Hearing Lin Ruo Yin's words, Lin Ruo Yun became angry. In her opinion, this Lin Ruo Yin was too stubborn, making others speechless. Just as she was about to speak, she heard a chuckle coming from behind her.

"Third brother is in a good mood, I believe you must have had a great time bringing the beauties here," Nan Gong Jin knew that the voice was from Nan Gong Qian, so he rode the horse and looked at the person who came.

Lin Ruo Yin was startled upon seeing Nan Gong Qian, as if sshe understood the reason behind the current situation. This Nan Gong Jin was most likely going to make a move on Nan Gong Qian, as he was the monarch of the Southern Phoenix Nation, but ever since he had gotten sick, his body had become weak and sickly, but he was the most difficult one to deal with out of all the princes.

If it wasn't for the fact that his body was like a dead bow and that he lost his talent early, Nan Gong Jin might have been dreaming if he wanted to get the throne. And today, Nan Gong Jin had suddenly sent over an invitation card, it was most likely a fake invitation to ride on a horse, to find out where Nan Gong Qian was going, and make plans for Nan Gong Qian was the real deal.

With Nan Gong Qian's physique, not to mention falling from his horse, even being injured by the horse's hooves was enough to kill him. This Nan Gong Jin was indeed insidious.

"Big brother, what are you saying? Lin Mansion's three thousand gold is like a flower of beauty, I am only lucky enough to have the honor of inviting you all to travel with me," Nan Gong Jin said as he also responded with a smile. "Since we have the honor of meeting each other, how about we ride together?"

"Alright, but I'm afraid my weak body will disturb your fun." Nan Gong Qian smiled and replied. He was someone who loved horses, but he was too weak and could only ride the horse and take a stroll.

When Nan Gong Qian picked a horse to come over, everyone went into a horse formation, it was obvious that they were prepared to set off together, only Lin Ruo Yin was riding on a small horse by herself, walking by the side, obviously showing off her ill-mannered character.

Nan Gong Qian could not help but look at Lin Ruo Yin twice, and hearing Nan Gong Jin calling him, he also went over. With everyone gathered, Lin Ruo Yun whipped his horse, and the horse under him shot out like an arrow that had left the bow.

and Lin Ruo Xi actually did not leave immediately. First of all, it was due to Yu Li's disagreement and more importantly, they all had their own little thoughts, so even if Nan Gong Jin did not say it, Lin Ruo Xi wanted to build a closer relationship with him. After all, in her opinion, although Nan Gong Qian was weak, she was still a Crown Prince, so the chances of him ascending the throne were the greatest.

When they returned to Lin Ruo Yin's side, Lin Ruo Yin suddenly spoke out, "Your Highness Crown Prince, Ruoyin is foolish, do you have something you don't understand, Your Highness?" The reason why she said that, was because she did not want Nan Gong Qian to be injured. The enemy was her friend.

"Oh? Why not? " Nan Gong Qian saw the expression in Lin Ruo Yin's eyes and she could not help but feel strange, but because of her feelings, he was tired, so she dismounted and walked over to Lin Ruo Yin's side.

Before he could speak, a horse suddenly galloped out horizontally, coincidentally straddling the horse he was riding previously. The horse was startled, and in an instant, the three horses were in a mess as they whinnied and whinnied. Nan Gong Jin and Lin Ruo Xi did not expect such a situation to occur like this, and were at a loss of what to do for a moment, but Lin Ruo Yin actually pulled Nan Gong Qian calmly and took a few steps back, coincidentally entering into the protection of Nan Gong Qian's guards who were rushing over.

The one who caused this mess was Lin Ruo Yun, she never thought that her horse would suddenly go crazy for some reason, even she was unable to control herself. However, she did not know that the reason why her horses were so mad was because Nan Gong Jin had fed all the horses in the stable green gray grass.

The horse's movements became more and more violent, almost as though the entire horse was in a vertical stance. The horse that Nan Gong Qian was riding, as no one could control it, directly crashed into Nan Gong Jin's horse. Unable to control it in time, Nan Gong Jin was directly pushed off the horse's back.

As for Lin Ruo Xi and Lin Ruo Yun, they were both women in the first place, so how could they endure this? They were thrown off their horses one after the other, but fortunately, Nan Gong Qian's guards were able to control the lost control of the horses in time.

On the other hand, Lin Ruo Xi was in a miserable state. She fell down from the horse's back, and the horse's hooves just happened to graze her face, the iron palm of the horse's hooves actually made a cut on her cheek. Even if it was treated, it would leave a scar.

Nan Gong Jin obviously did not expect such a situation to occur either, this matter had actually been messed up by that stupid woman, and now, even he was unable to protect himself, but Nan Gong Qian was protected safe and sound.

The three of them were helped to their feet, and their eyes were filled with either resentment or reproach when they looked at Lin Ruo Yin. The only one whose face had been ruined by the Lin Family sisters could only be Lin Ruo Yin, but the one who had fallen in front of them was them.

On the other hand, Nan Gong Jin was much more rational. In his eyes, Lin Ruo Yin had actually "accidentally" saved Nan Gong Qian, making his plans go down the drain.

Only Nan Gong Qian turned his head around and gave Lin Ruo Yin a meaningful glance. It seemed like he was the one who had coincidentally protected Lin Ruo Yin, but in reality, it had been Lin Ruo Yin who had guided him from start to finish.

And how did she know?

Lin Ruo Yin looked at Nan Gong Qian's questioning eyes, and simply smiled like a cunning fox, causing Nan Gong Qian to be stunned on the spot.

A few days later, Lin Family suddenly received a decree from the imperial palace, announcing that the women of University Hall had entered the palace outside the city to meet the Empress. Since there were injuries on Lin Ruo Xi's face that prevented him from moving forward, Grand Lady brought Lin Ruo Yun and Lin Ruo Yin along.

Lin Ruo Yin thought back to her previous life, when she had always heard that the back garden of the palace outside the city was even better than the imperial garden. At that time, he had always wanted to come and take a look, but after marrying Nan Gong Jin, he devoted herself to his great cause and didn't have the time to come and take a look.

Thinking about the past, he hated Nan Gong Jin a few more times.

"Have you heard? Was it for the real purpose of setting up this banquet? " After just turning a corner, Lin Ruo Yin heard a low voice.

Real purpose? Lin Ruo Yin originally could not understand why the Queen would do this. Hearing their discussion, she became interested. She quickly took a few steps forward and stealthily hid behind a rock garden at the side, just in time to hear their voices.

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