Lin Fu Cheng was not annoyed by these words. Instead, he gave a low laugh, "Third Prince and I both know what's going on, why do we have to beat around the bush like that. Although she is my adopted daughter, she is still my daughter after all, right?"

What Nan Gong Jin wanted was only his support. If he could marry Lin Ruo Yin, he could naturally get a portion of support from her, but if he did not, then there would be nothing left.

Nan Gong Jin naturally understood what Lin Fu Cheng meant, but how could the feeling of being controlled be good, his face immediately turned green, and he continued to drink his wine, but he did not leave the stage, weighing the pros and cons.

This was truly a good plan, if she could help Nan Gong Jin obtain the throne, then Lin Ruo Xi would naturally be her Queen. If Nan Gong Jin failed, then she would become his companion, but Lin Ruo Xi could look for a good person to help her, and it would not delay her journey too much.

It was just that when Lin Fu Cheng said those words, he only considered Lin Ruo Xi's wishes, but had he considered her wishes before?

Seeing that Nan Gong Jin was deep in thought, Lin Fu Cheng decided to ignore him, and indicated to First Lady with his eyes. When First Lady received the gaze, he stood up and clapped his hands, and a group of women wearing gauze entered in a line. These were the Hu girls that University Hall usually bought from the market, who were capable of singing and dancing, and only appeared at large-scale dinner parties.

Suddenly, a dancers with a graceful figure dressed in red appeared from the center of the group of Hu ladies. Even though she was surrounded by a group of enchanting dancers, she was like a fish in water as she successfully gathered everyone's attention.

Lin Ruo Yin looked carefully, the middle female dancer was actually Lin Ruo Yun, but she was not surprised, Lin Ruo Yun's mother was also considered a famous dancing Miss, just that Lin Ruo Yun was considered to be even more powerful now.

However, was she throwing jade bricks like this? Lin Ruo Yun's dancing skills were outstanding to begin with. She was merely a little girl who had just left the countryside, so naturally, she had lost all her face.

Therefore, she worked hard to learn all kinds of dances in the future and even learned quite a few musical instruments. However, the Third Prince's image of the imperial concubine was never to be changed.

"I am here to welcome you, Ruoyun. I hope the third prince will enjoy the show, but Ruo Yun's sister Ruoyin is a talented genius. Ruoyun is here to help you, I wonder if Ruoyin would be willing to perform?" Ruoyun endured the disgust in her heart, but still hugged Lin Ruo Yin so hard that there was nothing in the sky or on the ground, and only then did Lin Ruo Yin fall even more miserably.

Lin Ruo Yin rolled her eyes in her heart, but she maintained her composure on the surface, "Ruoyin has never mastered a technique since she was young, how could she dare to compare with Second Sister?" Seeing that Lin Ruo Yun was about to open her mouth and urge him on, Lin Ruo Yin faintly smiled, "But since this Second Sister wishes for Ruoyin to ascend the stage, how can Ruoyin refuse?"

Lin Fu Cheng was panicking, he was trying to think of a way to hold Lin Ruo Yin in high regard, but Lin Ruo Yun suddenly came out to create trouble, in his heart, although Lin Ruo Yin looked to be extremely polite, but he did not put in much effort, so how could the Everlasting Instructor know that?

Seeing Lin Fu Cheng suddenly holding onto the wine cup, Nan Gong Jin also understood it, although Lin Ruo Yin deserved to be magnanimous, he might not even be able to use such a talent, and was only trying to be brave, but his impression of Lin Ruo Yin was still a bit worse.

The silk bamboo played again, but there were many pieces of paper that were as thin as cicada's wings hanging around the stage. Inside the paper, there were a few blood vats, but Lin Ruo Yin stood in the middle while wearing a red silk robe.

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