Suddenly, the door was slammed open, a cold wind blew in, causing Lin Ruo Yin to shiver as she looked outside.

It was the Steward Mammy who came to take her back to the University Hall in her previous life. It was because he didn't think much of Lin Ruo Yin and didn't even knock on his door when he entered her room that he was able to save the Lin Ruo Yin who wholeheartedly sought her death when her mother died.

Although this Lin Ruo Yin was just a betrothed girl, she was the one who escorted her home. If she died and it became useless, she would probably drag her down with her in the end.

Thinking about it this way, Steward Mammy looked at Lin Ruo Yin's face and felt angry in her heart. She endured the annoyance in her heart and waved his hand, and two brute force girls behind his quickly walked forward and helped Lin Ruo Yin up, allowing her to lean against the bench beside the table.

There was fire in Steward Mammy's heart, so naturally his tone was also not friendly. At this time, he took a step forward and asked sternly, "Why does Miss want to seek death? Could it be that you don't wish to return to the main house? "

Lin Ruo Yin turned her head and looked straight at Steward Mammy, the tears in his eyes flowing continuously. Even his eyes had turned a little red, and her tone was filled with unspeakable grievance.

"I don't know, it's not that Ruoyin doesn't want to return to the main house, but Ruoyin and her mother have been living together ever since she was young. Now that her mother has died, I'm afraid her mother will be lonely if I follow you back to the main house."

Steward Mammy thought about it, and felt that Lin Ruo Yin's actions were understandable, but he could not help but ask, "Since that is the case, why is Miss struggling?"

Steward Mammy looked at Lin Ruo Yin's finger implicitly. The injury on the finger could be considered a tragic sight and it was definitely not a struggle made by someone who was looking to die.

"Ruoyin originally wanted to go with her mother, but how could I let her go? "Father treated mother and I very well. When mother left, she told me to serve Father well. Since I have grown up, I should share father's worries." As Lin Ruo Yin said this, she actually sneered in her heart.

Not bad for them? When his mother was pregnant, it was indeed not bad, but when he found out that his mother was his daughter, he didn't even take a single step into this home.

Even if he sent someone to pick her up, taking her back to take good care of her on the surface because her mother died, in reality, it was just to make her be the political tool for his precious daughter.

In this life, she would definitely not be manipulated by others like she was in her previous life, wrongly trusting people she should not have trusted! Lin Ruo Yin's lowered eyes flashed with thousands of thoughts, but her expression was not affected at all.

When Steward Mammy heard this, he subconsciously looked around, only to see that there were a lot of things that should not have appeared in this small mountain village.

He couldn't help but be suspicious. Could it be that the old master truly valued this daughter of his?

Actually, if one looked carefully at these things, they would realize that they were actually styles that were popular more than ten years ago. The reason why they looked relatively new was because Lin Ruo Yin's mother only cherished them.

But how could Lin Ruo Yin let the Steward Mammy look at him in detail? Seeing her bewildered expression, Lin Ruo Yin knew in her heart that she was starting to value him a lot, so she took this opportunity to divert her attention.

"Furthermore, this mama is someone who has come to pick me up. If I arrive safely, I won't be able to accomplish much. However, if something were to happen to me, I'm afraid that I would be affected as well." She paused for a moment, then revealed a seemingly obedient smile towards Steward Mammy. "That is not a small matter.

Steward Mammy was startled, regardless of whether this was true or false, it was a personal statement.

What's more, this girl was the master's daughter after all, so she was of great use. If something really happened to her, she wouldn't be able to get her for it, and seeing the girl's clever appearance, what if she was spoiled in the future ?

Steward Mammy's mind was in a whirl for a moment, and even his voice became softer, "What a cute girl, it's really a good thing that old master has a filial daughter like you."

"This mama praises you too much. Ruoyin will follow you back, that is her duty. But Ruoyin still has one more request, I hope mama can agree to it." Just by looking at Steward Mammy's attitude, Lin Ruo Yin knew that she had achieved her objective.

"What is it?" Steward Mammy was a little nervous, afraid that Lin Ruo Yin would ask for something else.

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