"Greetings, third prince." Lin Fu Cheng brought a group of female disciples and stood in front of the gate of the academy. When they saw Nan Gong Jin get off the carriage, they slightly bowed their heads and spoke to him.

In his previous life, she had worked hard to love him regardless of her own safety in exchange for endless deceit and betrayal. Even though she had almost died countless times for her, in his heart, he had always treated her as someone he could take advantage of.

Seize the throne, clear the king's side, level the imperial court, which one of these was not her single-mindedness? But what did she get in return? He was the one who had seduced her when she was pregnant, the one who had ignored her pleas for help and didn't want to be forced to commit suicide by her father and elder sister, the one who had torn off all the tendons in her arms and legs and thrown them into the cold palace, ignoring her weak and young daughter.

Nan Gong Jin, you are not worthy!

Lin Ruo Yin thought back to the sacrifices she had made in his previous life, and when she looked at that face again, there wasn't a single trace of fondness or yearning in her heart.

When Nan Gong Jin got off the carriage, he and Lin Fu Cheng just happened to meet each other's eyes after greeting each other. Nan Gong Jin felt that there was something strange about that pair of eyes, that pair of eyes seemed to be disgusted by it.

When Nan Gong Jin looked at those eyes again, he did not have the slightest emotion and his eyes became clear.

Lin Fu Cheng saw that Nan Gong Jin was a little interested in Lin Ruo Yin, so he couldn't help but feel a tinge of happiness from the bottom of his heart. He took a step forward and introduced his to Nan Gong Jin, "This is the adopted daughter that this humble subject has just adopted, his name is Lin Ruo Yin, and he is described as gentle and gentle.

When Lin Ruo Yin heard this from the bottom of her heart, Lin Ruo Yin felt a chill down her spine. In her previous life, even if she did not have the current etiquette and was a little timid, this was also the same for his introduction. In order to successfully sell her to Nan Gong Jin, Lin Fu Cheng naturally would not spare any effort to praise her.

Furthermore, the word adopted daughter, made everyone laugh their eyes off. Everyone knew that Lin Ruo Yin was definitely Lin Fu Cheng's biological daughter and that she was definitely an illegitimate daughter. Since she was an illegitimate daughter, how could she possibly gain Lin Fu Cheng's favor?

Nan Gong Jin naturally understood this logic, and furthermore, he only felt that Lin Ruo Yin was looking at him strangely, and was not really interested in her, so he simply nodded his head indifferently without responding, and instead focused his gaze on Lin Ruo Xi, who was standing behind Lin Fu Cheng.

"I assume that such a graceful Miss like this must be the eldest daughter of the Lam, Lin Ruo Xi Lin, right?" Nan Gong Jin took a step forward, and smiled slightly, fully displaying the charm of his handsome face.

Lin Ruo Xi was startled at first, but then she remembered that the background behind Nan Gong Jin did not seem to be in high spirits, and she asked her yes, but Lin Ruo Yun, who was at the side, was excited, seeing Nan Gong Jin's handsome face turn red, but thinking that Nan Gong Jin had not only taken the initiative to get closer to Lin Ruo Xi, but had even noticed Lin Ruo Yin, and did not even glance at her, he could not help but feel somewhat angry.

Looking at Lin Ruo Yun's uncertain face, Lin Ruo Yin knew that the dinner would not be peaceful. Lin Ruo Yun's appearance was probably because she had a crush on Nan Gong Jin, it would be weird if she did not try to find a way to make Lin Ruo Yin hate him.

Although she hated Nan Gong Jin, but that did not mean that Nan Gong Jin could not fall in love with her. Having the most sincere feelings and then ruthlessly trampling on her, wasn't that what Nan Gong Jin had done to her in the past? Then why didn't she use another method to deal with him?

? ?.

But Lin Fu Cheng had prepared a banquet for Nan Gong Jin. The main purpose was to have Nan Gong Jin agree to his marriage with Lin Ruo Yin, so as to divert attention away from Lin Ruo Xi.

"I wonder what Master Lin thinks of my proposed marriage?" Of course, Nan Gong Jin knew that only by marrying Lin Ruo Xi would they be able to obtain her help, and she was even more determined to not hold back in the matter of Lin Ruo Xi's marriage.

"Regarding this matter, after this official has carefully considered it, I still feel that the eldest daughter, Lin Ruo Xi, has the most important wish, so this humble one is unable to agree to the third prince." Lin Fu Cheng had already come up with an excuse in her heart. Seeing that the Third Prince's expression was darkening, he hurriedly said, "But, this official's adopted daughter is still not married yet. Furthermore, she's so gentle and lovely, what do you think ?"

"Since the Lam is unwilling to marry, then forget it, why did he force an unfavoured daughter into giving it to me?" Nan Gong Jin also understood Lin Fu Cheng's thoughts. He no doubt wanted to betroth Lin Ruo Yin to him, so he was slightly unhappy.

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