No one would have thought that Lin Ruo Yin's dancing was so profound. What Shui Mo Wu was testing was not only her dancing skills, but also her mastery of painting techniques, which was originally a very difficult dance to master, let alone drawing a line on each piece of xuan paper like Lin Ruo Yin was testing. This was simply unimaginable!

"Second Sister, what do you think about Ruoyin's painting?" Lin Ruo Yin smiled slightly, she looked at Lin Ruo Yun whose face instantly turned green and said softly. There was not a trace of arrogance in his tone, as if he was really asking for Lin Ruo Yun's opinion, which made Lin Ruo Yun's entire face darken. He did not care about the looks Lin Fu Cheng and Third Wife were giving her, and angrily left the seats.

"Good, as expected of the daughter of the Lam. This dance has completely captivated me. This dance is beautiful, the painting is beautiful, and the person is even more beautiful!" Nan Gong Jin did not care about the dark expression on Lin Ruo Yun's face. He stood up and loudly praised him, and even gave the warmest of applause.

Lin Ruo Yin said her thanks in a low voice, and lowered her head like she was bashful, but she did not see the ridicule that flashed past her lowered eyes. Nan Gong Jin was indeed a person who did not care what methods she used, but was also fond of beauties, she truly could not imagine why she would be tricked by his shamelessness in her previous life.

But she had succeeded, hadn't she? Nan Gong Jin would probably never be able to forget her dancing today.

Looking at Lin Ruo Yin's gentle appearance, Nan Gong Jin actually felt a bit of itch in his heart. Then, looking at the magnificent scene behind Lin Ruo Yin, and thinking back to the imposing manner Lin Ruo Yin gave when she was dancing, he truly felt that as long as she had Lin Ruo Yin, he could have the entire mountains and rivers!

Lin Fu Cheng obviously did not expect Lin Ruo Yin to have such a stunning performance. This dance was simply enough to make a lady dance, and at this moment, seeing Nan Gong Jin's eyes, he could not leave Lin Ruo Yin's body.

He suddenly felt a bit of regret. Lin Ruo Yin had his family background, adding on her own abilities, perhaps marrying this man who had no power or power, who had nothing at all, was something his Scholar's Manor had done for them.

Lin Ruo Xi obviously did not expect Lin Ruo Yin to be able to dance such a complicated dance. She modified her nails and deeply carved them into her own flesh, but did not try to act as if she was able to jump Shui Mo Wu out that she had meticulously prepared.

Even though she was also jumping with Shui Mo Wu, she already knew that she had lost before she could even jump. Only, she never thought that Lin Ruo Yin would choose to jump to Shui Mo Wu's side because he knew that what she had people prepare were Shui Mo Wu's ingredients.

Naturally, Lin Ruo Yin kept their expressions in her eyes, and she couldn't help but curl the corner of her lips. At this moment, in her previous life, she was the one who trusted people the most, the one who looked up at them from the start, but used her trust to trample on their hearts. At this moment, she was stunned.

Lin Ruo Yin stroked the endless stream of gifts that she had received, her lips curling up into a mocking smile. For the past few days, her courtyard could be said to be the most lively place in the entire University Hall.

Lin Fu Cheng naturally didn't need to say anything, her stunning performance had already made him look at her in a new light, and had even directly set down a marriage agreement between her and the Third Prince. He really wanted to send a bunch of gifts during the wedding day so that Lin Ruo Yin would remember his good fortune, but she didn't know that Lin Ruo Yin had long seen through his true appearance, and knew that he was only doing this to make use of her.

The first wife of the First Lady became even more friendly, and it was precisely because of Lin Ruo Yin helping her that they were able to break free from the engagement. Furthermore, from Lin Ruo Yin's behavior a few nights ago, she would most likely not be too inferior to Lin Ruo Xi, and being betrothed to him right now was naturally good news to Lin Ruo Xi.

But Lin Ruo Yun had never come before, after all that night, she had helped Lin Ruo Yin create a stepping stone, and acted as a foil to her lover. Although she did not find trouble with Lin Ruo Yin, she had probably remembered it in her heart.

However, what surprised Lin Ruo Yin was that Nan Gong Jin did not make any movements in the future, but today, he actually sent someone over with an invitation, saying that she wanted to invite the three Miss s in the mansion to ride a horse. This surprised her a little, and he was unable to figure out what kind of medicine he was trying to sell.

Even Lin Ruo Xi had changed into a set of blue riding clothes and was sitting on the horse. Upon seeing her, Lin Ruo Yun turned her head to the side, obviously still responding to that day's incident. If it wasn't for Nan Gong Jin's invitation, she probably wouldn't have agreed to it.

"Third sister, you're finally here, quickly go and change your clothes," Lin Ruo Xi sat on a big horse, holding a whip made from leather, looking very valiant and valiant.

After Lin Ruo Yin politely replied, she followed the old lady in charge of the horse farm to change clothes, and the next thing to do was to choose a horse. However, the moment Lin Ruo Yin entered the horse farm, she smelt a special scent, like the scent of a special grass, but he could not remember where he had seen it before.

Lin Ruo Yin suddenly remembered the smell of something just now. In her previous life, when she went on a campaign with Nan Gong Jin, they lost control of all their horses in a small battle, and at that time, they were surrounded by this kind of grass, it seemed like this grass had the effect of driving the horses crazy.

Lin Ruo Yin could not help but remember Nan Gong Jin's invitation card, was he the one who placed the grass? Then who was the person he wanted to target?

After thinking about it for a while, Lin Ruo Yin turned around and told the trainer that she would need to ride a short horse. Before she could understand the situation, she decided to remain calm and observe the situation.

When Lin Ruo Yin rode her pure white short horse to the horse farm, they had already spurred their horses to gallop a few rounds. had a bold personality to begin with, so she was extremely fond of horse techniques.

"Is Third Sister afraid of falling? To ride a horse that cannot even get on stage, I am afraid that this is not the style of my children in University Hall, right? " taunted. At this time, everyone on the horse farm had noticed the situation over here and came over, seeing that Lin Ruo Yin was riding on a short horse, although she did not say it out loud, she felt disdain in her heart.

"Second Sister must be joking. Ruoyin grew up in the countryside, so she naturally doesn't have the ability to ride a big horse. Third Prince, Big Sis, Second Sister, please leave while you're at it. Don't worry about Ruoyin." Lin Ruo Yin did not refute Lin Ruo Yun's words. Instead, she lowered her head and gave a bashful smile.

In fact, how could Lin Ruo Yin not know how to ride a horse? Not to mention that she had once rode three times into the enemy city and helped Nan Gong Jin intimidate enemy generals, even taking the initiative to present them with a lowered flag, just by saying that the first time she had followed Nan Gong Jin onto the battlefield, she could easily control a horse. She wasn't even afraid of the warhorse, so how could she be scared by this docile horse?

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