised slightly, but her heart was ice-cold. She had even started to like this feeling that they were in the light, that she was in the dark, and that she was looking forward to their first meeting each other ?

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