When everyone saw this scene, they were a little curious, unable to comprehend what Lin Ruo Yin was trying to do. Only Lin Ruo Yun maintained her mocking gaze, in her heart, she only thought that Lin Ruo Yin was deliberately making things difficult for them.

The music suddenly rose to a higher pitch. It was no longer the gentle melody from before, but instead, it was accompanied by a murderous clang. The new Ruoyin suddenly moved at this moment, a long red satin cloth fluttering in the wind.

The music grew more and more passionate, as if a war was truly beginning right in front of him. Lin Ruo Yin, dressed in a black cheongsam, tiptoed and walked among the Xuan paper group with her feet on the ground. The red silk cloth surrounded her body, and for a moment, she looked like a demon from hell.

Everyone was stunned at this moment. They had never thought that Lin Ruo Yin would perform in such a breathtaking manner, so everyone's eyes were focused on Lin Ruo Yin, and she was like a deity who had entered the devil's path, causing everyone to submit to her charm, including Lin Ruo Yun, who was always arrogant and unreachable.

Knowing that the music that was playing as fast as lightning had once again turned into the soft music that was slightly depressing, no one was able to react. They could only blankly stare at the enchanter-like girl standing in the middle of the paper fluttering in the air.

After a long while, Lin Ruo Yun finally woke up from her stupor. She was deeply enchanted by Lin Ruo Yin's dancing, and had to say that Lin Ruo Yin's dancing was not as enchanting as her, but it had gained a hint of heroic spirit and valiance that she would never be able to understand.

But even if Lin Ruo Yun realized that Lin Ruo Yin's dancing skills were far superior to hers, how could she possibly admit it in front of everyone? She stared fixedly at the xuan paper in front of Lin Ruo Yin, and then laughed mockingly, because the Xuan paper in front of Lin Ruo Yin was actually a mess of oil paint, and she could not tell what she was drawing at all.

Lin Ruo Yun rolled her eyes. So it turns out that Lin Ruo Yin was just pretending to be mysterious, because the dancing that Lin Ruo Yin was doing was actually Shui Mo Wu, and the most important thing was to draw a ink painting. She had originally seen Lin Ruo Yin use ten pieces of Xuan paper, and her dancing skills were considered excellent, and she was extremely shocked, but she did not expect that Lin Ruo Yin was not even able to draw one.

"Third Sister's dancing style is truly unparalleled, but why is it that this xuan paper can't even be described as a painting?" Lin Ruo Yun could not wait and revealed the flaw of Lin Ruo Yin. Her words caused everyone to wake up from their stupor, and only now did they carefully look at the xuan paper in front of Lin Ruo Yin, only to realize that it was exactly as Lin Ruo Yun had said. It was actually a ball of oil color, and not a single trace of a painting could be seen.

Just as Lin Ruo Yun was about to explain to her how profound Shui Mo Wu was, she realised that Lin Ruo Yin had turned her head to look at her and smiled faintly. She was suddenly shocked at the bottom of her heart, and an indescribable unease suddenly struck her heart.

Lin Ruo Yin looked at Lin Ruo Yun and smiled even more warmly, but Lin Ruo Yun did not feel a trace of gentleness at all. Instead, she felt a trace of coldness, and then, she heard Lin Ruo Yin's words.

"And my painting is right here," Lin Ruo Yin said as he pointed to the pile of drawing paper. As everyone was still in confusion, he saw two servant girls, who were none other than Hong Mei He Lv Yu, walk over to the painting paper and take it off one by one. Then, he folded the drawing paper neatly together.

The paper, which was as thin as a cicada's wing, was still wet with oil paint, and now, it had actually all merged together. A painting instantly appeared on the paper, and it was a painting that would make any man go crazy for it.

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